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Hello again!

Today I'm working on Ampersand Aquabord!  This stuff is really cool to work with as it provides an awesome texture for watercolors, inks and even acrylics. 

I just had to play with some Artistcellar stencils!

I started with the 12 x 12 Artistcellar Sacred Geometry stencil, "Flower of Life" along with some Liquitex ink. - It worked like a dream!

Next, I layered with Golden Absorbant Ground medium and acrylics.

... and I also added extra fun with splatters and drips.

To finish off this painting I added white highlights with my favorite Uniball Signo UM-153 pen.

Overall, I loved working with the Artistcellar stencil alongside some of my favorite mediums and I'm so pleased with the end result of the painting.

What are some of your favorite mediums?

Hello all!

Right now, I'm going through a difficult time, so for today's project I wanted to create something motivational that I could hang up in my room. 

Like a motivational poster - but not the cheesy kind.

Anyway, I grabbed the biggest piece of watercolor paper I could find - (about 2 feet wide x 3 feet tall) and set out to make a poster. 

To start, I reached for the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry stencil set in the 12 x 12 size. I also grabbed some ink sprays from DecoArt Media and Adirondack Color Wash sprays. Here, I just started playing with color.

It's fun to layer the stencils and watch the different colors run together and drip.

Once I had that pretty saturated I let it dry, and then added some black paint. In hindsight, I wish I would have used a brighter color -- but hey, the contrast is cool!

To finish off, I added some lettering with a paint brush. I will be the first to admit this isn't my best lettering ever. I was shaky and it just didn't work out like it usually does - but, I'm keeping it. Because it's MY writing. It took a long time to embrace my own handwriting, but now that I have I wouldn't change it. I encourage you to embrace yours, also!


To finish, I added some splatters with white paint on a really wet paintbrush.

Ta-da! I'm going to go hang this up and remember to take things "one day at a time."

Hello beautiful souls,

Making your own shirt designs is so much fun. I decided to do a *fancy* design on the back of Christian's shirt as well as make a shirt for myself. I'm all about intricate so I wanted to make sure the back of Christian's shirt was as awesome as the front. For the back shirt design I chose sri yantra to start things off and then followed the design down the spine with the pocket chakra stencils.

I wanted to make the sleeves of the shirt extra awesome as well so I decided to put a pocket chakra om stencil and slit cuts down each sleeve.  I wanted to add some cuts to the back of the shirt as well so I decided to do slits down either shoulder for some extra details and to repeat the sleeve design.

I had planned to have a picture of Christian wearing his shirt, but forgot to take one at Ecstatic Dance here in KC the last time we went. Technically you aren't allowed to take photos to protect the sacred space for others to express themselves, but sometimes I sneak some photos of just us or my oracle cards I pull.

I even made a shirt for me. I had been saving my white tank tops to tie dye, but we didn't get to that yet. I really wanted to make myself a shirt as well so I decided to use this tank top and thought I could always tie dye over the top later. Win, win, right?! I decided to do things the smart way for my shirt by making a proof of the design before adding it to the shirt. By doing this you can make sure that things line up and that you don't mess up the design on your shirt. I made 3 proofs for the front and back design of my shirt before choosing a finished design for my tank.

I used: Buddha eyes, lotus, flower of life, hope, and chakra pocket stencils. I was originally going to do the Hope face instead of the Buddha Eyes, but decided I liked that design best for the front of my shirt. I took a canvas and put a plastic bag over it to make a base on which to paint my shirt. I also had pretty good luck using a flat box (I used a hula hoop box my hula hoop came in and that was great. You could also maybe try a pizza box). First I laid down my flower of life stencil with glittery gold fabric paint.

Next I used my lotus stencil with a dark purple. Since I didn't want the back petals to be part of the design because I wanted it to look like the flower of life was sitting inside of the lotus I just didn't sponge those in. You could also tape over the part of the stencil design you don't want just so you don't get any extra lines. 

