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Hello Folks,

Today’s post is about digging in your stash and using your stuff! (Or cleaning your studio so you can find some buried treasures! Ha!)

I was cleaning up my studio this week and found this amazing set of cards from Paper Source.

I decided to make a card that I can send to someone in the mail, as mail art is one of my favorite things on the planet! What better way to use my stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

The “Radiant” stencil from Artistcellar’s Diamond Series is just the right size for my project.

I love that I can see through the stencil to help me with placement on the card.

I used some acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge to apply paint through the stencil openings.

Next, I got out the amazing set of alphabet stamps by Traci Bunkers and a StazOn ink pad.

I fooled around, made a simple mistake, had some fun, and finished my card.

I am in love with how it all came together, mistake and all!

I hope this post inspires you to dig around and use your stuff, too! Oh, and it’s okay to make mistakes!

Sending Blessings,

Briana of

Hello Everyone!

May this post find you well.

I have been following a little bit of Birgit Koopsen on Instagram this month, where she’s been doing her #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge.

On one of the days, she did something with crayons. I absolutely love using crayons, especially for wax resist techniques with watercolor.

I happen to be using a lot of watercolor right now, as I am launching my new online class called Liquid Watercolor Mandalas. (It’s going to be a good class that soothes, calms, and simultaneously inspires! If this sounds good to you, it’s not too late to join us.)

Since I was inspired by Birgit’s post, and I had my watercolors available, all I needed was to choose a set of stencils!

I picked out the Diamond Series and got to rubbing! (It’s called a crayon rubbing when you place something under a paper, and then rub a crayon over the top to make the texture underneath appear on the top of the paper.)

I am using sulphite paper, which is a 50 lb. weight multi-media paper.

I placed the heart stencil under my paper and used multiple “Jumbo Crayons” by Crayola to make the rubbing. Jumbo crayons work well for crayon rubbings. If you have a Target or Walmart nearby, they may still have some in stock from their back to school sale.

Below are a few stepped out photos of the crayon rubbing process.

After I was happy with the crayon rubbing of the heart stencil, I applied watercolor paint over the top.

Here’s the final result. I added a bit of water to the paper to spread out the paint and add a little value change to the overall look of the heart.

I had so much fun with this one that I took out another of the Diamond Series stencils. I chose the circle called, “Brilliant.”

First I did the crayon rubbing.

Next, I applied a combination of watercolor paints.

I absolutely love using the crayon resist technique. It’s great to use in art journaling, too.

In summary, there are a lot of great things you can do with your artistcellar stencils, and the wax resist technique is one of them.

I hope you take a quick peek at my latest online class called Liquid Watercolor Mandalas. It is a really enjoyable process that helps to integrate mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you for reading this post, and have a great day!

Blessings to you,

Briana of

Oh hello again!

This week I have been really busy filming - I'm a teacher in this year's Ever After with Willowing Arts! My theme is Alice in Wonderland, which you know I'm very excited about.

To keep with the Alice in Wonderland theme, I decided I wanted to paint intuitively  on a huge piece of watercolor paper. 

I had so much fun creating that "poster" last time, I decided to give it yet another go. I started with some 12 x 12 Artistcellar Stencils. I love these Sacred Geometry stencils, and they pair nicely with the Diamond Series stencils as well!  

From here, I'm just building up layers with the same DecoArt Media Mister in "Carbon Black" except now I'm also adding in 6 x 6 stencils and pocket stencils! 

Quasicrystals, Blocks, Chakra Series Pocket Stencils, and Labyrinth Series stencils play a big role in the mood here!

Now, for the really adventurous part... I mixed up some fluid and high flow acrylics with DecoArt Pouring Medium and poured paint directly on the poster. 

If I had planned ahead for this part I would have worked on a big canvas and not watercolor paper, but hey! We are painting intuitively here, after all. 

This is probably one of the messiest yet most satisfying things ever! The hard part is waiting for it to dry, which takes 24 hours or more.

But, with a little patience I was able to return to it and add small details with Posca Paint Pens. Here, I'm adding some leaves and the quote, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

That's it! 

This was so hard to photograph because the pouring medium leaves things a bit glossy which looks incredible in person! (If you would like to sign up for Ever After 2018, visit: )


Hello again everyone!

Wow! Spring is finally here, and I am ready to take on a huge project.

I actually bought this dollhouse from a seller on Etsy shortly after I got married. So, you know... about 5 years ago. It arrived in approx. 20,496 pieces and was super overwhelming so my husband ended up helping me put it together.

Okay, let's face it. He put it together for me while I organized the 20,496 pieces. 

I started painting it, but never finished it - and so it has sat, in my art studio ever since.

Until today.

This project is probably going to take me awhile, so I figured I would document and photograph it along the way in the form of my Artistcellar Friday posts! Today, I'm giving the front of the house a fresh coat of paint and adding some Artistcellar flair with the Heart Diamond Series Stencil.

I started with Dina Wakely Acrylic in Ocean, on a paintbrush. From there, I also sprayed some DecoArt Media Mister in Carbon Black, Purple and Shimmer Magenta to really get some color pouring and running. Yes, I'm being EXTREMELY messy with this. I'll fuss at it later. For one part of the roof, I also brought in an Artistcellar Third Eye Chakra Pocket Stencil with some modeling paste. I love the effect of modeling paste with stencils and I definitely plan to incorporate some more of that into this house.

That's it for today ! - This thing is soaking with paint and sprays and color galore. It looks pretty crazy right now, but I can't wait to build on this. 

Check back in a couple weeks to see where I take this next! ;)