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I am very excited to share this simple but useful project with you. If you don’t know me and my art, you don’t know that I infuse everything with a dose of spirituality. 

I needed a grid plate for something I was planning and thought that this main stencil from the Sacred Geometry 2 series would be perfect (I used the Metatron’s cube stencil).

I used a 6x6in cradled wood panel as my surface and prepped it with two coats of gesso first. Each layer was carefully thought about, both regarding the stencil itself and the colors associated with it.

I used the Sea Foam stencil from the Water series with red spray paint. To me, it symbolizes flow and connection.

Working in layers like this, you really need to let everything dry before moving on to the next one. After this was dry, I used one of the Old World Map stencils, one with the smaller spaces. This symbolizes all the possible pathways towards abundance. Gold is associated with abundance, so I use a gold spray with it.

Now is a story of trial and error. I placed the Metatron’s Cube stencil and first used regular gesso. I applied it with a makeup sponge.

However, the result was not up to my expectations. It happens and it’s okay. I dried it with my heat gun before placing the stencil back over, and used extra heavy gesso instead. Much better! Why? it created a more textured effect, and it was more opaque as well. I used my Catalyst tool for it, but a palette knife would be perfect as well.

If you’re like me and you love texture, try this: apply heat with your heat gun until bubbles appear (it’s the plasticky nature of gesso that allows this effect to happen.) You can also let it air dry normally.

Green is another colour we associate with abundance. I picked several shades of ink sprays and just had fun applying them. I could have used green and gold as well.

To finish it, I used the same gold spray to pain the sides and applied some varnish on top.

Do you use crystals? Which one is your favorite? I hope you’ll be inspired by these Sacred Geometry stencils (there are two series of them in the shop) to make a crystal grid or simply a beautiful mixed media canvas for your space.

More photos :

Till next time, 


Hello beautiful souls,

Sometimes you just need some new clothes because you are tired of the same old stuff, that and you have not found a style out there like something you could make yourself. I bought this t-shirt with the intention to paint on it for Christian and finally got to it. I started out with the star and cross stencil for my glow-in-the-dark layer.  I will admit this is the HARDEST layer to see since it's almost transparent. I did 2 layers of fabric paints to make sure I had a nice solid glowing layer. I checked my progress with a black light to make sure I didn't have a week blurry looking layer.  I also botched getting the design even an I didn't end on the box shape of the stencil so I have one extra line on the right side of the shirt (Oops!). I also had to repeat the stencil 3 times to make the back design to finish the block shape.

Next I used the Metatron's cube stencil with black paint since it's the central design for the shirt.

I used tape to secure the stencil and keep it from shifting as I worked. I wanted to accent some more symbols on the shirt so I chose the pocket chakra stencils. I laid out a few designs to see how I wanted to use the chakras and decided I wanted the root chakra in the center of the cube.

Here is the finished shirt design.

I wish I could have gotten a better photo of how awesome the shirt glows, but you can kind of get the idea here.

How do you keep your wardrobe exciting by making art?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

Who doesn't like to upcycle and wear art? This fun little project will help you give some new pizazz to your wardrobe. To start out I took an awesome tie dye shirt I scored at the Goodwill outlet here in Kansas City, Missouri. They have them all over, and I would HIGHLY recommend checking them out for some super fun treasure hunting and super cheap deals! First I took a tie dyed shirt I got from the outlet and cut the shirt across the length of it making the bands about 4".  Once you cut across the shirt you will need to cut the band up the middle to make a long strip. Wash and dry the pieces of fabric. The cotton will naturally curl over itself making a nice edge with no sewing. First I pinned my blank dread band on a hemp knotting board covered in a few plastic bags so the fabric paints don't seep through the board and make the fabric stick to it.

Next I sprayed the base with some fabric paint in water to make glittery gold sprays.

I used a heat tool to dry in between layers.  Next I used the hemp flowers stencil and used: yellow, lime green, and blue to make a nice layer of "stars" on my base layer using thin layers of fabric paint with a make-up sponge.

I added in some spatters of glow in the dark, and white to make my starry galaxy background.

I finished up the design by using the metatron's cube stencil with some black fabric paint.

Here is the finished dread headband.

The fabric paint will be dry to the touch after a short while, but it needs a full 48 hours of drying before the paint is set fully. You can wash and dry it on low heat after that, but I would recommend washing it on delicate and letting it line dry.

How do you like to wear your art?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Wow! It is a little hard to believe that we are right on the edge of 2017. Where did that year go? I don't know about you, but I am excited about closing the chapter of this year, turning the page, and starting anew in 2018. 

With the New Year right around the corner I have been doing a lot of planning and goal setting and thinking about what I want to focus on. One of the goals that I have set is strengthening my knowledge and practice with tarot and runes! 

Runes are very, very new to me. A friend just recently gifted me my very first set! Today, I wanted to transform a little canvas pouch into a nice rune bag. You could also use it for tarot cards - or even things like pencils, pens, makeup... anything you could ever need a little bag for. 

