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Hello moonshine!

This week I'm exploring a technique that is not new -- but new to me. I have heard of it for quite some time but I never tried it out. Let's just say -- once I gave it a go -- it unlocked a whole new world. I've been using it in so many different ways with my projects. Today, we are doing a matte medium transfer ... among other things. I hope you enjoy the video I prepared for you this week. :)

Supplies Used:

(One fantastic resource for ephemera - specifically vintage photographs is a EPHEMERA group on facebook! This is the one I belong to, and my source for the picture used today:

Today I bring you a final project using the delicious gelli-printed inchie squares (for now...bwahahaha!) If we look back, my first paper quilt used larger squares on a medium sized surface. Then I pushed the idea further by using smaller squares on a larger canvas. This third project was in part inspired by the fact that I had a multitude of squares leftover and knowing if I stashed them away they would certainly be forgotten. Amiright? Another inspiration was the fact that the designs of two of the new stencils from the Blocks series, Open Work and Deco, were perfectly sized to work with one inch squares! I grabbed my art journal, the stencils, Dina Wakely's white paint, some Mod Podge (or Ranger's Multi-Medium would work beautifully as well) and my little squares and got to work.

After finding a nice empty black page patiently waiting to be adorned I applied the designs of the stencils to the background with white paint and a sponge. Then I tossed my squares down and started shifting them around until I got a pleasant arrangement. This was very therapeutic for me which was exactly what I needed since I recently returned to my job as an elementary art teacher and it's been hectic and awesome all wrapped up together.

When an order was decided upon I glued my squares down with Mod Podge using a foam brush and making sure I had a layer of glue underneath as well as on top of the squares.

My finished page has all my beautiful squares lined up quite neatly. Sometimes I get messy with my artwork but there are times when I need order and simple beauty to fulfill my creative side. It felt good to just make something that was pleasing to look at and used up a supply I didn't want to be forgotten. Plus, anytime I am able to create something in my art journal is a great day.

After writing this post I am inspired to write these thoughts on the page in my art journal so I can remember the beautiful inspiration I had. I most likely will use my trusty fine tip Sharpie Poster-Paint pen.

Here's to working an idea more than once and seeing what magic happens when you create a series! Monet did it with Haystacks and van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits. Don't be nervous about creating multiples of one thing, you will pleased to see what happens both in your craftsmanship and your interpretation of the subject matter.

Happy Creating!

Hello my lovely lovelies!! I am here again to show you the fun I have been having playing once again with the Blocks Series stencils.

I really do love this set, I think they are my new favorite! 

I dont know what it is about this set but they make it so easy for me to keep white space in my journal spread.

My supply list is an easy one, Matte medium, Dylusions spray ink, my Faber-Castell 4B water-soluable pencil, Dina Wakely white acrylic paint and of course my journal and stencils.

I started out by prepping my page with Matte medium, I decided to coat it so that the spray inks wouldn't soak into the paper so much. I used the ink with a brush instead of the the sprayer to get a different look. I simply dipped my brush into the bottle and smooshed it through the stencil, when my brush started to dry out I dipped it in a bit of water to continue creating a gradual muting of the color through the stencils.

After looking at the pages I decided only to work on one side of the 2 pages and I was concentrating on keeping it simple. I used my Faber-Castell water soluble pencil to sketch out a simple face blurring the hardness of the line with a damp brush. When I wanted a bolder line I would wet the surface then use the pencil on the damp surface.

To add more depth to the face, I used white paint to add highlights to the cheekbones, nose, eyes and shoulder. The paint reactivates the spray ink so it takes a few layers if you want a pure white.

After much play I decided that she would be an angel and added wings, again using the pencil and white paint.

I think my self-challenge of trying to make simple uncluttered pages is progressing well. Someday with practice I will get it to a point that I feel I have the knack of it down to a skill!

Keep creating my lovelies!!!

Big hugs and mushies!


“Don’t think. FEEL! It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!”   -Bruce Lee – “Enter The Dragon” 

The Artistcellar Labyrinth series holds great inspiration for me. The variety of designs is an encouragement to slow down and listen, and to allow their voice to guide you. Or in the words of Bruce Lee, “Don’t think. FEEL!”

