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Hello beautiful souls,

Don't you just love those serendipitous designs? I had one of those experiences for this work of art I am sharing with you now. When I use my Dylusions sprays through a stencil I will usually grab a 4x6 piece of watercolor paper and rub the wet stencil on it to use all of the left over ink. I will set it aside for another project. I was creating a little stenciled card for my boyfriend's sister's Christmas gift so I didn't want to waste the excess ink. I began my piece with using the wet sprayed through hemp flower stencil with dylusions sprays: bubble gum pink, and vibrant turquoise. I layered some distress inks with the flower of life stencil and made what my friend told me was called "flower of life 2" (which is the flower of life layered with the hemp flower pattern). I did some outlining with a uniball white pen to make the layering stand out.

I had originally planned to create a circle to make a face, but my face turned out kinda silly so I painted over it all white with some fluid acrylics. I originally saw a moon, so I guess this is the direction I was supposed to go with the design.

I stamped some gray flower of life pattern onto the moon and used some pastels and charcoal pencil to make some dark around the moon. I had remembered that the 1st of the year full moon was in cancer so I had the brilliant idea to take my already cosmic design and work it into the new year full moon. I am a cancer as well so I was pretty excited to create this design idea. I cut out a crab shape with my cricut machine on watercolor paper as well.

I was already really digging the background so I had the idea to make the crab all galaxy colored spattered with stars with some watercolors and acrylic paint. I decided to add the cancer constellation on top with some gold metallic marker and a black outline with a molotow marker.

I wanted to make some of the stars on the crab pop so I added some extra pearly white drops with the white viva decor pearl pen. When I was finished with the crab I bent the paper and curved the body and legs to give them some more dimension and life. I added some big white drops to the center of the hemp flowers and then a few smaller dots to make little stars for the background. The pearl pens absorb some of the super saturated color of the dylusions inks. The inks are seriously one of my very favorite supplies. They are so super saturated, they bleed and blend really beautifully and they have such cool reactions with other mediums. You will want them all, I swear.

I had remembered I had some super sweet little wooden stars that Christian had picked up for an art project awhile back so I sprayed those with several shimmer mist sprays  and hot glued them to the background piece. The stars were SO amazing I decided to also add them to the back of the crab where the stars were on the constellation taking special care to add a large star to Cancer's brightest star.

Since my crab was so curved I needed to find something big enough to lift it off of the paper so I cut 2 make up sponges at the thickest part and used those to raise the design and hot glue it to the base paper. I was thinking I really wish I had a way to enhance the design on a more solid background since it was getting so 3D and realized I had the perfect size piece of wood on which to back the paper. I painted all the sides gold and used some shimmer mist sprays to incorporate the metallics. I added a little saw tooth hanger and a little felt circle to the back to hang the piece. Here is how it looks on our big art wall in our family room.

What are some serendipitous designs you have come up with from extra art scraps?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited about today's project because not only does it make an awesome gift for others - it is also a great thing to make for yourself, and since it's my birthday today - that's what I'm going to do!

This weekend I went antique shopping with my family and I found this incredible vintage book! For this particular book, the pages didn't lay flat quite like I need for the perfect art journal - but I knew exactly how to remedy this. 

First, I started by cutting the cover off of the book. Then, I grabbed some watercolor paper and started making signatures. Just fold each paper in half, then stack 4 papers together. This makes 1 signature. I ended up making 5 signatures total, but only used 4 of them. This is a great way to use up the scrap papers in your studio too! Here, I incorporated a few pages that I had already created with Artistcellar stencils and watercolor

Once I had all my signatures ready, I used an awl to poke 3 holes on each end, exactly 1 inch apart. I did this with all signatures and then also with the covers, make sure not to get my stack out of order. 

Then, I thread a needle with dental floss -- yes, you heard that right! Dental floss. A little unconventional maybe, but it serves as a waxed thread and it's SUPER STRONG. Added bonus, it smells minty. :)

To finish the book I followed the coptic stitch binding technique which allows for the book to lay totally flat !

You can find a ton of great videos on youtube for the coptic stitch method... it's pretty easy and creates an incredible art journal in the end!

Hello beautiful souls,

I am so excited to show off my piece this week! I took my original 4x6 Buddha designs and enlarged the idea to a 12x12 canvas! It is pretty freakin' exciting! Here are the originals so you can see the transition.

I also took an idea from one of my early posts on the AC team when I created my "Labyrinth Lotus" design. Here is the original design:

I really loved how my "Eye See Wisdom in the Stars" piece turned out so I started out with the same techniques by using watercolor  with my dylusions ground coffee spray. I sprayed through the Buddha Eyes stencil and used papers to block out the rest of the paper. Next I used the wet stencil to make mirror images on a few other spots of the watercolor paper to start out my layers.

I also used the Om stencil to help fill in the white space. 

For the next layer I filled in the white spots with some very soft dabbed water colors in some lovely purple and purply-pinks and added some water drips over the ink spray to cause some nice drippy spots.

I love how the drips make such a neat effect.  After that I  inked on top of that layer with some distress inks and the flower of life and hemp flowers stencils.

