Girl in the Wind – Art Journal Page

Hey there friends!  It’s Carmen with you today and  I’m sharing with you an art journal page showcasing two things that I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while;  Dina Wakley paints and Jane Davenport’s Jane Girls stencils.  One of my goals for this year was to start painting girls’ faces.  I don’t consider myself a natural portrait artist, but when I saw these stencils I knew that they would give me a good start on creating a girl.

Face art journal page with Dina Wakley paints and Jane Davenport stencil by Carmen Whitehead Designs

I started off by applying a thin layer of gesso to my journal pages and these vibrant and heavy body paints by Dina Wakley.  I applied all of these with my trusty palette knife, I’m finding myself rarely using brushes anymore.

Jane Girls stencils with Dina Wakley paints by Carmen Whitehead Desgins

The paint went on so smoothly and a little bit went a long way.  Even though it’s heavy body, I was able to get a thin layer and it dried quickly.

Jane Girls stencils with Dina Wakley paints by Carmen Whitehead Desgins

I used Jane Davenport’s Jane Girls Series stencils in “Coy” with a 6B sketching pencil.  This series of stencils are starter faces, they give you the basic structure of a face and you then connect and finish the lines.

Jane Girls stencils with Dina Wakley paints by Carmen Whitehead Desgins

You can see here I finished the lines, added a neck and I wanted the hair to be flowing into the next page, like it was blowing in the wind.

Jane Girls stencils with Dina Wakley paints by Carmen Whitehead Desgins

I used Faber-Castell’s gel sticks for the face, along with their blending stumps, and outlined everything with black china marker.  I liked the sketchy and dark lines of the china marker instead of using a regular marker.

Jane Girls stencils with Dina Wakley paints by Carmen Whitehead Desgins

I used Dina’s Night color and White paint for the hair, Magenta and Turquoise for the flowers.  Adding details and outlines with the china marker and Sharpie white paint marker.

Face art journal page with Dina Wakley paints and Jane Davenport stencil by Carmen Whitehead Designs


Face art journal page with Dina Wakley paints and Jane Davenport stencil by Carmen Whitehead Designs

Face art journal page with Dina Wakley paints and Jane Davenport stencil by Carmen Whitehead Designs

The great thing about the Jane Girl stencils is that you can flip them over to have the girl looking the other way, tilt it up or down and you can really customize it to your own style.  If you’re not sure where to place the eyes, mouth or especially the nose, these stencils are great!  And a wonderful combination with Dina Wakley’s heavy body paints.

I love the way she turned out and I do plan on creating a large canvas with this similar look.  But, I definitely see a lot faces in my art future.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and come back for more creations!


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1960s Tie Dye Power

Miriam for net

While experimenting with watercolors, Derwent blocks and Dylusion spray inks one afternoon, I used some white paper towels underneath my artwork to soak up excess color. When I saw the color stained paper towels afterward, I immediately thought they looked like 1960s tie-dye.

So, once it dried, I flattened out the “trash” and, using matte medium, glued it to a blank white page in my journal. I wasn’t quite sure where to go from there, so it sat in my journal, just looking pretty for a week or so.


While I was rummaging through my art supplies (looking for something else entirely), I spotted the Jane Davenport “coy” stencil and thought I’d give it a try on the tie-dye background. I used a black Sharpie marker since I thought I might add more color later, and I didn’t want the outline to run or smear.


The black face outline looked pretty good, but the head was just floating, which was kind of disconcerting, so I sketched in hair, ears and a neck with a pencil, then outlined it with the black marker. I gave her big hair—subconsciously thinking about the flower children and the 1960s big afro hairstyles popular at the time.


Flower power and tie-dye got me thinking about protests and social movements, and using the voting process to affect change. With that in mind, I added newsprint to the neck, cheekbone and hair. To me, newsprint represents information and knowledge.


