Rich dry matte paint flakes ideal for adding texture and depth.

Fresco Flakes are matte dry flakes of genuine paint peelings. Layer Fresco Flakes with paints & gel mediums to create texture or achieve stunning dilapidated effects. Adheres with Beadhesive, gel mediums or paints.


  • Carmina image
    Carmina Russet Red FF01 - 30ml $6.75
  • Partheno image
    Partheno Moroccan Blue FF02 - 30ml $6.75
  • Verdiccio image
    Verdiccio Village Green FF03 - 30ml $6.75
  • Angiallo image
    Angialio Stucco Cream FF04 - 30ml $6.75
  • Charcoal image
    Charcoal Dark Gray FF10 - 30ml $6.75
  • Slate Grey image
    Slate Grey Light Gray FF09 - 30ml $6.75
  • Chalk Pink image
    Chalk Pink Mottled Pastel FF06 - 30ml $6.75
  • Albumarin image
    Albumarin Mottled Light Blue FF07 - 30ml $6.75
  • Terra Cotta image
    Terra Cotta Earthy Rust FF05 - 30ml $6.75