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Hello Everyone,

Right now, I need both a creative outlet, and a way to bring a sense of calm to my nervous system. I unconsciously created a journal page with a color palette that is not my norm. I’d like to share it with you in this post, to hopefully inspire and encourage you to trust your intuition as you create.

Supplies Used:


To apply the Distress Stain, I used a paper plate palette and dabbed the color onto it.

I then used a cosmetic wedge to grab the color of the stain to work through the stencil.

This worked well for me. In the past, when I’ve tried to use the Distress Stain directly through the stencil, it was too wet, and it seeped under the stencil.

I liked how light and airy these pods were, so I decided to give them some space to breathe.

Choosing the blue acrylic paint for the background was sort of a surprise to me. Once I used it, it felt like water, which made me relax.

Next, I decided to add more pattern over that blue. So, I grabbed the Block Series stencils.

What I loved about the “Cross T” stencil was that I could easily line it up where I left off, to continue the pattern.

And again here:

I decided this all looked like a plate on a tablecloth, so I added a yellow napkin, too.

Since I was thinking of nature and the ocean, a thought came to me with a title for this journal page. So, I wrote, “I am calling this ‘Respite with Yellow Napkin.’ Beach, sea, water, land, color, calm the self.”

I created another page more quickly by cleaning my stencil with a baby wipe, and using up some the extra paint on my palette.

Sometimes these are my favorite pages, as they are free, loose, and expressive!

Thank you for being here and reading this post.

I am sending creative vibes out to you, so may also experience a sense of calm and inner peace while you play with your art supplies!

Blessings to you,

Briana of