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Hello beautiful souls,

Don't you just love those serendipitous designs? I had one of those experiences for this work of art I am sharing with you now. When I use my Dylusions sprays through a stencil I will usually grab a 4x6 piece of watercolor paper and rub the wet stencil on it to use all of the left over ink. I will set it aside for another project. I was creating a little stenciled card for my boyfriend's sister's Christmas gift so I didn't want to waste the excess ink. I began my piece with using the wet sprayed through hemp flower stencil with dylusions sprays: bubble gum pink, and vibrant turquoise. I layered some distress inks with the flower of life stencil and made what my friend told me was called "flower of life 2" (which is the flower of life layered with the hemp flower pattern). I did some outlining with a uniball white pen to make the layering stand out.

I had originally planned to create a circle to make a face, but my face turned out kinda silly so I painted over it all white with some fluid acrylics. I originally saw a moon, so I guess this is the direction I was supposed to go with the design.

I stamped some gray flower of life pattern onto the moon and used some pastels and charcoal pencil to make some dark around the moon. I had remembered that the 1st of the year full moon was in cancer so I had the brilliant idea to take my already cosmic design and work it into the new year full moon. I am a cancer as well so I was pretty excited to create this design idea. I cut out a crab shape with my cricut machine on watercolor paper as well.

I was already really digging the background so I had the idea to make the crab all galaxy colored spattered with stars with some watercolors and acrylic paint. I decided to add the cancer constellation on top with some gold metallic marker and a black outline with a molotow marker.

I wanted to make some of the stars on the crab pop so I added some extra pearly white drops with the white viva decor pearl pen. When I was finished with the crab I bent the paper and curved the body and legs to give them some more dimension and life. I added some big white drops to the center of the hemp flowers and then a few smaller dots to make little stars for the background. The pearl pens absorb some of the super saturated color of the dylusions inks. The inks are seriously one of my very favorite supplies. They are so super saturated, they bleed and blend really beautifully and they have such cool reactions with other mediums. You will want them all, I swear.

I had remembered I had some super sweet little wooden stars that Christian had picked up for an art project awhile back so I sprayed those with several shimmer mist sprays  and hot glued them to the background piece. The stars were SO amazing I decided to also add them to the back of the crab where the stars were on the constellation taking special care to add a large star to Cancer's brightest star.

Since my crab was so curved I needed to find something big enough to lift it off of the paper so I cut 2 make up sponges at the thickest part and used those to raise the design and hot glue it to the base paper. I was thinking I really wish I had a way to enhance the design on a more solid background since it was getting so 3D and realized I had the perfect size piece of wood on which to back the paper. I painted all the sides gold and used some shimmer mist sprays to incorporate the metallics. I added a little saw tooth hanger and a little felt circle to the back to hang the piece. Here is how it looks on our big art wall in our family room.

What are some serendipitous designs you have come up with from extra art scraps?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

I had so much fun with this latest piece. I guess I have been kind of on a yellow kick too. I really dig the nice warm happy colors in this piece. I did a TON of layering and took a lot of pics to show the transformation. Let's dive in 

First off I started out with a nice variation of warm hues of: pinks, oranges, and yellows in water colors. I received the Arabian Nights series stencils and totally fell in LOVE!  For the first layer I used the "Celestial " stencil which is awesome because it also has a sacred geometry shape in in like "Square Rose".  

Next I did some layering with the"Shooting Stars" stencil. I used some nice purples and blues to simulate a nice sky look.

I even discovered something super cool with my hula hoop tape! I cut out some little dots with a paper punch I have. I used my heat gun and blasted then with some heat. The heat made rainbow colors appear!

Next I added some white sprays to create some opaque layers.

Then I kept adding on the layers.

I love how you can see the white spatters over the hula hoop tape dot! Here is a shot of the background before I started adding the 3D elements.

I love adding texture and 3D elements to my pieces so I used my cricut machine and cut out these BA flower of life shapes and these moroccan style stars.

I used my heat gun on the  Angelina Film to create the crinkles. Making crinkles in the film allows the light to really bounce all over the piece and create some gorgeous texture.