I added some angelina film in little torn pieces and hit it with my heat gun to make it crinkle. The crinkles really reflect the light and add some awesome texture.

*insert crinkleplasticcu and crinkle plastic all*

I wanted to make the eyes really stand out on The center Buddha so I added some modeling paste and distress inks to add texture and layers.

Now that I had the bottom layer of my piece done, it was time to work on the edges and 3D details.

I began working on the center of the lotus and added layers of acrylic paint, dylusions coffee spray, and viva decor inka gold.

I began working on the petals for the lotus, but tried  a different designs before coming up with this color combination.

I used the Arabian nights stencils and did a different design and color combination on each petal.  These are seriously some of my very favorite stencils! I think I have used them on all of my most recent designs. I wanted the inner petals to have some interest to them as well so I used the flower of life pattern on the inner petals.

I attached my lotus to the center of the canvas bottom just under my modeling paste Buddha eyes so it looked like the lotus was opening up just under them.

OMG so awesome!! I finished up the sides by painting them in the same colors of the canvas with acrylic paints and using the hemp flower stencil to decorate the edges.

Here is my completed piece:

I even took a video so you can really see all of the details on my Instagram. 

How do you incorporate elements of your older designs and combine them to create intricate finished works?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

I've been busy creating art for gifts for friends and having a blast. I also pulled out a piece of art that had sadly been neglected for many months and decided to work on it again. The new "Tibet Series" stencils are set to hit the shelves May15th, and I couldn't be more excited to add them to my newest piece of artwork.

Speaking of pulling out older work and re-working the design I did a little bit of that too. So let's jump on in and take a look, shall we?

I did this flower of life and heart chakra piece awhile back and added some new design elements with the pocket chakra 2 series stencils.

I added the little pocket heart stencil sanskrit symbol and added the flower of life stencil in gold on the sides of the canvas as well. They were just plain black before. I love working on watercolor paper over canvas so I generally cut a watercolor paper large enough to fit my canvas, work my piece, and then back it on a regular canvas. I really love the finished look and flow of the design onto the sides. I like to keep someone's eye moving around the art when I create my pieces. So when I created some new gifts I took this same design style and put it to work. Here are some pieces I created for 2 of my friends.

I also discovered a little "art hack" as  well. I used the new Tibet Series stencil on this last gift I made for a friend so I will just show you the first parts and follow up my next blog with the finished piece. I will tell you it's pretty BA and I can't wait to gift it to my friend that will be moving to Cali this next week. So what is this little hack? Well my friend's favorite colors are green, blue, and orange. As you know adding orange on top of its complimentary color will make brown. Not really what I wanted to do on this piece so I had to get creative. I like to use distress inks and those are distressed by water and more transparent than opaque. I took a layer of white ink and inked through my throat chakra stencil first and dried it. I added my first layer of orange distress ink, but it was still too pastel looking to me.

I went for another layer of orange ink and decided to even add some red to really make that orange intense.

Next I moved onto an older piece of art I started and put down. I was working on a self-portrait "new skool art selfie" and decided this new series of Tibet stencils would be incredible, BUT... I needed to make lots of layers before adding on the new series as the top design. So my idea for this piece was to do a self-portrait of myself sitting inside of a lotus with the chakra designs. If you remember my very first lotus I created when I first joined the AC design team you will start to see my vision.

So my vision was to create a 3-D lotus on the bottom of the art to make it look like I was sitting inside. So before I can get to that part I had to get to work on the base. I started out with using chartres labyrinth series stencil and some black fluid acrylic in a spray bottle. After spraying through the stencil I used the wet spray on the top of the stencil and pressed it in a few places on my piece.

Next I wanted to add some colors so I layered stencils with distress inks. I started out with using the Japanese Geometric series stencils.

I LOOOOOOVE how the hemp flower design turned out with the shifting of the cool colors.

I finished up with using the Sri Yantra 12x12 stencil and this is where I am currently on my piece. I will start adding more 3-D elements at this point and really get more colors and layers going.

What pieces of your artwork have you decided to "upgrade" with some new design styles?

Love, light, and art,


I worked in my art journal this week and by using a few stencils and paint I added to a page I previously worked on. Here are the supplies I used:

You might remember this face from a previous blog post. The facing page was empty and I felt drawn (heeheehee) to it this week. It seemed to me that this facial expression was sad, confused or uncertain. I thought about what words she would like to hear to help with these emotions. The words used in the Creative and Virtues words pocket stencils were perfect positive affirmations to include on my page.

After creating a layered background I used a silicone tool to spread a medium layer of crackle paste in six small sections where I wanted the words to be. When dry I sanded the crackle paste to smooth it and then stenciled the words on top. To create a border around each word I used the Faber-Castell pencils and activated it with water to smudge the graphite.

I wanted to add some personal journaling in black Fude Ballpoint pen but I couldn't come up with my own words. SO many things are happening in our world right now and I am still thinking of how I can express my feelings about it. Right now the stenciled words are enough for me.

I hope you can make time to create in your art journal this week!​