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Hi there, Artistcellar friends.

One of my favorite ways to clear my mind is to art journal. It’s almost like meditating. Letting go of all the ‘monkey mind’ stuff that is going on constantly.

I gathered some patterned collage paper I had in my stash and using matte medium, collaged the background of the entire page with different patterns.

While the collaged papers were still wet, I added Heavy body white acrylic paint to the entire page with my palette knife.

Again, while all of this is still wet, I added some liquid acrylic ink to the background and worked that in with my palette knife as well.

Now everything can dry.

Using my black water soluble pen, I sketched a face.

Using the Tibet Series stencil set, I added the Tibetan om and the lotus flower as textures with texture paste.

I sketched the infinity knot with my black water soluble pen. I spreader burned umber acrylic ink around the edges and thinned it in a few places with sprays of water.

Letting that layer dry, I sketched the face in with the burned umber acrylic ink and a fountain pen.

Using quinacridone/nickel ago gold fluid acrylics, I added shadows and mid tones to the face, as well as some more white to the background.

Using some quinacridone violet fluid acrylic, I added some color for some depth.

See you next time! 



Hello everyone! I am so happy to be sharing with you this week! 

So I had a bit of an accident at the dog park, my sweet pup was running with the rest of the dogs and knocked me down! I know he is so sorry! 

The bad part, I fell straight back and caught myself with my right arm and did a good number on my back and right shoulder, so a bit of a hiatus was forced upon me. I am still sore so I have decided I will be working lefty until I am healed!

This week I wanted to play with the newest of the Artistcellar stencils, the Tibet Series. I acutally have an idea for a painting but without the control of my right hand I decided to forego the paint and do some art journal work!

I have a friend Shannon that comes over every Saturday and we have what we call "Shantime" where we create and learn from each other. This week I talked her into playing with the set of stencils and then further talked her into letting me share what she created!

Without planning to, we both started our pages in our dylusions journals with a line of of the lotus flower stencil across the bottom and that is where similarity ends...

For my journal spread I used watercolors to create my line of lotus flowers along with colored pencils and acrylic paint.

I then used Dy-na-flow in turquoise along with India ink in teal to create a fun drippy background over the top of some watercolors through the Eternal knot stencil allowing the drips to go over my lotus flowers.

Then for a challenge I decided since I am all lefty I would try my hand at creating a girl using an assortment of paints including Dina Wakley in Ocean and Fuchsia, colored pencils and regular pencils. I used the Buddha eyes on the opposite side  with the word overcome to signify my new lefty status.

Shannon on the other hand (pun intended she is right handed! lol) decided she would use paint for her lotus flowers and created a body of water for them to float on. She then went on with metallic paint and painted the Tibetan Ohm Symbol, Buddha eyes and the Eternal Knot using metallic paints. Then went over them using dylusions sprays, and for more fun she used the stencils again to ghost the symbols into the page.

We had so much fun creating our journal spreads using the new stencils, it is always so much more fun to share art with a friend and I am truly blessed to have so many I hold close to my heart!

Big hugs and mushies to you

I am just returning from a week in California. As a Minnesotan who does not travel much, this trip was a huge deal for me. I was out in California, attending the Paint Riot retreat put on by Connie Solera (of Dirty Footprints Studio) and Chris Zydel (of Creative Juices Arts). I really explored my painting and mixed media boundaries. And so, I thought I’d do that again, but on a smaller scale, for this post.

Today, I am working with the Eternal Knot stencil, one of the four included in the NEW Tibet Series stencils.

My goal is to stretch my boundaries, so I am using some art supplies and techniques that are not my norm.


Step 1:

Trace the inside of the Eternal Knot using a black pen.

Step 2:

Doodle designs using the Gelly Roll and Gold Uni-ball pens.

Step 3:

Begin to color in spaces with the CarbOthello pastel pencils.

Step 5:

Create your own unique border around the Eternal Knot.

Step 6:

Use an embroidery needle and thread to hand stitch around the border.

One of the benefits of stitching on thin paper is that when you hold it up to the light, you can see through to your next possible stitch.

Step 7:

Add watercolor inside the spaces in colors that please you.

Step 8:

Add water to any CarbOthello colored areas to blend as desired. (It’s partially water-soluble, meaning you will still see your lines).