I call this piece "Inner Wisdom". I took so many photos to really capture all of the incredible design elements.

I was super excited my idea with layering texture paste and the Angelina film turned out. The crinkly film didn't let the texture paste lay super flat, but I used a mechanical pencil tip to remove the messy parts of the paste. I then painted the texture paste with water colors, and used some Viva Decor Inka Gold to add some pretty gold highlights.

Here is the finished piece in the sunlight.

I even took an Insta video to capture all of the details 

How do you like to use your Angelina Film? What ways do you add 3D elements to create depth and visual appeal

Love, light, and creativity,


Hello beautiful souls,

I've been busy creating art for gifts for friends and having a blast. I also pulled out a piece of art that had sadly been neglected for many months and decided to work on it again. The new "Tibet Series" stencils are set to hit the shelves May15th, and I couldn't be more excited to add them to my newest piece of artwork.

Speaking of pulling out older work and re-working the design I did a little bit of that too. So let's jump on in and take a look, shall we?

I did this flower of life and heart chakra piece awhile back and added some new design elements with the pocket chakra 2 series stencils.

I added the little pocket heart stencil sanskrit symbol and added the flower of life stencil in gold on the sides of the canvas as well. They were just plain black before. I love working on watercolor paper over canvas so I generally cut a watercolor paper large enough to fit my canvas, work my piece, and then back it on a regular canvas. I really love the finished look and flow of the design onto the sides. I like to keep someone's eye moving around the art when I create my pieces. So when I created some new gifts I took this same design style and put it to work. Here are some pieces I created for 2 of my friends.

I also discovered a little "art hack" as  well. I used the new Tibet Series stencil on this last gift I made for a friend so I will just show you the first parts and follow up my next blog with the finished piece. I will tell you it's pretty BA and I can't wait to gift it to my friend that will be moving to Cali this next week. So what is this little hack? Well my friend's favorite colors are green, blue, and orange. As you know adding orange on top of its complimentary color will make brown. Not really what I wanted to do on this piece so I had to get creative. I like to use distress inks and those are distressed by water and more transparent than opaque. I took a layer of white ink and inked through my throat chakra stencil first and dried it. I added my first layer of orange distress ink, but it was still too pastel looking to me.

I went for another layer of orange ink and decided to even add some red to really make that orange intense.

Next I moved onto an older piece of art I started and put down. I was working on a self-portrait "new skool art selfie" and decided this new series of Tibet stencils would be incredible, BUT... I needed to make lots of layers before adding on the new series as the top design. So my idea for this piece was to do a self-portrait of myself sitting inside of a lotus with the chakra designs. If you remember my very first lotus I created when I first joined the AC design team you will start to see my vision.

So my vision was to create a 3-D lotus on the bottom of the art to make it look like I was sitting inside. So before I can get to that part I had to get to work on the base. I started out with using chartres labyrinth series stencil and some black fluid acrylic in a spray bottle. After spraying through the stencil I used the wet spray on the top of the stencil and pressed it in a few places on my piece.

Next I wanted to add some colors so I layered stencils with distress inks. I started out with using the Japanese Geometric series stencils.

I LOOOOOOVE how the hemp flower design turned out with the shifting of the cool colors.

I finished up with using the Sri Yantra 12x12 stencil and this is where I am currently on my piece. I will start adding more 3-D elements at this point and really get more colors and layers going.

What pieces of your artwork have you decided to "upgrade" with some new design styles?

Love, light, and art,


Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever just create that piece of art and when you are done you can't believe you even made it? Well this was one of those times for me. I am so excited about all of the parts of this piece and the finished product. I had a few snafus, but managed to work them out into the design. So let's jump on in, shall we? 

I started out with some watercolor paper and some of my caran d'ache crayons to start the galaxy base.

I then worked the top layers and side layers. I decided to add some white tissue paper with holographic flecks for funzies. It worked out well to cover the textured sides of the canvas and allowed the watercolors to lay on it nicely.

Next I got down on some stencils and distress inks along with some silver outlining and white star flecks. I used the metatron's cube stencil to create the shapes in the background.

