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Do you think of a word to focus on for the coming year? Something to remind, motivate, improve or change? If you haven't chosen one yet, here is a project that will give you several options. 

Here's what I used:

To start off I laid out about 10 tags on my work surface and sprayed both sides of the tags with water. (Having the tags damp helps the inks to flow on the surface.) Using the dropper in the cap of the inks, I dripped 3-5 drops of 2-3 colors onto the surface of the tags. Then I carefully stacked them on top of each other and gently pressed down. I used extra tags to wipe up excess ink. You can't leave them stacked to dry or they will be stuck together so carefully peel each tag off the stack and place it on a non-stick craft sheet to dry. You can use a heat gun to speed the process but not too much or it can cause the ink to bubble. 

I used only a portion of each Sacred Heart Stencil to add rays of color to each tag. Then I used a wedge sponge and the Night paint with the Pocket Stencils to add a word to each tag. As a finishing touch I also used the same wedge sponge to add the Night paint around the edges of the tags to create a vignette around the words.

These finished tags can be used in your art, as gifts or turned into a book, wallhanging or mobile. I am leaning towards a mobile and adding quotes to the backs of the tags. A Mantra Mobile!

Happy Creating!

Hello Everyone! Apparently there is a meta theme going on within the Artistcellar Design Team. I am noticing that the Pocket Stencil “TRUST” keeps making an appearance in our work.

Is there a word that keeps asking for your attention lately? Feel free to share it within the comments below.

Initially, my intention for this post was to express my deep love for the “Arrow” stencil, which is part of the Traditional Japanese Series.

Instead of stopping after creating a pattern, I decided to go even further and made an entire art journal spread to share with you. I used the Elegant Writer from the Artistcellar shop for my writing and drawing.

First, let’s make an overall pattern using the “Arrow” stencil.

1. Paint the background of the right side of your spread "Ripe Tomato."

2. Next, paint the background on the left side of your page spread in "Tiger Lily."

3. Use "Tiger Lily" with a cosmetic wedge and the Arrow stencil over "Ripe Tomato."

4. Next, use "Ripe Tomato" with a cosmetic wedge and the Arrow stencil over "Tiger Lily."

 5. Check out your amazing spread!

 6. Optional: Clean your stencil with a baby wipe on a miscellaneous sheet of paper or journal page.

Now it’s time to do some art journaling! In case you are like most people, you might feel afraid of messing up this page spread featuring this lovely pattern. Here’s what you can say to your inner critic. “Inner critic, thank you for your concern, but this is just a journal page. It’s paper. It’s my place to be free, try things out, and have fun! It’s even a safe place to make mistakes! So, you may go away now. Good-bye!”

I like to start by writing the date. I also made a simple pattern with lines and dashes.

I don’t often draw in my journals, but I was curious about the nature of the Elegant Writer. Knowing that it bleeds when wet with water, I decide to try to sketch my son. He is pushing an empty stroller, because he’s three, and that’s what he wanted to do!

Allowing him to go for a walk with me, while pushing this empty stroller reminded me to TRUST the process of parenting.

I finished off the page by doing some journaling and coloring in a few spots with oil pastels.


The “Arrow” stencil is really fun and easy to use for making an overall pattern in your art journal, or on a card, etc.

The “TRUST” pocket stencil is powerful.

The Elegant Writer is great for writing and sketching; it bleeds when wet with water.

Have fun playing with stencils and your art!



PS Feel free to share the word that keeps asking for you attention in the comments below!


Twelve years ago I was diagnosed and treated for Stage IV breast cancer. For many years before the diagnosis my heart was frozen in hurt and anger and I believe my illness was a manifestation of those emotions. While I received aggressive treatment for the cancer, I also sought a spiritual path for healing and healing my heart as well as my body was essential to survival. When I saw the Sacred Geometry series stencils I could hardly wait to use them in my work!                         

I created a three dimensional heart as a focal point for meditation to visualize love and compassion for all beings including myself. It serves as a reminder to believe that anything is possible as long as I believe in Love.

Apply a coat of gesso onto the entire surface of the papier mache heart to seal the surface for painting. Apply a coat of Ruby acrylic paint to all surface areas of the heart and let dry.

Lay the small Heart Chakra stencil onto the heart and apply violet paint using a small stencil brush. Center the Sacred Heart stencil over the Heart Chakra image and apply paint. Keep the stencil brush as dry as possible to avoid seepage under the stencil.

Fill in details of the heart by using an assortment of acrylic paints. I used green as the main color for the heart and highlighted with white and detailed with black and blue. The rays were created blending red, orange and yellow. I love how the colors pop in this! For the back of the heart I applied violet paint to the Believe stencil.

I used the Permawriter Pen to detail, write text and sign the piece. The Permawriter is great for writing on painted surfaces as it won’t smear or fade. Once everything is dry, varnish it entirely with a satin water based sealer.

I hope this project will warm your heart as much as it did mine.



Paper Mache Heart Ornament (I found mine at a local craft store but you can find them online)

ACS090c Heart Chakra Stencil

ACS078 Sacred Heart Series

ACS035b Believe stencil

Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic Paint in assorted colors


Yasutomo Permawriter pen .07 (for detailing)