To get the newsprint to fit just right on her neck, I traced the neck shape with tissue paper, and then cut both the tissue and newsprint at the same time to get a good fit. The newsprint section was randomly chosen, mostly for its spacing—the message in it was not intended to make any particular point. I adhered the newsprint to the neck with matte medium. I also added a few strips of newsprint to indicate a cheekbone and streaks in her hair.

mariam final large

The final touches were a tiny hint of soft pink chalk ink color on the lips, and the addition of some inspirational words in the hair and on the neck, which were printed on Avery peel and stick clear mailing labels.


The stencil is the one I used on my November 7, 2014 for my post called Lemonhead ArtIsn’t it amazing how the same stencil has such a completely different effect when used with different materials and colors?


NaNoJouMo #3

Happy Friday!

Can you believe that November is almost done?

I’ve still been doing NaNoJourMo over here!

here’s my latest page in my journal.

IMG_8750A good thing to do before you gesso your pages, is to put down a bit of masking tape, or painters tape, along the spine of your journal.  This will help keep your paint on your page, and not leak through the spine onto your other pages.

On this spread, i really coated my pages liberally with gesso, then i smooshed the two pages together to get a bit of lovely texture.

IMG_8751i hope you can see it in this photo.  It gave my pages a bit of a stucco look! i let it dry, then on to the next thing… colour!!

To colour my background i used some Faber Castelle Gel sticks.  If you’ve never used them before, they are just like little chapsticks of paint, and they glide on so smoothly.  i laid down some colour then sort of rubbed the colours together with my fingers a bit to blend it before spraying with water to get massive drippage.

IMG_8752 IMG_8753 IMG_8754

so much fun!IMG_8755i loved the way this turned out… the only catch? I had my journal upside down.  So really, what i had was this:

IMG_8759also very pretty! i was immediately reminded of that Alicia Keyes song about fire…. and with the tune playing in my head, i carried on!

I used one of Jane Davenport’s face stencils from the Jane Girls Series 4-Stencil set. and then i got out my oil pastels, and gave her some crazy wild fire hair

IMG_8854it was tricky using the stencil right over the spine of the book, but i wanted her in the centre.  Here in this photo ^^ you can see some of the texture from the gesso! Colouring the hair was really very fun! Just laying down more and more colour and blending it with my finger.  I may or may not have achieved a blister on my finger from blending…. (i totally did)



On the face, i used a bit of acrylic paint, and some old markers for shading.



and then when i was satisfied, i journaled the lyrics running through my head using a Pitt Pen and some India ink for the title.



This page took several days to create, doing 10-15 minutes here or there, in true NaNoJouMo fashion.  But i’m really quite pleased with it.

blogsmallThanks for joining me today!  please feel free to visit my Blog for a weekly zentangle challenge each Monday Morning!






A touch of Whimsy

Happy NOVEMBER!! :)

Okay, one of the best parts of this design team gig is getting to play with all these amazing stencils before they are unleashed on the world! Tamara Laporte’s Stencils are available now from ArtistCellar!! I love Tam. I have been secretly stalking her sites and watching all the artwork she creates. i have a girl crush. it’s true.

I was very excited to play with her new stencils! Not one, but TWO sets!! Tam’s Whimsy and Tam’s Inspiration.  Both of these stencil sets are a tad outside my comfort zone, and in truth – i crashed and burned with ridiculousness the first time i tried to use them.  It was pretty fun… luckily i made the mess in the safety of my art journal.  Where i can feel free to play and make mistakes….

But i digress.

I covered a spread in my art journal with a layer of gesso with a pallet knife, then used Dyelusions Ink Sprays in Bubble Gum Pink and Lemon Zest to create my background.
I love the way that the gesso and the ink sprays react to one another.  It left my background soft and subtle.

IMG_8472and using the pallet knife gave the gesso a really neat texture.   Next i used one of Jane Davenport’s Petite Girls stencils  and sketched a body with a china marker.


Using some gold acrylic paint and a makeup sponge i added a little shimmer with Tam’s Hearts and Stars stencil.


i am loving how this is turning out, with the pink and yellow background, it appears that my page has a beautiful sunrise.  I painted the girl with some acrylic paint, and gave her funky teal hair. IMG_8476

i outlined the hanging stars and then i added some more subtle shimmer. I used a bit of interference blue acrylic paint and added Tam’s Flower Garden Stencil to the page.

