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Hello everyone!

My name is Amanda and I'm excited to have a spot as a guest blogger on Artistcellar's blog! I was lucky enough to get today - Friday the 13th as my date, so we all know what my theme is going to be!

I started with a quick sketch of a cat skull. Then started playing around with some Artistcellar stencils.

I started by using the stencils in the Sacred Hearts Series. I thought the heart with crown looked amazing over the cats head.

Since I just wanted the heart and crown, I just traced them out, and moved on the the next part. This is where I spent most of my time. I couldn't make up my mind on which parts of which stencil I wanted to use. In the end I changed out the crown here and added it else where while keeping the heart and adding the rays to other sections.

This is what I love most about stencils. You can mix and match to your hearts content! Which is just what I did.

I am personally a layers and texture kinda girl, so I quickly moved on to laying down some masking fluid and extra thick gesso with the Tiny Circles stencil. Cause omg! Nothing is better than tiny circles!

After airing out my room (cause you don't know stink till you have used masking fluid!) and letting everything dry I started playing with colors!

I used mostly water colors with a touch of acrylics and my favorite stand by Gelatos - I used the light green in the Bright collection to add some dimension to the kitty's eyes.

As I mentioned I used mostly watercolors for this art journal project. And well, watercolors and I are still learning how to play nicely with each other. So one of the tricks I picked up is using a Sharpie pen to trace out what I don't like.

You can see what I mean in the next two pictures.

In the first picture you can see the purple color right up against the cat's ear, in the second, nearly all gone! Yeah you can still see some of it, but it's not as noticeable.

When all is said and done, it was a couple of hours of fun playing with stencils and colors on a relaxing afternoon. I hope you have a spooky Friday the 13th!

It’s almost a new year, and I don’t know about you, but I had a really difficult time choosing a planner. There are so many options these days. Sometimes too many options feels stifling, do you know what I mean?

Today, I’d like to share an idea on how to “artify” your planner of choice. Of course, you’ll have to consider the type of paper the planner contains, but most of the following techniques work for a variety of papers, even composition notebooks.

Suggested Supplies:

Technique No. 1: Watercolor Paint and Water-soluble Markers

Use watercolor and water-soluble markers to highlight words or sections of the planner pages.

Technique No. 2: Water-soluble Markers and a Waterbrush

When you make marks with a water-soluble marker, and then use a waterbrush to move the color around, you end up with a nice variation of light and bright areas.

After you use the waterbrush with the marker, you can make a few subtle sweeps on another page to add a little color (see right side of above image).

Technique No. 3: Acrylic Paint

Scraping acrylic paint is one of my favorite techniques. I love the vibrancy of the color and the layered look. I also love to write on top of scraped acrylic paint. There is just something wonderful about the texture.

TIP: Matte acrylic or paint that is meant for layering, like the Dylusions Blendable Acrylic, would be best to work with. Golden paint can be too sticky, thick, and glossy when dry.

TIP: Use more than one color to get some variation on the page. (Above I used a pink and a red.)

I have the January pages prepped, and I love how the color peeks through the edges of the planner. Just imagine how colorful it will look by December! I am excited to see it.

Additional ideas to “artify” your planner:

Use rubber stamps and colorful ink pads (or try water-soluble markers on your stamp)

Use colored pencils

Use water-soluble colored pencils and a waterbrush

Use stencils and acrylic paint

Apply color with Tim Holtz Distress Stains

Doodle with micron pens or Sharpie pens (the kind that does not bleed through)

TIP: Prep your pages one week or month at a time, so they are ready when you need them! This could be a simple creative practice that helps you use your art supplies and your planner!

Many Blessings to you as we enter the New Year!

-Briana of

Hello again my lovely lovelies!

This will be my last post from Wisconsin! I am sad that as usual my visit has gone by so fast.

When I am home I spend a lot of time with my family and we spend a lot of time outside. The beauty of my home (to me) is unmatched and I have lived and visited many places. We are surrounded by nature and creativity runs through all of us in our own ways. 

That is why I would like to show you some art from my nephew, and how he used the mineral paper I brought with me! He has a page over on facebook called Corpse cove art studios and lately he has been playing with spray paint! 

These are the 3 pieces he created using spray paint and mineral paper.

He is self taught using spray paint like this, learning by watching videos on YouTube and facebook. Also another shocker, these pieces were created one week after trying this medium for the first time. His talent amazes me!

As for myself I have been enjoying the nature around me. Just as a recap, my travel supplies I used are as follows:

There is a doe on my dad's property that has twins! I have been trying to get pics but the window screens keep getting in the way, and if I open the door they scatter. So instead I decided I would paint one if the fawns, I think she turned out pretty cute!

What many people forget about this area of Wisconsin is that we have a lot of rocky bluffs sticking out in our landscape. I wanted to make a quick entry in my journal just to record the colors of the day. I love how the rocky peaks clash with the blue of the sky and the green of the woods.

Another one of my favorites in the area are the Sandhill cranes that are found all around this area with their young this time of year. I would get you a picture but last year when I tried a mad mama crane chased me in the truck for about 2 miles when I got too close to her chick. So I don't do that anymore! Lol. I wanted to get a detailed head in there and since I used my small journal I couldn't really fit any babies in.

I hope you have enjoyed my journal art as well as the amazing talent of my nephew!

Big hugs and mushes to you!

Shana Banana

Hello my lovely lovelies! I am so happy to share this week! I am home in Wisconsin to visit my awesome family like I do every year.

I always bring art supplies with me and this year I brought my Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box, my Sakura water brush, Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelles and two art journals, one a homemade with watercolor paper, and the 2nd my Strathmore  with mixed media paper.

When I am home I just create to keep flow going, I don't go about trying to get a style. I just paint or draw things around me, with the landscapes here it's easy to be inspired. Sometimes my Daddy and I just hang out and have beer summits so I decided to record that in my journal! It's always Pabst Blue Ribbon and always served in my favorite bass can cooler.

Other times we go for drives and end up driving home with the sunset, the colors are so vibrant that I can't do them justice because they are so bright they don't look real.

Or other times I just doodle away, my favorite doodle this year is this pretty fairy girl.

All of these quick pages started with a sketch with Graphite Aquarelles and then I activated the pencil using the Sakura water brush with watercolor and without. These are by no means glorious works of art, but they are bits of time that I cherish recorded in my journal.

I will be back in Arizona before my next post so I will have a video to go with it! Thank goodness for cell phones so I could share with you!

Big hugs and mushy stuff to you my lovelies!