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There is magic in the air, and I see it in the stars. Can you feel it, too?

At times in life when you feel shaken or perhaps a little lost, great comfort can be found in the natural world. The sun, the moon, and the stars are our constants. While there are phases and changes, there is pattern and predictability. There is also light. I need that light. You need that light. We need that light.

For me, part of experiencing that “light” comes through creativity. The stars are out of reach, but a pen and paper can be touched. Paint can be seen, touched, even smelled. Have you smelled the Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints?

Have you felt them? The smoothness of this paint as I spread it across the paper is delightful! (Allow your senses to be activated).

I feel grateful to Lisa at for the wonderful stencils and supplies she carries. Using them is a pleasure. I feel uplifted and in touch with a deeper soul connection when I use them.

Stencils . . . (shown: TEXTures 2 and Hearts and Stars

Paint . . . (shown: Dylusions Blendable Acrylic Paint)

Mixed media layers . . . in a big sketchbook has the potential to let some of that “light” back into your heART.

And before you realize it, you are more grounded. You have a sense of clarity. You are reminded that there is purpose in spending time with yourself, on your creative endeavors.

Believe. Seek. Create. Trust.

Sending love and light to YOU now.


Briana of