So it was, during the last full Moon, with my Strathmore Journal in hand, that I started my next design. I chose the Anasazi stencil. My heart was telling me it was the right one to use.

I stenciled directly on to the page in my Journal with Dye-Na-Flow Midnight Blue. By drying between applications I was able to produce a dappled effect of varying shades. Once the base was complete I layered lunar inspired colours of metallic acrylic. Warm highlights were added to accent and compliment the cool.

It is wonderful to experience the positive aspects of the full Moon by revising goals and setting intentions. Because of this powerful lunar energy, meditation is encouraged. I find just looking at the Moon introduces calm and stillness to what is usually a frenetic life. Mindfulness is highlighted. It is the perfect time to seek the benefit of walking a Labyrinth.

It was my time to put the work together. I’ve mentioned that I am compiling a great collection of images in my journal and from there I chose a watercolour swatch in shades of indigo. I also selected the Open Work stencil from the new Artistcellar Blocks series.  It has become one of my favourites!

The Bruce Lee Estate recently released a series of his 1968 pocket notebooks.  He filled them in neatly written script noting appointment details, affirmations, and his philosophy on life. They are inspirational. Reading through them, you can’t help but see how his life and work were intertwined…the fluid with the sharp, the public with the personal, and the strong with the sensitive. But above all, he had the power to still the mind and allow his spirit to soar. He found the compliment in opposites. 

I kept his quote foremost in thoughts while working and allowed the collage to build itself. I wasn’t thinking of technique but rather was permitting the elements to find their own home. I allowed myself just to feel. When my collage was finished, I knew I had discovered a place of deep stillness. And once there I too did not will miss all that heavenly glory.


Until next time, visit my blog! 

Sisterhood of the Muse

Wow! Artistcellar had 63 comments on the blog post so I'm giving away TWO sets of Archetype Books and Blocks Stencils! Thank you to everyone who read the post and left a comment to win. 

I confess, I have a love/hate relationship with Giveaways. I LOVE to give stuff away, it truly gives me joy. But I hate that I can't give away something to EVERYONE. (I wouldn't stay in business long!) So I have to just choose two artists :-( So this is the moment you've been waiting for... I used to pick two numbers, and counted comments and the winners are: 

*Drumroll Please*


"Love geometrics, so the stencils spoke to me immediately! Not sure what my archetype is – guess the book would really help out with that! Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous goodies!"


Susan P.

"The stencils are just in time for playing with my new & yet to be used Gelli Plate! I am drawn to the idea of blending the archetypes with art and just the suggestion sparks creative life in me! This is definitely a combo worth having! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!"

Congratulations! I have emailed both of you, so get your addresses to me speedy-quick so I can get your book and stencils out to you. 

Again, thanks to everyone who played. Now go create something! 

xo Lisa 

Hello beautiful souls!

I had an amazing time at our regional area Burning Man event in Wichita, Kansas called, Resonance. I had the opportunity to share some art and paint on people with body paints. Here is a piece I did on my new friend, Brandy's leg using the Flower of Life stencil and Crown Chakra Pocket Stencil. I used my body paints along with a little bit of mineral make up eye shadow to add some sparkle. Pretty sweet, eh?

There was another artist we met there that was also from Kansas City. She is a professional body painter and her gift to the burn community was painting on people! Here you can see the awesome work she did on myself and Christian.

For the last night she painted on everyone with uv reactive paints so that we all glowed in the dark! I asked her to paint Christian and me similarly :)

It's another week of fun with tiny wearable art! I had some much better success with my heat gun this round!

How cool are these?! I had a great time using the Blocks Series and Sacred Geometry 2 Series stencils. I mean how cool is it to not only make mini art, but mini art you can wear?! 

I just wouldn't be me if I didn't take my art style and repeat it in different mediums. I did the same awesome labyrinth style as my labyrinth lotus, but on the shrinky dinks for a pendant as well! I am absolutely smitten by the Labyrinth Series stencils.

I even had my studio MMM (Mixed-media man) studio mate back to making some art with me.

He was back at it with his unique style he calls "stretch painting".

Life is pretty fantastic when you get to not only make art, but to share it with someone you love! What is your latest favorite design to create? Whom do you like to join you in your studio?

Love, peace, and art,