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Hello my lovelies

I am here in Wisconsin visiting my family! I have been here and Minnesota for about 2 weeks and have been loving the beauty of nature up here and all the green I miss since I now live in Arizona.

My youngest sibling Xe is also an amazing artist and loves nature as much  I do. We took a little day trip to a park in Minnesota called Carol park, which is on a dirt road, and has a trail that leads down to a small bubbling stream and falls.

It was so beautiful and we spent hours just sitting by the stream talking and painting. I created my piece in my large Jane journal using my Koi watercolor kit, prismacolor pencils and my white signo gel pen.

I love that with my limited supplies I was able to create something that I think shows the tranquility of the area we were sitting.

While in Minnesota I started a 2nd journal spread using the same supplies along with a black water-soluble pen, which I then finished in Wisconsin. I love creating these whimsical faces and love that the use of my 2 chakra pocket stencils sets help tie the 2 pages in the spread together and give the peaceful whimsy I was trying to create.

While at my daddies house in Wisconsin, I found a 4 leaf clover and it inspired me to create a little journal page in my small Jane journal, using my Koi watercolor kit, of clover while my dad and I were sitting and chatting.

My favorite place to go is fishing with my daddy. We have been fishing the same private cranberry Marsh since before I can remember and going there always makes my heart fill with love for my family and home.

I created this page as a reminder of how I should feel all the time. I used my "seek" pocket stencil for its boldness to catch my own eye when I page through my journal and left the rest calm and abstract.

I have created some other doodly pages but these are my favorite in the mix. This weekend I plan on pulling out my mineral paper when I spend time with my nephew Dustin, he is also an amazing artist and I know we will be creating a lot while we are together! So watch for me in 2 weeks to see the rest of my vacation art!

Big hugs and mushes to you from Wisconsin!


Shana banana

"This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before."— Maya Angelou

A purple finch is eating at the feeder near my studio window. He doesn’t seem to mind the melody of the wind chimes as the soothing breeze plays their song. The afternoon is unusually quiet. The day is perfect for celebrating the Summer Solstice.

Slowing down allows me the opportunity to be fully in the moment. Even if we have the best of intentions, so often we are distracted by the commotion of daily life. But it is when coming back to center that I experience what truly makes me grateful. And this is when creativity envelopes me like the soothing sounds of the wind chimes and lets my heart sing.

A few months ago I facilitated a journaling workshop at my local library. We each altered a 3.5” x 5.5” notebook. Our objective was to create a Gratitude Journal…a special book to keep with us throughout the year. The art produced was delightfully unique. The evening filled with laughter. The more we spoke to each other the more we realized how often we each experience fleeting moments of bliss. Now we had somewhere to keep them safe.

Here is my journal. I lightly sanded the cover and applied a quick coat of gesso. I began stenciling with Artistcellar’s Ocean Waves from the Traditional Japanese Series. Once it was dried I covered the back and spine with an assortment of acrylic paint colors. I then added bits of ephemera: a page from an old dictionary, postage stamps, trading stamps, a leaf from a poinsettia and images I found pleasing. Keeping watch at the back of the book, I stenciled the word I am most grateful for: Create. The Artistcellar Creative Words Pocket Stencil was perfect. I wanted the journal to feel “special”. I added a paper flower, altered tags, and keys to unlock my spirit of gratitude.

My Journal is filling up with all sorts of bits and pieces captured from my day…from simple observations to newspaper (yes, I still read them) clippings and ideas for new work. But all in all, I can’t help feeling a sense of wonder in the fact that joy is the essence of gratitude. And reveling in each new day is an adventure in itself.

As we change Seasons I ask you…what unlocks the joy in your life for which you are truly grateful?


I worked in my art journal this week and by using a few stencils and paint I added to a page I previously worked on. Here are the supplies I used:

You might remember this face from a previous blog post. The facing page was empty and I felt drawn (heeheehee) to it this week. It seemed to me that this facial expression was sad, confused or uncertain. I thought about what words she would like to hear to help with these emotions. The words used in the Creative and Virtues words pocket stencils were perfect positive affirmations to include on my page.

