All About Inka Gold (Cold Encaustic)

All About Inka Gold from

Hello! Last Thursday, I shared my Starry Night Mirror with you that I made using stencils, a wood burning tool, and Inka Gold from Today I thought you might like to learn more about Inka Gold. It is such a wonderful, versatile product!

Inka Gold is a water-based, non-toxic, metallic beeswax paste paint that is designed to work on porous surfaces. Traditional encaustics are paint mixed with beeswax and applied with heat. But, with Inka Gold, you can get a beautiful, metallic beeswax finish without using heat. That’s why I am calling it “cold encaustic.”

This 16:20 video shares lots of information about Inka Gold available from

  • Opening a new jar of Inka Gold
  • Easy application: rub on and buff
  • Add water to use as a glaze or a wash
  • Different applicators to try with Inka Gold
  • Applying Inka Gold to wood (like my Starry Night Mirror)
  • Applying Inka Gold to chipboard
  • Using Inka Gold to bring out texture
  • Inka Gold works fabulously with stencils
  • Use your stencils all you want and they clean right up

I hope that this video shows you some of the versatility of Inka Gold and also how easy it is to use. I love the easy clean up, too! A sheer layer is all you need for opaque coverage that adds such a lovely, rich, shimmery shine that looks amazing in real life!

How would you use Inka Gold?

Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this video! I’d love to hear how you would use Inka Gold! What’s your favorite shade of Inka Gold?

Thanks for stopping by!

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12 thoughts on “All About Inka Gold (Cold Encaustic)

  1. Anne – You are a great teacher! I have just started experimenting in earnest with the Inka Gold products (the old silver is soooo yummy) This vid showed me some techniques and gives me a couple more ideas. Thanks.

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for taking a moment to let us know that you enjoy the ideas and videos you see from the Design Team! We like hearing from you! ♥

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I recently purchased several colors of Inka Gold and now I have inspiration to make similar projects to the ones shown in your video.

    • Hi, Bette! I am so happy to have inspired you! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a nice comment to let me know you enjoyed the video! ♥

  3. Fabulous tutorial!!!! I have a question about how long it takes to dry on different porous surfaces, and will it rub off once it is dry?

    Thanks again for a very informative video!!!

    • Hi, Sharon!

      Inka Gold dries fairly quickly on any porous surface – much more quickly than other paints. There is still time to work with it and then buff it. I think it would be considered “dry” within a couple of hours.

      As for it rubbing off once it is dry, please keep in mind that it is made from beeswax which never really “dries” all the way. It is still wax. If you rub on it with your fingers, you won’t come back with color on your fingers. But if you buff it vigorously with a cloth or paper towel, you will see some color on the paper towel. Not much, but it is there. (I just tested it!)

      Hope this answers your questions! And thank you for taking the time to ask questions and leave a comment about enjoying the video! If you have additional questions, feel free to ask!

    • Hi, Tracey! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video about Inka Gold! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a sweet comment! I appreciate it! ♥

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