So subtle and pretty.

I really wanted to add some of the words from Tam’s Inspiration series… and i’m so glad i was doing this page in my journal.  I had had a rough weekend taking my kids on a road trip so my son could go to a medical appointment, and traveling with small children is always taxing.  I really felt put to the test as a mother and a caregiver, but also trying to fit in time to meet a friend or two for coffee while i was in town, but also to visit with my Aunt and Uncle who we were staying with while still keeping in contact with my hubby who had to stay home to work.  It was as though i was being pulled in many different directions, i was exhausted.

As i was finishing my page i came across Tam’s Good Enough stencil.  I decided to use it, but to make the stencil work for me and my page.  So, i used a metallic marker and stenciled out my title, moving the stencil to make the words fit onto my page.

You are enough.


I added my own journaling to the bottom of the page, and i am always so surprised at how journaling helps me to sort out my head and to heal emotionally from stressful situations.

Thanks, Tam, for these great stencils.  (if you’re interested in seeing the first run hot mess, you can see the album here on my facebook page)


And thanks to Artistcellar for letting me share my art in this space!

Please feel free to visit my blog every Monday morning for a Zentangle challenge!

Girl who thinks too much

Girl who thinks too much!! This could absolutely be me describing myself.

Head shot bHello all. This is Lori B bringing you your Tuesday blog post here at the most wonderful Artistcellar. I really could almost call this canvas a self portrait, but she needs more wrinkles and grey hair popping out. LOL. Oh ya, and she could use some sunglasses.

This week I did a major overhaul of my Studio. It was in much need of some organization. Because of that, I had no energy or creative juices flowing when I finally sat down to play with all of my fabulous Artistcellar stencils. That usually means one thing, Lori starts thinking too much!! But I decided this time, I wasn’t going to do that. I was just going to play and see what happened.

Well, an eerily almost self portrait ended up happening. I have to laugh because I do over think things too much sometimes. I have been known to say, I don’t paint people or faces. Too real, and mine would look like a two year old did it. Instead of letting that come out of my mouth one more time, I decided to just do it!!

Ok yes, I did use an Artistcellar Jane Davenport 3-Quarter stencil, but I make the rules in my own artistic life, and I am ok with using the stencil. Plus, a girl has to start somewhere. I used an Artistcellar Apparatus Stencil in her hair. It was an artistic way to show her brain working too much over thinking things.

I can not tell you step by step what I did, because I just played. I didn’t want to over think it. I just kept adding things until I liked the result.

Here she is in all her glory – “Girl who thinks too much”

Girl who thinks too much 1b (1143x1500)Girl who thinks too much 2b (1500x1000)Girl who thinks too much 3b (1500x1000)Girl who thinks too much 4b (1500x1000)

I hope that my little canvas inspires everyone to go out and just play today!! Don’t over think it. Don’t plan it. Just create every day!!! ~ Lori


One more with Teesha and Jane!

Happy Monday Morning!

It is spring break here and we got a foot of new snow on Saturday…lots of time for art journaling and fooling around in the studio – sigh.

First of all I will show you the page from the reinvigorated “Amazing 16-page Journal” as shown by Teesha Moore on YouTube.
So HumI started the page way back at the first of the month – see below. I used the double profile and mask stencil of the Jane Girls with Dylusions Ink Spray. The colors used are Squeezed Orange, Lemon Zest and Pure Sunshine. The Inks were sprayed lightly on the painted background. The lettering was outlined with the Sharpie Poster-Paint, Water-Based White Pen. The collage and background were done according to Teesha Moore’s method (also shown on YouTube),Cloud Faces

