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I can never have enough small notebooks and while I am tempted to buy up every beautifully designed one I see at the stores I find that if I make one myself I am much more likely to use it. Here's an example of one I made recently. The book structure is called a Dos-a-Dos and it two books in one!

Here's what I used:
The watercolor paper will be my cover so I start by putting a thin layer of gesso on both sides. The next layer is the Night color which I spread over the paper with an old hotel key card. This was done on both sides. Now it is time for stencils! I used the Shooting stars stencil twice on each side with two different colors. Small accents were created with the Infra stencil. The paper was then cut down to 9x4.75 and using a ruler and bone folder I scored lines at the 3inch and 6inch lines to be able to fold my paper into thirds.
Prepare the inside paper by folding the paper in half and creating two signatures with ten sheets each. The signatures were then stitched to the cover using a simple three hole pamphlet stitch. I put the completed book under heavy weights overnight to help flatten it more and now it is ready to tuck in my purse ready to be filled with lists, ideas and drawings!
I hope this inspires you to create a little book this week and I encourage you to do a quick web search for more beautiful Dos-a-Dos books. I hope you have a creative week!