I added some flecks of glow-in-the-dark paint as well so I had some stars that glowed in the dark as well as look pretty in the light.  I was admiring the glow on my canvas, but clumsily knocked my water jar over my canvas and washed away a portion of my design.

I also somehow managed to get a lime green paint drop on the canvas. It's a good thing I like green and managed to make the design work by adding some more lime paint drips to tie it into the design. 

Next I worked on embellishments and 3-d pieces for the design. I used my fancy pants cricut machine to cut out these luna moth shapes. I took a photo of a real moth and worked it in Inkscape to make a digital image for my cricut machine to cut. See, not just a pretty face! I was out of all of my thinner watercolor paper so I had to get creative on making an already painted on paper work. I decided to paint the moth backs in black, and metallic silver to cover up the painted parts.

Next I used some silver ink and my flower of life stencil to make the backs of my moths fancy.

On the front I was just going to do a simple design, but wound up trying to make them look more realistic. I even used some shimmer watercolors to give the wings some sparkle.

I even added a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint to the top of them so the glow as well.

I also cut out a Metatron's cube shape with my cricut machine and painted it in layers of metallic shimmers.

I wanted to add some moons too so I cut out a large full moon and 2 smaller crescent moons. I painted them all white and shimmery and then added some silver flower of life stencil outlined in black.

Oh, and I sure did add some glow-in-the-dark paint to the moons too.

So remember those accidental drips? Well you can see the first big one here, and then the rest on the full piece.

Ok, are you ready?!?! Here is the finished piece! Here is a close-up of the center with the full moon, moths, and metatron's cube.

Here is the full finished piece in all its glory.

I even took an insta video to capture all of the details. 

How have you taken a mistake and made it into a design? What is your proudest art piece to date?

Peace, love, and art,


Today I wanted to just sit and play and explore with my art supplies. Using watercolor paper, stencils, watercolor and acrylics I explored color and played with the paint on the page. I love to work in this intuitive way and just let the art "be". Whatever wants to show up, I welcome it! Today, a "moonflower" appeared. I call it a moonflower because to me, it fits. 

I hope you will enjoy the little video I created for you!

Supplies Used:

Hello beautiful souls,

Oh man did I have some fun this past week creating these galaxy pieces. I had the idea to do a moon phase piece on some scrap wood I got from work, but before making the final piece I did a little mini piece of art to "test" the design before making anything permanent. So let's begin, shall we? You know I love me some watercolors so I started with some Caran d'Ache Neocolor II in "galaxy colors".

Next I started my mini 3x3 watercolor and long wood piece and began making the galaxy layers.

I had originally wanted to do some moon phases layered with the flower of life stencil and pocket stencil sacral chakra, but wasn't sure if the design would be too busy.

I finished the little 3x3 test piece. I thought it was really beautiful, but felt like you couldn't really tell there was supposed to be a moon under all of the layers. So when I created the wood panel I decided to only use the flower of life stencil for the moons and skip the chakra overlay.  I just love seeing all of the layers piece by piece and end with the finished art! You can see the layers coming together now! So exciting! Here is the original flower of life panel done with the moon phases.

Omg! So pretty! I thought I should totally keep this one for myself, but I had a new little twist on the design to try out next!

Next I decided to do the same galaxy design, but add some of metatron's cube stencil to the background to add a little more sacred geometry to the design!

I really like my design to flow around the sides and keep your eyes moving over the piece so I stenciled every side with some distress inks in similar colors to the background taking care to alternate the colors underneath with an opposite color on top. I love how the colors blend in some places and stand out in others.

Here you can see the finished piece in all it's glory! It's SOOOO PRETTY!!

Well I was on a roll so I took out another larger square piece of wood and did a 6x6 piece. Here is what the bottom layer looks like created with watercolors, and shimmer watercolors first.

Next I did my inking and stencils with the metatron's cube stencil.

I just love the process and seeing the design come together. I really LOVE this silver paint marker I have. It's nice, "juicy," and super shimmery. Here is the finished piece.

