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I am not one to make New Year's resolutions. Past experience tells me I am no good at them. It could be that I find them too rigid or myself swayed often by weaknesses that refuse to become strengths. 

With that said and for whatever reason I can't help but ponder at this time of year of things I would like to change or to make happen. Call me a sucker for a new beginning with the thrill of unknown possibilities. Like that crisp, clean white paper in front of me begging to be transformed to share my dreams upon it's surface. 

I suppose that is why I love art so much. The projects vary in size and scope but there are always possibilities and dreams to be explored and shared.

I'll keep today's post short and sweet and leave you with this beginning of a page in my art journal. 

I was drawn to the Sea Foam stencil from the Water Series because it conveys the best to me of what the thoughts in my brain look like right now at the cusp of the New Year. They vary in size and importance but they are bubbling to the surface preparing to make themselves known to me as time progresses. I will write them down in the bubbles and see what the year brings. Perhaps this page will serve as a reminder to me in the future because it is good to be reminded of your dreams.

Happy New Year Creative Souls

(paints used are from Dina Wakley Media Acrylics)

Hello Lovely Creative Folks, I created a couple of things, using a lot of artistcellar products. I am so excited to share my playtime with you!

First, I am using the Virtues Words-Pocket Stencils.

There are four words, and I am using three of them: Faith, Hope, and Grace. Don’t those words just make you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside? With that feeling in mind, I created a greeting card.

I set the three virtue words of Faith, Hope, and Grace out on a blank card. Then I sprayed them twice; once with bubblegum pink Dylusions spray ink, then with Adirondack Sailboat Blue spray dye. See the photos below:

I rolled up the extra ink with some paper towels. (I learned that trick from a Dina Wakley video, I think). 

Next, I cleaned off the inked up stencils with a baby wipe on top of a blank page in my art journal. (I will be showing more on that in a minute.)

I set the journal aside to work on the greeting card. Note: I sort of worked on the card backward. It works okay to turn it inside out, but it’s not what I intended to do. Just a little heads up for you to NOT follow my example.

Alright, let’s pull out the NEW Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz.

The Distress Crayons say they are water-reactive, which they are. However, they didn’t do what I expected them to do, based on other water-soluble products I’ve used. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because it’s good to have a variety of art supplies that do different things. Anyway, water-reactive is different from water-soluble, just FYI. To get the look I wanted, I added a little fluorescent red liquid watercolor by Blick.

I think it is at this point that I realized my card is backwards. (I should have worked on the right-hand side for it to be the front of the folded card). You know, sometimes art making is problem solving. I decided to decorate the inside, so that the card could be folded in or out. Ta Da! A joyful solution!

I have been eager to try the fine tip applicators that are made for the Dina Wakley heavy body paint tubes.

This is my first attempt at using them.

I had a few questions after I tried them, and thought this video by Dina Wakley on YouTube might be helpful for you, too:

“Dina Wakley Introduction to the Fine Tip Applicator”

I used some Dina Wakley paint and played with the Distress Crayons some more. (I kind of couldn’t leave the Distress Crayons alone. I really wanted to get the hang of using them, as I love bright colors!) Pictured below, the right-hand side is the new front of the card, if I choose to fold it that way.

Now back to the art journal page. Like I said, I really couldn’t leave those Distress Crayons alone.

Both the Distress Crayons and Dina Wakley paint have a really soft and smooth texture to them. You’ll have to try them yourself to understand what I mean. I really enjoyed spreading the yellow paint around with my fingers.

I finished things up with a little more color and paint to get this cheerful journal page!

In summary, there are sooooo many great supplies available at

I love the AC Pocket Stencils, the Dina Wakley paints, the spray inks, and the NEW Distress Crayons. I hope you feel inspired to give some of these awesome supplies a try in your card making, art journaling, or other mixed media projects! 

Blessings to You!

Briana from




Hello my Lovely little squish monkeys! What is a squish monkey? I have no clue, but doesn't it sound cute? Lol!

Guess what I get to do this weekend?! I get to meet the wonderful Lisa! I will be doing demos using the soon to be released stencils and old favorites for Art Unraveled here in Phoenix! I am so lucky! if you're around come and say hi!

Okay, so for today I planned on spending wonderfully laborious hours creating a journal page, I was very excited to get started using one of my favorite Stencils from the Water Series, Surf. But alas, the stencil made the page come together so quickly and too my liking that I spent only about 30 minutes creating the page!

I love how the page turned out and it is a perfect soothing page to be the 1st page to look at in my journal.

The page was very easy to do the 1st step was to grab my Adirondack spray, I held the stencil about an inch away from the page and sprayed the page. This creates the nice misty loose shape.

I then went in with the same spray and stencil and just used it on the bottom  of the page so that the detail of the stencil really showed.

I originally chose to use the Adirondack spray because I thought it wouldn't reactivate with water, but I was wrong. It actually worked in my favor though! I grabbed my Dina Wakley paint in Lapis and finger painted the upper half of the page, creating and uneven layer of paint, the color ended up being full of depth because the paint reactivated the spray.

I then went in white and created clouds in my sky and used the lapis and white in the water and created this wonderful page that is complete on its own, I am so happy with the simplicity of this page!