After creating a layered background I used a silicone tool to spread a medium layer of crackle paste in six small sections where I wanted the words to be. When dry I sanded the crackle paste to smooth it and then stenciled the words on top. To create a border around each word I used the Faber-Castell pencils and activated it with water to smudge the graphite.

I wanted to add some personal journaling in black Fude Ballpoint pen but I couldn't come up with my own words. SO many things are happening in our world right now and I am still thinking of how I can express my feelings about it. Right now the stenciled words are enough for me.

I hope you can make time to create in your art journal this week!​

Hello Everyone,

Isn’t it awesome when you receive actual mail? Isn’t it simply amazing that someone would take the time to write you a letter? Maybe handwritten notes seem antiquated, but I believe them to be special, meaningful, and personal treasures. To make “real mail” even more exciting, I’d like to suggest creating a decorative envelope for that lucky recipient!

Oh yes, we can go deep by sending messages of love and healing through chakra imagery and rainbows!

The Pocket Chakra Stencils are clearly labeled on the packaging, which is a tremendous help when attempting to reflect on their meaning as you work your magic.

You may even wish to write the corresponding words, like I did (pictured below).

On the opposite side of the envelope, I painted a rainbow of stripes, using up the paint on my palette.

I decided to NOT rinse my brush between colors, simply to give the colored stripes a bit of something different. (See first picture in this post.)

I also painted the flap.

In case you are wondering, your stenciling and painting do not require perfection. Putting yourself into the creative process is what counts. That’s where your love comes through.

Finally, if you still have some paint on your palette, or wet paint on the sponges you used for stenciling, grab that art journal and a paint scraper!

No need to waste any of the luscious color, right?! Dab, dab, dab, scrape, scrape, scrape. Boom! Two pages no longer “blank”.

May your day be filled with joy, color and love!

Now go send someone some mail and help make their day special!

PS Stop on by for more art ideas and inspiration!








Time. It’s a commodity I am forever chasing.  Days melt into weeks.
Rapidly weeks turn into months that segue into years.  How did I allow
myself to become “so busy”? Are you the same?

Most of my daily activities are enjoyable. But sometimes I stop and
wonder. Am I busy just to be busy?  Is my life just spiraling around
me…or am I fully involved in the process of living? Am I still
following my dreams, or is it just a happy accident when I do achieve

I needed time to think. And thinking is generated not only from my
mind, but from my heart and hands.

I love designing with all of the Artistcellar stencils in my
collection, but recently I find my Muse steering me to create using
the Sacred Heart series. The traditional Sacred Heart design speaks to
me. The Creative Words Pocket Stencils add the perfect accent. The
words in the series are exceptional.  I took the stencils to my work
table and started my collage. I wanted something I could use as a
bookmark in my daily journal. I needed something to remind me to be an
active part of this life that swirls around me.

My substrate is heavy drawing paper. I don’t use my watercolours as
often as I should, so I decided now is the time. I splashed a wash of
colours I found pleasing. When dried, I added stencil shapes and a
ribbon of metallic acrylics. If you look closely you will also see a
coffee wash…as I prefer to call my sometimes messy drinking. With the
nib from the bottle of my liquid acrylics in hand I added the
calligraphy…my intention…the start of truly living my dreams.

I may not always be able to achieve the mindfulness I strive for, but
through my work I can move ahead to the place that brings me peace.
And it is from a peaceful heart that I can travel in the direction of
my intentions, to trust my way forward, to make my dreams a reality.

In the whirl of the day’s events, do you ever stop and ask yourself…am
I making time for my dreams? Is now the time that you do?


Trust & Sacred Heart Artistcellar Stencils

Hand cut stencils

Art Paper

Drawing  paper

Metallic Acrylic Paint

Liquid Metallic Acrylic Paint

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Paint

Coffee Wash - Also known as "Being Messy"