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Would you like to hear my best-kept secret? Children’s art supplies, in combination with professional art supplies, are wonderful for mixed media artists.

There, now you know.

Today, I am sharing an easy tutorial that will add color, scent, and fun to your creative endeavors.

Supplies Used:

Step 1:

Place the Bodacious Pods stencil on a piece of watercolor paper.

Use the Mr. Sketch markers to loosely fill in the spaces of the stencil.

Enjoy the scents as you go!

Step 2:

Spritz the marker and stencil with water.

Use a paper towel roll to soak up extra water before removing the stencil from the paper.

Step 3:

Remove the stencil and see what you’ve got.

Step 4:

Place the Marked Series stencils all around the rest of the paper.

Color in some of the spaces with more colors from your Mr. Sketch scented markers set.

Step 5:

Spritz the stencils and marker with water.

Use the paper towel roll to soak up extra water, if desired.

Lift the stencils and take a look at the paper now.


Step 6:

Draw some wobbly rings around the pods stencil.

Spritz them with water.

Step 7:

Let the paper dry and then bask in the wonder of water spritzed over Mr. Sketch markers.

Step 8:

Use your watercolor paper as a journal cover, mail art, or tip into your art journal. A white gel pen would like great over some of those dark areas, would you agree?


Thanks for being here! May you have a wonder-filled day!

Blessings to you,

Briana of

It feels like forever since I wrote for you my little squishy friends!

As you know I was able to go to Art Unraveled and play with stencils all day with the lovely Lisa and her daughter! Jealous? You should be, it was a blast! 

I do feel a bit guilty though! I didn't take any pictures while I was there, I was having so much fun playing with paints and stencils and the wonderful groups of creative people coming around to get some the awesome stencils, I didn't have time to walk around!

I have been a bit distracted for a bit, I have done some recording but not any editing, so I figured I would just load you up with a bunch of pages I have done in my journals using some of the stencils here at Artistcellar along with the Dina Wakley paints!

The 1st two I actually completed at Art Unraveled! I just used the pages to show people samples of how the stencils looked and I just continued to layer until I saw something that needed to come out!

I may actually come back to the lady in red. In the future she may need a background.

The 3rd and 4th pictures are pages that I haven't shared yet, I just love playing in my journal!

I think my favorite is the macaroni and cheese page, the very 1st time I saw the Commas stencil from the Marked Series I knew I had to do a Macaroni and Cheese page!

and the final page I did I wanted to challenge myself by doing a 2 tone spread; I like to do this because it makes me stop thinking so much! I love the Boy Genius stencil so much and I don't use it enough so I decided to use it as flowers in this one, along with a stencil from the Playful Pods series. The blue background I used stencils from Sacred Geometry 2, and you can see the X's from the Marked Series, I also used Tracks from the Marked Series for the fence!

Well I hope you like looking at a few of the pages I have done in the last 2 weeks!

Big hugs and Mushy stuff!!

- Shana Banana!


A few nights ago I was reading the May/June issue of Somerset Studio Magazine and first I saw Diana Trout's article. Then Lynne Perella's, then Renee Stein's, and of course featured artist Jessie Chorley with her little hand stitched journals. The whole issue was chock full of fabulous projects (I won't even start on the wax/encaustic projects!) Well, I have a ton of "open" projects and the last thing I needed was to start another big project that I probably won't finish. Enter the ATC! (Yup, arting just ONE ATC at a time!)

After reading these articles, my hands started to Itch to Stitch something. Not a lot, just a small project. So I grabbed my little IKEA bag with my fabric scraps I used at a class I took with Jane Lafazio, ripped some ATC size fabric and went to work. The fabric I used for the top was some I hand dyed and then painted over using Lynn K's Marked Series stencils, both the X's and O's. The X's were painted with a metallic silver paint, the O's with an iridescent paint. I also used the Quasicrystals Infra for those small gold dots. I do have a piece of batting in between, cut a little smaller than the ATC.

I wanted the X's to stand out. They represent Kisses, right? So I outlined them with a simple running stitch in a red embroidery thread. I picked a few dots and put yellow French Knots over them. And to hold the layers together I decided on a... heck, I don't know what the stitch is called, but instead of a running stitch, I decided on a ladder type stitch all around the edge. It gave it a bolder outline. The edges are natural and frayed, the stitches are imperfect and crooked, - just like me!

The backing fabric is a piece I did in Jane Lafazio's class, where she had us journal on the fabric, then rip it into the pieces we wanted to use. I think I talked about the fabric being the very first one I dyed, back when I did a lot of that stuff. (I have bins full to prove it!)

So the project took about an hour to finish (since I knew where all my supplies were and didn't have to go hunting!) and it satisfied my urge to stitch something. Until the next magazine, or FB post, or book comes out! (So much inspiration, so little time...)

I hope you like my little project and try something like this when you feel the urge to make something but don't have a lot of time. ATC's are perfectly sized canvases for little "Art Snacks." Leave a comment, leave some love!