Step 9:

Admire your art that is uniquely you!

This whole thing took me about two hours to complete. I anticipate the question that somebody might ask, which would be, “What’s the point?”

Well, here’s my response.

“The point is to immerse yourself in the creative process. The point is to breathe and stretch yourself. The point is to notice which colors sing to your soul. The point is explore unknown materials to see what you can do with them. Each and every exploration is a learning experience. Enjoying the moment is the point.”

May you enjoy many creative moments today and each day, in order to feel your aliveness.

Many Blessings to You,

Briana of


Hello again!

As artists, our art tends to evolve with us. New life experiences, emotions, inspirations and yes, even art supplies can all help turn our creativity in different directions.

Right now, the direction I've been taking involves mineral paper, watercolors and Artistcellar stencils.

I was over the moon with Lisa's Artistcellar package containing the brand new stencils - Tibet Series Stencils. If you follow me through facebook or instagram I'm sure you have seen the stencils in action already... they made me swoon!

Today, I made a short little technique video to show you one watercolor/mineral paper/stencil technique that I accidentally stumbled upon and I LOVE!

I hope you enjoy the video I created for you today using The Tibetan Om, Buddha Eyes, Eternal Knot and Lotus Flower:

To showcase one of my favorite stencils from the set, I also created a couple of girls from the Lotus Flower stencil

I started with the stencil as the base, and then used a pencil to sketch the girl "growing" from the center. Next, I filled it in with watercolor and ink. 

The two girls below were both created on different paper, so you will see the dramatic change that using different paper can be. First is created on mineral paper, and the other is on a hot press watercolor paper.

And below, here are some examples of other paintings I created utilizing the technique demonstrated in the video!

With each new release, I'm always amazed at the magic Lisa creates with her stencils... and the resulting artwork to follow. I hope you will find inspiration with the new Tibet stencil series -- and perhaps you discovered a new technique to play with today as well.

See you soon!

It's so exciting when there is a new stencil release and the Tibet Series is stunning! 

For my project I chose to use the Eternal Knot stencil. (It's also called the Endless Knot) Here is an excellent explanation from the Sivana East website:

An intricate pattern of interlacing lines and never-ending loops, the eternal knot is nothing short of eye catching and deeply intriguing. Though found mostly in Tibetan Buddhist culture, the Endless Knot can also be found in Chinese and Chinese-inspired art, and can even be seen in Celtic culture.

Without beginning or end, the endless knot is an intricate design of looped intertwined lines that weave in and out of each other to form a beautiful lattice pattern.

The origin of this ancient symbol is thought to be the icon of snakes- a symbol of duality in many cultures.

Buddhism focuses heavily on the idea of duality and finding the balance between the feminine and masculine qualities in life. This gives a balanced perspective that allows the practitioner to let go of challenging situations, and to see the opposing side of arguments in a new light. This lets go of attachment and hatred, resulting in a closer path to enlightenment.

With all the twists and turns in the knot, it clearly illustrates the interconnectedness of all beings on the planet. This makes the sacred knot take on the symbolism of not just duality, but the perfect representation of unity in the universe.

At its heart, the endless knot inspires one to ponder the connectivity of opposites.

As The Dhammapada reads:

Conquer the angry man by love.
Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness.
Conquer the miser with generosity.
Conquer the liar with truth.


This is why the endless knot can be found everywhere in Tibetan Buddhism- to remind us of the interconnectedness of all beings in space and time.

Isn't that inspiring? 

I wanted to make a simple pendant banner so clearly display this beautiful symbol. 

Here is what I used:

Use the Infra and Ripples stencils to create texture onto the painted canvas and your background is ready! Take the Eternal knot stencil and transfer the design onto the center of the canvas. The stenciled lines from the pattern will guide your stitching and use the turquoise thread to sew a back-stitch along the design. Paint the space inside the thread lines with white paint to highlight the knot design. 

Create a loop at the top of the canvas by folding the fabric over the dowel and gluing the edge down. Using your choice of cord or thread take a length and tie each end onto the dowel to create a way to hang the banner.

This leaves room for so much more embellishment and personalization. Want to add beads? Handwritten words? Go and do it! I hope you are able to create something beautiful this week and find inspiration from the new Tibet Stencils!