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Hello again !

Recently we celebrated the summer solstice! To celebrate, I picked some flowers and herbs from my garden and made a sweet summer bouquet. Pictured is Sage, Rosemary, Mint, Roses, Black Magic Petunias, Marigolds and Lavender. 

Where is the smell-o-vision when we need it?

Anyway, from there I also set up some pretty things, wrote down some wishes and burned them and completed a tarot spread. 

After a long day at work, I found it was the perfect ending to the day. 

The celebration helped inspire this art journal spread that I have completed today. I rarely use a lot of orange and yellow in my work but wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my box of blues and purples. 

When I was developing my Dear Heart Oracle Deck I ordered "testers" from a few different companies. This particular deck was a dud, so I had it just lying around -- I pulled "Passion" from the stack and used it as my launch point.

I started by layering Artistcellar Quasicrystals stencils with Wonderstrumpet "Crystal Points". To get an awesome glimmer and texture, I used Golden Glass Bead Gel on a palette knife through the stencils. 

Once dry, I spritzed Adirondack Color Wash spray in "Butterscotch" along with Dylusions "Lemon Zest" and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in "Cross My Heart", "Marmalde" and "It's Orange"... Whoa! THE TEXTURE! To finish it up, I grabbed a tag that had been tossed in a drawer in my studio and used hot glue to attach the oracle card and finally attach the tag to the page.

That's it! Super easy, colorful and pure texture gold. 

Happy Summer, everyone! See you soon, but in the meantime you can find me on Patreon!

“Never lose a holy curiosity.” -  Albert Einstein

Have you tried Art Journaling on playing cards? I enjoyed it so much I decided to continue with the project. I suppose my curiosity got the better of me.

Inspired by the saying “In The Moment” I found printed in a catalogue, I made it my goal. I prepped the cards by lightly sanding them and then giving them a coat of gesso. I placed all of the cards face up on my table and began randomly layering acrylic paint. Whatever colours came to hand I used. Once dried, I flipped to the back and began working. I love the new Tibet Series by Artistcellar. I wanted to incorporate the Eternal Knot stencil in some way. Although too large to completely fit on a playing card, when dropped here and there on the cards the stencil certainly added interest.

It’s been a long time since I looked through my collection of rubber stamps and clings. The Curious Possibility clings by Tim Holtz was just perfect for what I had in mind! Combined with a few images I had in my collection I got just the right Victorian vibe I wanted. I know some people like to cover the images on the playing cards completely. I like to allow the flavor of the card to show through where possible. To complete this series I highlighted portions of the back design with Distress Crayons and Crackle Paste. They are now safely tucked away in my binder.

One word of advice: I used my heat tool to get the layers to dry faster. I believe I got a little too close as one of the cards “popped” and buckled. My guess is the plastic coating just didn’t like the heat.

As artists, curiosity is the force that inspires us to create new work. Journaling was always a bit of a mystery to me. I suppose for me it’s “in the cards” using this technique. My question to you: What are you curious about?



Hello creative friends!

So maybe you remember these petals from my last blog post.

Well they have come a long way since then! So let's talk about this exciting new design I have created called the "Labyrinth Lotus". I had worked on some lotus petals for this design way back when I first started my mixed-media journey when I did the "Becoming Real" piece with the butterflies. I set the idea on the back burner as other ideas came up and finally got some time to revisit this design. 

First I created the center of the lotus with this honey comb texture using some: liquitex paint, Viva Decor Inka Gold, and some Dylusions Spray in Ground Coffee (even the name makes me want to go start my coffee pot and pour myself a cup)! 

Next I moved onto my petal designs. Here are a few photos of my previous petals (chakra series pocket stencils) so you can see how much they have evolved in my new design.

Here are a few photos from the process of the new "Labyrinth Lotus" petals. For my petals I did many different steps to the front and back of the petals. On the front side of the petals I color gradated them in 3 different colors with water colors and added some shimmer.

Next I applied the design using the Labyrinth Series Stencils (COMING SOON!) They are one of my VERY favorites and I would HIGHLY recommend them 😉 On the back side of the petals I used some distress crayons

to outline the petals and used the Viva Decor Inka Gold to give them some real shine.

When I mean shine, I mean SHINE! Just look at all of that luster from the gold, Yum!!

Next I attached the petals to the flower doing 3 layers. Here is the finished Lotus!

Since this lotus is SO SEXY I even made a video so you can see the layers of the flower! 


The most exciting thing about creating art is watching it evolve. This design really inspired me to keep dreaming of ways to make it even better! What's the next step? Well I started working on paper lantern string lights! Here you can see the start of the design.

Just look how large and detailed the petal is for this design. I can't wait to get this first light done so I can have an idea of how they will look! So I won't stop there! I already have a few more ideas. What's next after that? Well I bought one of these larger paper lampshades from Ikea

and I will make a large size light for a room, BUT.. I will need a few more tools for that project. Oh and I didn't stop there! So what could be bigger and better than that you may ask? Well how about a sculpture for Burning Man! Oh yeah, baby!! I am in the process of dreaming up a large scale design that hopefully 6 people will be able to climb inside. This is in the very early stages so all I can say now is how excited I am to have been connected with some other amazing artists that will help me make this dream come true. I think it will be one of the highest honors an artist could receive to not only create a sculpture that large, but to work on it with other artists, haul it out to the desert and let the masses enjoy your wondrous creation!

Let those creative dreams soar and see where they take you!

Much love, art, and bliss, Yours Always,