I also had a full face print  (Jane Girl Stencils again) using Black Magic Dylusions Ink Spray. The print was from when I flipped the stencil over and pressed it on scrap paper to get the excess ink off the stencil. It looked so cool I had to find a place to use it. This is the flopped over page on the back of the “Mantra” page. I already had “the wolf is at the door” printed on the page. The wolf is one of my hand-carved stamps used with embossing powder.  The full face Jane stencil piece seemed to fit in. I don’t usually go ‘dark’ but I would guess most of us know that 3:00 a.m. feeling when life isn’t going exactly smoothly. I may do more with this page, but this is it for now.Black full face stencilI have had so much unexpected fun with these face stencils that I want to show you one more technique you can use. This is done by masking parts of the stencil and over spraying with a second color. I made several faces on deli paper with the Dylusions ink sprays.Masking & double sprayingI then covered parts of the stencil with post-its and painter’s masking tape to block out those parts I didn’t want to re-color. Thus I was able to get the eyes filled in with black. This can be used on any part where you want another color.

If you make these prints on deli paper or craft tissue paper, you can use matte gel medium and adhere it to your page, smoothing the paper carefully and applying another layer of gel on the top. The thin translucent paper disappears into the background leaving the image ‘floating’ on top. The illusion of depth is delicious. If you want more detailed instructions for this method, leave a comment and I will contact you directly.

The Jane Girls and I have almost completed my ‘Teesha’ journal so I will be moving along to a different set of goodies in April. Thanks for reading and commenting – stay tuned for more!
Lori Wostl headshotLori W. is an entrepreneur and a family person, working on having her business life and artistic life merge rather than collide. She is a partner in Art Camp for Women and a small business coach. You can see more of Lori’s art on her personal blog  Keep an Art Journal as well as on the Art Camp blog on Wednesdays. She loves art journaling,  hiking in the Colorado Rockies, art supplies, running, writing,  blogging and food!

Video: How to make a stunning paper fan

Be Fearless Paper Fan, shown fully open, by Anne Gaal of Gaal Creative at - Feel free to pin and re-pin! ♥

Hello! Today I would like to share a paper fan that I made, inspired by my friend Nancy Maxwell James of Sugar Lumps Studios. I saw a Vintage Paper Fan that Nancy had made and asked her about it.

Free fan blade template

Nancy was kind enough to share this free fan blade template and said that I could share it with you, too. She said that she prefers to use at least 6 fan blades from this template. I prefer an odd number, so there is one in the center, so I decided to use 7 blades.

Jane Girls Stencils by Jane Davenport

I was also inspired to make this fan by the new Jane Girls Stencils designed by Jane Davenport for One of the designs is a woman’s face in the style of a comic book or graphic novel. It inspired me to pick a theme of “be fearless” for my project.

Be Fearless Paper Fan, shown closed, by Anne Gaal of Gaal Creative at - Feel free to pin and re-pin! ♥

Video mini-class (22:24): make a paper fan

In the following video, I share how I made my Be Fearless Paper Fan.

The video has many tips and hints, including information about:

Here is a close-up of the project, so you can see some of the details of the many layers that I used in this project.

Be Fearless Paper Fan, close-up, by Anne Gaal of Gaal Creative at - Feel free to pin and re-pin! ♥


  • Jane Girls Series stencils designed by Jane Davenport for
  • Distress Inks such as Picked Raspberry which is part of the Summer Limited Edition set
  • Faber-Castell / Design Memory Craft Stamper’s Big Brush in white
  • Faber-Castell / Design Memory Craft Pitt Pens
  • Stamps: Penny Black 2025M Music Background; and Hero Arts S5317 Starburst Lace, G3316 Harlequin Pattern, and H5261 Flourish Trio
  • We R Memory Keepers Crop-a-Dile
  • paper piercer
  • watercolor paper

What does being fearless mean to you?

One of my friends asked me whether I was nervous about hand writing “be fearless” on the fan blades. And I said, “That’s the whole point! Be fearless! Don’t be afraid to write on your fan blades or to add layers.” You can always make extra blades if you want to – and it’s only paper! No worries!

I’d love to hear what being fearless means to you!

And thanks for stopping by!

Be Fearless Paper Fan, half moon view, by Anne Gaal of Gaal Creative at - Feel free to pin and re-pin! ♥