Sacred Geometry Stencil – Flower of Life

LW FlowerofLife

Ledger pages stenciled with gesso, sprayed with Dylusions Ink Spray

Lori Wostl here, I was so excited to be named to the Design Team that I forgot that I would get to play with the brand new stencils! Are we in heaven yet?

My form of art is Art Journaling. I usually spend a few minutes a day for 3 – 6 weeks on a page spread, but with the new goodies I found myself in front of my journal several times a day.

My current daily journal is an old ledger book. Normally I prepare pages with gesso over a taped center seam. I have several page spreads prepared out ahead, but I didn’t have any with the new stencils prepped up and I just had to see what the page would look like with the stencil squeeged (yes that is a word) directly into the gesso layer.
It was so. much. fun. I fell so in love with the
Flower of Life stencil that it might just be the background theme for the entire year. (I got a little carried away making the gesso layers..) Try as I might I could not get a good photo of the white stencil on the white ledger pages.

So I broke out the dylusions ink spray in Fresh Lime, Crushed Grape and Bubblegum Pink.
dylusionsinkspray,silks & inka oldThey did the trick and instead of turning off the light and going to bed, I got out my heat gun (a rare occurrence) and threatened my pages with it. I can never remember if you can heat-dry gesso so – I never do.

I also tried out my black marble ink spray (dylusions) for the first time. If you look at the top picture you can see that I didn’t have any gesso where I sprayed the black ink and it didn’t go too well on that old, dry paper.  This is the beauty of Art Journaling though – just keep going until you like it.

Collage Journal Page

Today I Heard Something that made me think – You are the most important person in your life.

This is a page still in progress. You can see I started playing with the Sri Yantra stencil, also of the new Sacred Geometry stencil series, this time on top if the ink sprays. I also started collaging and adding bits of ephemera and pockets.

Pocket details

I will add much more with pen work, some ribbons and whatever else comes up this week.

I have also started adding onto the next page which is how my process goes. An interesting image shows up, and then an embellishment idea…the bodice is Key Lime Silks Acrylic glaze, a creamy, shimmering lusciousness of color and Viva Pearl Pen in Ice White.

RtpggreenbodiceI can see getting carried away with that white Pearl Pen too. The only thing that saved me was my granddaughter swiped it while I wasn’t looking. To see any of the details closer (especially the white Pearl Pen) just click on the image.

Thank you for reading this far. Check back in on my progress next Monday – I have several journals going at all times so who knows what will happen!





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Lori is an entrepreneur and a family person, working on having her business life and artistic life merge rather than collide. She is a partner in Art Camp for Women and a small business coach. She loves art journaling, hiking in the Colorado Rockies, art supplies, running, writing, blogging and food!

22 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry Stencil – Flower of Life

  1. Hi, Lori! What a terrific post! I love that your granddaughter swiped your Pearl Pen! Too funny! Love your art journal page! Makes me want to go play! ♥

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  3. I am fairly new to art journaling, Lori got me started at Art Camp for Women. But I never thought of using an old ledger as a journal. I just bought an old typing course book I was going to tear up and use in collage. Now I think I am going to start gessoing those pages today! Thanks, Lori!

  4. Followed your link to check out your page, I think you just enabled me, I have to have that stencil. Your page is awespiring.

  5. Wow! I would never have thought to spend so much time on one page but now I might change my mind.

  6. Beautiful, Lori! I’ve been drawing the seed of life with a compas and ruler. As meditative as that can be, I’m absolutely certain that I need the stencil! Your journal pages are wonderful!

  7. Your pages are truly inspirational. I love the stencils and….the COLORS are exquisite. Now to get back to my own journals! Thanks for the inspiration.

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