Do they just keep getting more amazing with each piece, or what?! So the next question is which one will remain mine and which ones will I sell?

I also have been enjoying participating in Free Art Friday Kansas City.  In this facebook group the idea is to make your art and drop it somewhere in KC with a photo clue and allow people to collect the art for free. How fun is that?! I live in a pretty awesome part of Kansas City called "Midtown" and "Westport". It's the cool artsy part of town with lots of restaurants, music, and cool shops. My drop last week was at this awesome gay bar down the street from me called "Missie B's". Here is my artwork and my photo clue.

I bet you remember seeing my print design from my past blog posts :D I have been dropping my photos and clues on my Thirdeyegypsys instagram account too for some extra fun.

Do you get  on a roll when you figure out a new design? How do you spread the news of your artwork in your local scene?

Love, light, and creativity,


Hello beautiful souls,

OMG.. did we get some amazing new toys in our most recent Artistcellar box! Are you excited to follow up on my last art piece? I knew you'd be sitting by your computer eagerly awaiting the cliffhanger reveal. LOL. So without further adieu, may I present my most recent masterpiece, The Flower of Life Heart Chakra with Heart Chakra Sanskrit Center!

I used: 12x12 Flower of life stencilheart chakra stencil, and sanskrit anahata. I used the viva decor inka gold to really make anahata sing. Isn't it beautiful?!

Next up I wanted to play with the Japanese Geometric Series

so I did some little 4x6 water color cards. I used some red, orange, and yellow as the base colors, then shifted the order, used some distress inks for the stencils, and the sanskrit and outlined them in gold. I added some white ink for a lighter contrast with the halftone dots stencils. I didn't intend for it to look Christmasy, but it kind of looked snowy with the white ink. I called this series "SeaZens Greetings"

I wanted to create another one of my mirrors using the labyrinth series stencils, but this time I did it on black. I really dig how the colors look much more bold rather than pastel by changing the base color.

My MMM was in the studio with me again this time creating lots of layers with his piece. I took 3 shots to show the progress as his artwork changes so much with each step

Christian used the 12x12 star coral with some ranger texture paste.

Since I was feeling the mirror thing I was excited to do a chakra and sanskrit mirror series. I did a little paper template first to plan out my design.

I like to do a little template first to get the "design bugs" out before moving on to the finished product. Generally I tend to do some problem solving in this step and find this to be a helpful tool as not to "mess up" my final piece. I decided to use the 6x6 chakra series stencils and repeat the crown chakra stencil since my spacing involved 4 characters per mirror. I did the design so that the mirrors can be hung side by side and follow along the chakras in order :D I like organized design like that. I did the sanskrit in some gorgeous metallic gold paint marker to make the design pop. Could you totally see these in a yoga studio?!

I made so much art recently with the new batch of goodies I have to wait til the next blog to show you all just what a blast I had with the speedball lino cutter and speedy carve blocks we received. I learned so much about myself and design too, so stay tuned for next weeks blog!

Have a wonderful start to your new year and we will see you soon!

Love, peace, and art,


Hello Starshines!

This week I wanted to do something different and fun. I'm not working on paper or canvas I like I usually do! This time, it's all on a re-purposed vinyl record!


Grab a record... and note - it must be something you will never listen to -ever- again. Pick one that isn't your favorite, isn't worth much or is damaged. (Also, you can usually find these super cheap at thrift stores too!)

First, I used Dina Wakely acrylic paint in black to paint over the label on the record. Then I used modeling paste and a palette knife, to scrape through a 12 x 12 Artistcellar Stencil (This one is from the Sacred Geometry set - "Flower of Life") Once the modeling paste is dry, set the record on a circular metal base and start heating it up with your heat gun. As you do so, the record will melt and form a "bowl" shape around your base. 

From there, you can paint! I used Dina Wakely's "Ocean" and "Blackberry Violet" for this part, and then filled it in with some white highlights. 

To finish it off, I used my finger to add Inka Gold in Gold around the edges of the bowl.


Use it for anything and everything!

Here, I'm using it as a way to store my crystals.