Thank you Artistcellar for this awesome stencil!

Big hugs and Mushy stuff!! 

- Shana Banana

If you would like to watch the video of my process check out my video below!

"Simply Art" Art Journal Tutorial featuring Artiscellar stencil

“Fashion is Art and You are the Canvas!” – Velvet Paper

Fashion truly is Art! From Haute Couture to Prêt-à-Porter the designer
escorts us through their passionate journey.  Colour, form, and
pattern: our shared tools of the trade inspire them to make their
concepts tangible. And how heartening it is to be wrapped in someone’s

When my Artistcellar box arrived in the mail I couldn’t wait to
experiment with the Marked Series Stencils. With circles, X’s, and an
interlocked ladder the graphic feel made me think of Mid-Century
Modern art and interior design. And I was in luck: my Artistcellar
treasure trove also contained Dylusion Bubble Gum Pink Ink Spray and
Dina Wakley Lemon and Lime acrylics. The stencil pattern and my
acrylic colours were perfect for taking me back to the time of
Bakelite telephones and the Camel cigarette man wafting smoke rings
across Times Square from his billboard.

I wanted to start with the background. I went to a new page in my
Strathmore Mixed-Media Visual Journal. The ladder stencil and Dina’s
Lemon acrylic came first. Slowly, I built up the layers using each
stencil in the collection and a variety of acrylics. Then came time to
throw caution to the wind! I grabbed my Dylusion Bubble Gum Pink ink
and sprayed away. I loved the hot pink colour, mopped up a bit with my
sponge and pushed it through the stencil. I really was pleased with
the effect and will be adding it to my favored techniques. I completed
the background with Punchinella, Artistcellar Halftone Dots Stencils
and metallic acrylic.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the fact that the
Artistcellar stencils hold up to anything I throw at, or push through
them. Clean up leaves them in perfect condition ready for my next

Now that I had my background ready, and my colours were just as
vibrant as they were wet, I knew the focal point needed to be just as
bold. I am a great fan of black and white fashion photography of the
1950’s. I chose a photo of a woman, head titled back, with eyes
slightly closed. What was she dreaming about… Perhaps a great
adventure? And who would accompany her? And most of all, what clothing
would she pack! I thought of the Bakelite phone…and the phone book she
would peruse. To the left of the work you will see a page which I
infused with bee’s wax.

This is what I love about Art. We have so many ways to express what
comes from deep within us. With so many tools at our disposal we are
only limited by our imaginations. By sharing what is essential to us
we give it life, and hopefully nurture the spark in others.

So the next time you put on that favourite piece of clothing, just
think…you are the canvas helping to make a designers soul immortal!


Hello Lovelies! I hope your summer has been filled with fun, good food and ART! I also hope you get a chance to "get away" even if it is in your own town. :)

The project I am bringing to you today is one of my favorites. I have had this idea rattling around in the right side of my brain for awhile now.

If you could flip through my sketchbooks you might see a reoccurring theme. Houses. I think every artist has symbols, images, etc. that mean something extra special to them. One of mine is houses. Growing up my family moved often. In fact, I realized recently that I have moved, on average, every 3-5 years my entire life. That is many many houses. One house that has remained constant is my grandparents' farmhouse in Idaho. It is one of my very favorite places on the planet. If you want to read how my very favorite place influences my creativity you can read a blog post I wrote a couple years ago.

So, continuing this thought process about home. What does home mean to you? What function does a home have? I am sure it can mean different things at different times of our lives. These are the questions that were going though my mind as I created this series.

I started with three wooden house forms I found at my local craft store and my first layer was GAC-100 by Golden. It is a multi-purpose acrylic polymer that seals the grain of the wood. (Another option for this is clear gesso or you can go rogue and just start painting!)

Using a selection of Dina Wakley acrylic paints I painted each side a different color. Using the same colors on each house will help them have continuity. 

Then I grabbed my palette knife, Deco Art Media Crackle paste and the larger Halftone Dots Stencil and applied a medium to heavy layer to each side of the houses. (Tip: The thicker the paste the bigger the cracks.) Some sides were just the dots and others were solid crackle paste. When the paste was dry I went all ooooh and aaaaah at the delicious texture that I saw.

The next layers were paints (same as before) and dictionary pages. I only glued the paper to a few sides of each house. Again, using the same ephemera on each ties them together. (Kinda like Project Runway when they have a group of designers design a mini collection. The successful groups have a common element that appears on each of the designs, whether it is color, pattern, etc.)

At this point I found a quote I liked and also sketched out some imagery I wanted to paint onto the house blocks. When I looked at the super awesome bumpy surface from the crackle paste I knew it would be a smidge difficult to paint details. So I grabbed my favorite sanding blocks and went to town sanding all sides of the houses. Dust was flying and the result was AWESOME! 

All the divine cracks stayed but the overall surface was more flat and so so smoooooth. A bonus was the distressed look I got from the paint partially sanding off too.

Now that my surface was ready I started painting!

I felt the sides needed something snazzy so I picked out my favorite stencil from the Cathedral Series and it was perfect. 

I also used gold paint to add details and the shimmer shine just tied everything together. 

The result is a whimsical house set that makes me smile. Mission accomplished!