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Hello Everyone! I have a question for you today. How much joy will you allow yourself? Whether this time of year is joyful or stressful, I believe there are ways to add MORE JOY into your experience. Let that idea simmer for a moment. How might you allow in more joy?

One thing I love to do is paint paper. The experience is hard to describe, so I hope you’ll just try it out for yourself. With the mixed media supplies available these days, and all of the wonderful products here at Artistcellar, painting paper is delightfully surprising, invigorating, and dare I say, blissful!

I’d like to share a few techniques you might want to try.



I decided to do multiple techniques on one large sheet of paper. I enjoyed playing; turning the paper, seeing how different supplies interacted with one another, etc. You may wish to do one technique per paper, if you are a more linear thinker.

First, you’ve got to choose some stencils. I am using the Arabian Nights Series Stencils by Artistcellar.

Next, choose a few paint colors. I am using Postbox Red, Fresh Lime, Bubblegum Pink, and Vibrant Turquoise of the Dylusions Blendable Acrylics.

Now it’s time to get painting that paper!

Technique no. 1:

Using a cosmetic wedge, apply paint through parts of the stencil in one color, and then add a second color.

Technique no. 2:

Spray through a stencil with Dylusions Spray Ink.

CAUTION: These sprays are unpredictable. Be sure to protect your work area with newspaper or work inside a cardboard box.

 Technique no. 3:

Use a plastic card to scrape paint over various areas of your paper. Watch and see what happens as you scrape over spray ink or other paint colors.

I have got to put a plug in for these paints, when it comes to painting paper. I use a lot of different brands of acrylic paint in my work. There is definitely something unique about the layering effects you can get, using the Dylusions Blendable Acrylics. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Technique no. 4:

Use a wax crayon to create subtle texture by making a rubbing of a stencil. You do this by placing the stencil underneath the paper, and use the side of the crayon on the top of the paper. The stencil texture then shows through to the surface of the paper.

Continue playing around until your paper is full, or your heart feels content.

Enjoy playing with colors and art supplies. Make your soul sing!

TIP: When this painted paper is held up to light, or placed in a well-lit window, the paints have a glowing effect. It sort of reminds me of stained glass, but it’s paper!

May you feel, experience, and allow MORE JOY, perhaps through creating painted paper gift wrap, or some other way.

Sending Blessings and Peace to you,

Briana of


At this time of year our thoughts naturally gravitate to those we care about and how we can make the Holidays sparkle just for them. And there is no better gift, in my opinion, than one you make yourself. I recently picked up a lovely white silk scarf and took design inspiration from the Artistcellar Chakra Pocket stencils for my next Team project.

A close friend has been attending an annual women’s retreat for the last twenty-five years. For her, it is a time to reflect and rejuvenate. As they have the numerous opportunities to meditate throughout the weekend, I wanted to give her something special to take along the next time she attends.

I started the project by spraying repositionable adhesive on to a piece of poster board. When sufficiently tacky, I carefully unrolled the scarf. I have found that this is a great method of keeping fabric in position, allowing you to work without worry.

The Artistcellar pocket stencils are the perfect size for so many projects. The Chakra stencils performed perfectly. I placed each one under the other in the correct position. I was delighted that this formation easily covered half of the scarf, just as I intended. I applied the associated colours to the correct Chakra from violet to red. Once each colour dried I stenciled the Halftone Dots with abandon in an array of acrylic colours moving from cool purples to fiery scarlets and every shade in-between. Adding sparkle and magic I sponged on gold and bronze dots down the length of the scarf.

Once complete, I slowly peeled the scarf from the poster board. I was happy to see the acrylics bled through leaving each side equally bright and visually pleasing. The scarf still maintained a soft and airy feel to the touch, a quality I love about silk.

While creating the scarf, the Chakras allowed my senses to experience the beauty of serenity and peace. This is the gift I wish to offer my friend…even just for today.