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Hello loves!

Hope everyone is following community guidelines and hanging in there. I apologize for this Easter piece posting so late. My anxiety has kind of gotten the best of me over these past couple of weeks and I've not been arting as much as I should.

My bunny actually turned out much different than I envisioned in my head, but that's the way it goes. I'm still pretty happy with it.

I started with a piece of Strathmore mixed- media paper and brayered several pastel colors all over.  I then used the same colors to add several stencil designs from Artistcellar (Tiles from the Blocks Series, Sea Fan from the Coral Series, & Amiens Plan from the Cathedral Plans Series).

I then drew a quick outline of a Bunny in pencil, using Google images for a reference.  

I divided my Bunny into several sections and added doodling with colored pencils. Like I said, my mind has been a little frazzled lately and I just felt like doodling simple shapes in pretty colors.  Bunny wasn't popping away from the background so I painted a light grey fluid acrylic around the perimeter. Using an Inktense pencil, I outlined the image and added some water to blur the pigment. Some simple grass with strokes of gesso and light colored pencil and Viola!  Pastel Bunny is complete.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you and your family and friends are safe and healthy.


Oh hello! Today, I filmed a little video of my art journaling. Right now I'm going through a time of healing. One of the ways that I heal is through baring my soul in an art journal. Today I was inspired by a bit of poetry by Nayyirah Waheed. (You can find her @nayyirah.waheed on Instagram)

"The idea of a second heart."

Supply list:

Hello again! 

Last week, I started the Dollhouse of Many Colors Project. I left off here:

This week, I want to expand on where I left off with more color and texture. Since the dollhouse is made of SO MANY PIECES it's pretty difficult to make sure you get in to every single nook and cranny. I'm leaving it pretty grungy anyway, so that takes some of the pressure off. 

To start, I sprayed even more ink sprays and let it drip. I love using the Artistcellar Pocket stencils here, because they can get into hard to reach places. I'm using the Pocket Chakra Series Stencils and the Pocket Creative Words Series stencils here.

Sometimes the stenciling doesn't work perfect here, especially on walls. To really crisp up those designs I went in again with course molding paste and a palette knife. The Cathedral Plans Series Stencils are really cool for this technique.
These small touches will be great to build upon in the next couple of weeks.
We are SO CLOSE to working on the inside now!

Greetings Everyone!

Thanks for being here to read this post. I am experimenting with some new supplies in my art journal. I hope that you’ll feel inspired to play along!

Supplies Used:

I have been drooling over these Cathedral Plans Series stencils, as I’ve been watching fellow Design Team member, Cristin, use them in her art. 

So, today, I pulled out my 9 x 12 mixed media art journal to give them a try. 

I also really love the Tim Holtz Distress Stain. I went for that first to begin creating an easy background.

I was trying to decide how I wanted to use the stencil, as it has such cool details and lines. I chose to use some neon paint with a cosmetic wedge through the stencil, on the right side of the spread.

Next, I used a Crayola Slick Stick to create some edging.

I took the marked up stencil to the left side of the spread, and “cleaned it” with a baby wipe. 

TIP: Baby wipes are such a great tool to use with stencils and mixed media!

What I discovered is that the baby wipe blends the Crayola Slick Stick. This was fun to see!

Next, I added a couple of collage elements. One is a torn piece of stamp decorative paper, and the other is a torn piece of striped tissue paper.

TIP: Collage Pauge is one of my favorite wet mediums to glue with. It does not smell, and it feels smooth to the touch. (I often use my fingers to spread the glue).

I wanted to try that blending technique again, so I put some orange and yellow Slick Stick down on my pages.

Below is a picture with the baby wipe, after I used it to blend the color around.

TIP: Some artists even keep their colorful baby wipes to use in their art, once they dry. Oh, the mixed media possibilities are endless, aren’t they?

Next, I used a regular no. 2 pencil to add some journaling. I love pairing writing/words with visual images.

I decided to highlight some of the words by outlining them with a black Elegant Writer. I was pleased to see how well this pen worked over the Distress Ink, paint, and Slick Stick.

That’s the end of my process. May you feel inspired to create some pages in your art journal! I find the experience centering, calming, and a good release of emotions. I wish this for you, as well.

Blessings to you,

Briana of