I decided I wanted to use the third eye, and crown chakra pocket stencils to finish up my design for the front.

Woot! Looks pretty awesome! I wanted to get my shirt done in time to wear it for ecstatic dance that night so I gently dried the front with my heat gun and placed some wax paper over the front design to protect it.

I rotated my shirt to the back side and began the back side design. I decided to just do a simple line of the pocket chakras down the spine instead of doing anything super fancy.

Super in love with our new shirts! Expect a photo next blog.

Do you make your own art clothing? What are your favorite art materials and stencils to use?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

I'm excited to share my newest mixed-media piece with you. I am going to take you on a walk down memory lane to show the metamorphosis of the original design into the present.  I don't know about you, but I am always excited to always be improving on each design pushing things further and further and ever expanding the possibilities. I had the pleasure of spending a few days with one of my dear friends Eryn, while she was visiting from Colorado.

She asked me to create a piece for her using the throat chakra and remarked about how she really loved one of my 6x6 pieces I had done. I began the first design as a 4x6 with the heart chakra stencil and the flower of life stencil.

Next I designed this 6x6 canvas jumping up in size.

Later when the set of chakra 2 pocket stencils came out I thought it would be a great idea to add the heart chakra sanskrit symbol on the inside of the star.

I ended up doing this piece as a facebook live stream here if you are interested in watching the whole piece be created. To start out I used layers of watercolors, inks, and a white signo pen using the flower of life stencil.

Next I layered on some texture paste with the throat chakra stencil and made the texture bubble up by spot heating it with my heat gun. 

I just love making this texture with the modeling paste. In the past I had used some fluid acrylics, but I wanted to make the throat chakra blueish so I used inks and shimmer sprays to create some lovely layers and depth.

Just look at all of those delicious colors and textures! Yum! 

Here is the finished 6x6 canvas.

How do you like to expand your design when creating new pieces in a series?

Love, light, and creativity, 

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

I have had chakras on my mind. I created a lovely collection of pieces that I can't wait to share with you :) I took a scrap of wood from my old job and laid down some rainbow colored watercolors, and then layered them with some distress inks and the flower of life stencil. 

Next I used some texture paste  and the pocket stencil chakra series to create 3D chakras on top. I used my heat gun to dry the paste and as you dry it the texture will inflate, puff up, and round out. I sponged on some black fluid acrylics and then used some Inka Gold to add some sparkle and metallic. I finished off the design by adding some white inks and the chakra 2 pocket stencils.  Next I screwed in some hooks so I had a pretty jewelry holder :D

I even took a little video of the shelf since it was too pretty not to capture all of the details :)

Now you know one can't have a pretty jewelry holder with no jewelry, right? So I decided to make some pretty shrink plastic chakra pendants with the chakra 1 and 2 pocket stencils to match!

I turned them into very simple necklaces on a thin waxed cotton cord. They are so dainty and pretty. They are so light you barely feel them on, so they are perfect for your new everyday jewelry. You can find these in my facebook group. Oh and I even took a video of the jewelry with the shelf.

What do you do to stay in your zen space?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

I am so excited about this post since I have been on such a roll with art since my new 4x6 pieces I did for first Friday.  I started out working on this piece from a 4x6 piece I used to save some of my dylusions ink sprays from the back side of my stencil. There was so much ink that would be wasted so I used some 4x6 pieces of watercolor paper I had to pick up the excess inks. I used to kind of not like this stuff because it does pick up the back layer when you try to paint over it, but when I did these next pieces it really was just perfect and now I kind of want ALL of the dylusion ink sprays, lol.  

Here are the 4x6's I used as a base with the Buddha eyes stencil.

I used the dylusions "ground coffee". I started out by filling in some of the white spots with water colors using a dabbing motion to softly add color. I used 3 different purples and then topped them with 3 purple distress inks and the flower of life stencil.  After that I did some drips down the piece using water from my paint brush rinse jar. As you can see the drips and layers of stencils look awesome already!