I knew I wanted the bag to be really brightly colored, so I reached for Marabu Art Spray in "Red Orange" and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in "Marmalade" to pair with my well loved Artistcellar stencils.

Stencils used: 

To finish off, I incorporated some DecoArt Media Mister in Carbon black with the Sacred Geometry 2 stencil and the Third Eye Chakra stencil. I like that the black adds some nice contrast against the bright background.

Then, for extra shine and GLITTER (!!!) I added Ice Stickles Glitter Glue in "Orange Peel". 

I LOVE THIS BAG! How can one resist taking a peek at what's inside?

What are your goals for 2018? Is there anything new you want to learn? (Perhaps you would like to join me in a year-long exploration of Tarot/Oracle and journaling? I'm teaching in Pull Pen Paint 2018! For more information, visit:

Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever just create that piece of art and when you are done you can't believe you even made it? Well this was one of those times for me. I am so excited about all of the parts of this piece and the finished product. I had a few snafus, but managed to work them out into the design. So let's jump on in, shall we? 

I started out with some watercolor paper and some of my caran d'ache crayons to start the galaxy base.

I then worked the top layers and side layers. I decided to add some white tissue paper with holographic flecks for funzies. It worked out well to cover the textured sides of the canvas and allowed the watercolors to lay on it nicely.

Next I got down on some stencils and distress inks along with some silver outlining and white star flecks. I used the metatron's cube stencil to create the shapes in the background.

I added some flecks of glow-in-the-dark paint as well so I had some stars that glowed in the dark as well as look pretty in the light.  I was admiring the glow on my canvas, but clumsily knocked my water jar over my canvas and washed away a portion of my design.

I also somehow managed to get a lime green paint drop on the canvas. It's a good thing I like green and managed to make the design work by adding some more lime paint drips to tie it into the design. 

Next I worked on embellishments and 3-d pieces for the design. I used my fancy pants cricut machine to cut out these luna moth shapes. I took a photo of a real moth and worked it in Inkscape to make a digital image for my cricut machine to cut. See, not just a pretty face! I was out of all of my thinner watercolor paper so I had to get creative on making an already painted on paper work. I decided to paint the moth backs in black, and metallic silver to cover up the painted parts.

Next I used some silver ink and my flower of life stencil to make the backs of my moths fancy.

On the front I was just going to do a simple design, but wound up trying to make them look more realistic. I even used some shimmer watercolors to give the wings some sparkle.

I even added a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint to the top of them so the glow as well.

I also cut out a Metatron's cube shape with my cricut machine and painted it in layers of metallic shimmers.

I wanted to add some moons too so I cut out a large full moon and 2 smaller crescent moons. I painted them all white and shimmery and then added some silver flower of life stencil outlined in black.

Oh, and I sure did add some glow-in-the-dark paint to the moons too.

So remember those accidental drips? Well you can see the first big one here, and then the rest on the full piece.

Ok, are you ready?!?! Here is the finished piece! Here is a close-up of the center with the full moon, moths, and metatron's cube.

Here is the full finished piece in all its glory.

I even took an insta video to capture all of the details. 

How have you taken a mistake and made it into a design? What is your proudest art piece to date?

Peace, love, and art,


“Aspire, Advance, Achieve” - Society of Women Engineers

Math. Just hearing the word still sends shivers down my spine, even with years as a cushion between my high schools classes and the present day. But the least scary for me of this abstract science of numbers, quantity, and space was Algebra. As a person who struggled dismally with geometry, for some bizarre reason, the algebraic symbols made sense. Although I won’t say I was enamored by my Algebra classes, at least I didn’t thoroughly dread them. There was something satisfying in solving the simple equations of elementary algebra.

Recently I decided to review my collection of instructional DVDs. Like going back to school for a refresher course, I began with Seth Apter’s “Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal”. There are so many DVDs on the market, but in my opinion, Seth’s instruction is truly one of the best. His relaxed step-by-step style and proclivity for using “low tech” materials make his projects fun and a great learning experience. By encouraging you to “make it your own” surprising and unique results are always a possibility. So with supplies at the ready my project began.

Inspired by Seth’s instructions, I attached a page from an old Algebra book to a sheet of watercolour paper in my Strathmore Visual Journal using matte medium. When dry, I masked off a few equations on the page with torn Post It notes.  I then framed the page with Waterfall Green pearlescent liquid acrylics, leaving the center free for a transparent wash of Brilliant Orange mixing acrylics with an equal amount of glazing fluid. 

A technique I haven’t used in ages, but is always fun, is “inking” the rough side of corrugated board. At Seth’s suggestion, my packing box discards produced the most interesting series of lines when infused with white gesso. 

