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So, it’s December. If you are celebrating any holidays this month, there are two things you might want to carry with you in your pocket, or in your heart. Those two things are the words, “Hope” and “Grace.” May it be so.

Today I am making some cards on watercolor paper, using the Artistcellar Virtues Words Pocket Stencils.

I intend to use these cards as gift tags, or as a surprise element inside gifts given.

Here’s what I did.

Step 1: Use a one-inch wide dry brush to drag some watercolor paint across the page.

Step 2: Put some of your favorite acrylic paints on a palette.

Step 3: Use a cosmetic wedge to apply paint through the Virtues Words stencils.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, use a paper slicer to create your cards. I measured the Virtues Words Pocket Stencils, and they are 2.5 x 3 inches.

Step 5: Once the word cards are cut out, use stamps and your left over paint to decorate them!

As you can see, I tried a variety of stamps, and pattern making on the cards, using the left over paint. For the stamps, I prefer the StazOn brand stamp pads.

And to express my feelings a little further, I used up the rest of the paint on my palette in my art journal.

I just love art, don’t you?!

Thanks so much for being here and reading this post.

I am sending you blessings, peace, and warm wishes.

In Gratitude,

Briana of