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Hello loves!!

Just a quick project today.  I decided to decorate the cover of my plain, chipboard album that holds my 6x6 stencils.  

I covered the binding with painters tape and added a sloppy coat of gesso. 

Next I used several Gloss Sprays by Dina Wakley in various colors of blue and green.  I used Artistcellar's Brain Coral stencil to represent a hint of white clouds in the sky.  

I traced a Signature Series stencil by Tamara Laporte onto multiple scraps of gelli printed paper and adhered it to my background.  This design is called Whimsy Town and it is precious!

It's officially doodle time!  I added lots of interest with paint markers and a black pen to make the design pop from the bright background.  

Now my stencils are stored in style!


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Love & light, 


Good Day Artistcellar Readers!

Here’s Today’s Supply List:

Have you heard that even artists need to do a little warm-up exercise, just like athletes and performers? Sometimes I remember that little tip, and sometimes it sort of naturally happens. Like preparing for this post, for example. On my art table, I had a piece of newsprint with some black painted lines.

I thought it might be cool to put a stencil over the top. I tried it, I liked it, but it wasn’t where I wanted to go, so I called it a “warm-up”.

What this warm-up did for me was helped me start a new art journal spread as I cleaned off the “Brain Coral” stencil with a baby wipe.

I am just getting several page spreads into the large 9x12 inch journal by Jane Davenport, sold at Michaels.

Feeling inspired by the work of Artistcellar design team members, I decided to take out the awesome 12x12 “Om” stencil.

Tracing and painting in something usually feels too fussy for me, but I tried to push my limits a bit.

So, I traced “Om”, using a black Sharpie paint pen. It was a little tricky to go over the middle of the journal spread, but I did it.

Next, I filled in the stencil shape with the same black Sharpie paint pen. The results were a little too scritchy scratchy for me, so I used black India ink and a paint brush to smooth things out.

Third, I added some colorful spray ink spots.

Since the black India ink wasn’t all the way dry on that “O” it ran a little. I like it, though.

Finally, I added a border of one of my hand-carved stamps, using Staz-On ink.

This was a good experiment for me. And where is the best place to conduct such experiments? I would suggest an art journal is the best place. There is freedom in playing without fear of “messing up.”

In conclusion, Artistcellar 12x12 stencils are awesome! Creative warm-ups are good to do. And, an art journal is a place for artful experiments. Let yourself go!

Thanks for reading this post!

Blessings to you, and Happy Creating!

-Briana of