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Hello Artistcellar friends,

This journal page started - and then sat around … not wanting to become anything for a while. But then, the path became clear - I guess sometimes I just have to listen!

So, first I started with one of the stencils from the lovely Labyrinth series.

Those stencils are wonderful - labyrinth and you don’t have to construct it!

I picked the ‘soft-curved’ one - it reminds me of a brain - don’t know why, but it just does =P (This one is called Crete.

Tracing the stencil with a pen some pink ink - and not really knowing where to go from here …..

And so it sat …. waiting …. until I saw this image on the cover of a digital magazine - and bam - the spark was ignited!

Using the same Crete stencil again, I added some texture to the page - I wanted the texture to be around her head space, so I off-set the texture labyrinth into the top left corner.

I next I added a light layer of gesso over the page - mainly to tone the ink down a bit. But as ink does what it does (and wants) the pink is coming through the gesso quite strong.

I sketch the my inspiration image on the page with graphite. As the image was perfectly sized for my needs, I traced the outlines using graphite paper and then flushed the sketch out with a blue pencil.

I block in the background and the main shapes.

See how the ink is still coming through - as ink will do.

I move on to refining the painting, adding shadow and light values to give the figure more dimensions and refining the birds.

And after a few layers of paint, even the ink fades into the background.

And I find my way out of the labyrinth … listening to the birds =)

Until next time, 




Greetings, Everyone!

This week I am still thinking in rainbows, as my research into the seven main chakras continues.

I recently purchased the latest book by Elle Luna called, Your Story is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice. It is a much needed book, reminding me about how patriarchy impacts my life.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

And in the first pages, I saw this, and gasped!

I fell in love with this rainbow labyrinth and was inspired to reach for the Artistcellar Labyrinth Series stencils.

Here’s what I used:

Here’s what I made:

Using the Artistcellar Labyrinth: Chartres Stencil

And I tried it again using the Prang watercolor:

Here’s what I made using the Artistcellar Labyrinth: Crete stencil.

Here’s what I made using the Artistcellar Labyrinth: Anasazi stencil.

Here’s what I learned:

I could’ve been more careful, as to not let the watercolor seep underneath the stencil, and that makes for cleaner edges.

The Mermaid Markers were easier to use, as they were not as wet as watercolor, water, and a paintbrush.

In closing:

May you enjoy creating some rainbow art this week, or sometime soon!

Plus, I encourage you to take a look at Elle Luna’s new book!

All of my best,

Briana of