Next I used the celestial stencil from the Arabian Nights series with some white ink to create some ghostly layers. Now to brighten up those eyes with some aqua blue.

Then to finish it off I added all of the fine details with some metallic gold paint penned in the pupils of the eyes, the swirl in the middle of the face and on the forehead. I added a few drips of gold since my gold pen leaked when I was outlining some details. Oops! This is mixed-media art so we just call that a "happy little accident" and add things to make it look like it was intended. I finished off the design with a few doodles in black.

Here is the finished piece.

I was so freaking excited with this piece! I just love all of the layers and details. I love how the ink, distress inks, and water colors have such pretty translucent layers. I was so excited about the 4x6 I just HAD to try making a shrink plastic pendant to match!

Here is the pendant before I shrunk it down. I love that you can get a feel for the layers in such a small piece. The piece is about 2.5" before it shrinks down to about 28mm.

Here is how it looks tiny size. So awesome! I even turned it into a necklace and took these necklaces with me to first Friday.

You can see it here with its other friends.

I also made another 4x6 with the other print I had, but I  decided to make this one more masculine feeling. I used reds, oranges, yellows, golds, and blacks with a white ghost layer and the star & cross stencil since it was chunkier.

I am really in love with this one too!

I can't wait to show you what I have in store for my next post. There are just so many elements to the design it needs its own post.

Do your one of a kind designs turn into a series?

Love, light, and creativity,


Hello! Today we are making crystal grid boards using Artistcellar's 12x12 Flower of Life stencil. 

I hope you enjoy the video I created for you!


Hello beautiful souls,

It felt great to get back in the studio, not only for myself, but for my MMM (Mixed-Media Man) as well. There is something really great about getting to create with your love. We decided for our one year anniversary we would have a "One year ARTiversary" and go create in the studio together. I had a nice primed piece of fiberboard waiting for some paints and I got to work with my water colors.


I received the 12x12 Flower of Life sacred geometry stencil in this month's box and I couldn't wait to give it a test drive!

I really love this nice large size for this 12x12 piece. I got some felt tipped paint markers to try out on this fiberboard since it shreds up my Molotow markers, and the paint pens were a hit! They were just perfect for this size stencil and art piece.

We decided to do some live feed streaming from the liveme app which was pretty cool. At one point I had 43 people watching me create!

If you look closely in this photo you can see me taking a photo of Christian working and see me in the video screen on my phone. Christian tried recording from his phone on his end of the table too, but for some reason his recording was 3 columns with lines through it. So weird. I am kinda bummed too because I bet it was cool to see things from each of our perspectives as we worked at the same time. Christian was rockin out the chakra pocket stencils and the square rose sacred geometry 6x6 stencils for his piece.

I just love how Christian's pieces go through so many changes while he works. He does this awesome bumpy paint technique you can see in the square rose photo. I love how he clustered the little chakras as well. Next Christian did some paint layers on top of the inked chakra stencils.

He decided to take it a step further and even do some cut outs!

A little pro tip for making stencil cuts in your canvas is to put the stencil on the backside, trace the image in pencil, and then use an exacto knife to cut it out.

I did some inks on my piece after I did the sacred geometry layer and used the heart chakra stencil.

Christian wanted to do some painted pieces to layer under the chakra cut outs and asked me how I did my watercolor technique. I think it's cute he meshed our styles for this part. The results were pretty amazing!

You can see the hemp flower design peeking out from inside the solar plexus stencil. Here is his piece so far. I can't wait to see how much it continues to change as he continues creating!

So you will just have to stop back next week to see his finished piece and mine as well. I had to stop taking photos of my piece as I got to use the NEW super *secret* stencils that will be hitting the shelves in January! So stay tuned for some more awesome artiness! Until then...

Love, light, and art,