I had been gifted some time ago with the lovely vintage photo of four Victorian women. With the layers of texture and colour taking shape, I knew this would be a special background just for them. I like to think of the women as engineers, creatively collaborating on a project. And their inspiration absolutely had to be the Artistcellar stencil Metatron’s Cube form the Sacred Geometry 2 Series. Incorporating every shape in the Universe, this certainly could be all the motivation they would need. To help them along, I surrounded the women with a series of rubber stamped numbers…the tools of their trade. 

The word Algebra derives from the Arabic al-jabr, meaning "The reunion of broken parts". Journaling is a wonderful way to reunite fractured thoughts and feelings. Taking a new class or reviewing an inspiring DVD is equally as rewarding. And there is nothing better than sharing new techniques and discoveries. 

I suppose the spirit of Algebra is still with me...and perhaps all of us... as we aspire to find the balance hidden within our broken parts.


  • Sacred Geometry 2 Series 
  • Matte Medium
  • Mod Podge – Sheer Orange
  • Golden Glazing Fluid
  • Gesso
  • Daler Rowney FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Waterfall Green
  • Plaid Brilliant Orange
  • DecoArt Desert Turquoise
  • Reeves Metallic Copper
  • Post It Notes
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Stamp Pad
  • Natural Sponge
  • Paper Towels
  • Corrugated Board
  • Strathmore Mixed Media Journal Watercolour
  • Vintage Paper and Images

Hello beautiful souls!

Do you ever just look at something on your table and decide it needs to be made into art? That's what happened with this lamp. I had so much fun doing my galaxies I decided to work on a lamp using the Metatron's cube stencil.

I had some fun with some distress inks, and some fabric spray. I love how the wet spray reacted with the inks. As you can see the lamp looks different when illuminated and when it's dark.

The colors and details are much prettier with the light off, although I had to take this photograph with lots of lights on to capture the photo. So it's a bit better looking with just the single lamp lit. I added some spatters of white for stars and some glow in the dark spatters for it to glow when not lit as well.


I am not totally done with the lamp yet as I'm trying to decide what it needs next to look great illuminated and dark. I think I will probably go for adding some fabric painted images and some more glow in the dark embellishments. The lamp inspired a few more ideas which is pretty exciting!

I dug out an old shirt and decided to make some dread headbands by cutting across the length of the shirt and then cutting up the back to make a nice long soft band.  I took out the chakra pocket stencils and used fabric paints to apply the design.

I learned it takes VERY little paint to use on the tiny details of the stencils. You can see where my paints bled under the stencil. I fixed this problem by using less paint and a make-up sponge and stamping on top of a glass plate so that the surface was very flat and couldn't get wet (my table cover is packing paper which absorbed some moisture and curled).  Next I went for adding the pocket sanskrit characters on top of the chakras in a glittery gold. As you can see the gold was not bold enough to stand out on it's own. I tried to wet the fabric and remove it, but that didn't work so I had to get creative.

I decided to use black to apply the sanskrit characters so it would show up better. Again, I realized just how little paint I needed to use for the stencils so it didn't get blurry.

Here is how the band will look worn. You wrap it around your head like a headband, tie it underneath and bring it back around to tie your hair in a ponytail :)

I had so much fun with the first band I wanted to do something even more amazing for the second band. I started out spraying some watered down glittery fabric paint to create some sparkle on the base and then added the flower of life stencil pattern to the background in glow in the dark paint. You can't really see the pattern at all in the light and I couldn't get a good image of it glowing in the dark so unfortunately you just have to take my word that it's awesome! I then applied the crown chakra and third eye chakra stencil in the 6x6 size over the top blending the chakra colors from purples to blues and then indigo to purples. I love using gradient colors!

Next I added the sanskrit pocket stencil design to the centers of the chakra images in black.

So exciting! I can't wait to make more. I need to go pick up some cool tie dyes form the thrift store or make some of my own and add some more stencils.

What creative ways have you used your stencils?

Love, light, and Art,


Hello beautiful souls,

Oh man did I have some fun this past week creating these galaxy pieces. I had the idea to do a moon phase piece on some scrap wood I got from work, but before making the final piece I did a little mini piece of art to "test" the design before making anything permanent. So let's begin, shall we? You know I love me some watercolors so I started with some Caran d'Ache Neocolor II in "galaxy colors".

Next I started my mini 3x3 watercolor and long wood piece and began making the galaxy layers.

I had originally wanted to do some moon phases layered with the flower of life stencil and pocket stencil sacral chakra, but wasn't sure if the design would be too busy.

I finished the little 3x3 test piece. I thought it was really beautiful, but felt like you couldn't really tell there was supposed to be a moon under all of the layers. So when I created the wood panel I decided to only use the flower of life stencil for the moons and skip the chakra overlay.  I just love seeing all of the layers piece by piece and end with the finished art! You can see the layers coming together now! So exciting! Here is the original flower of life panel done with the moon phases.

Omg! So pretty! I thought I should totally keep this one for myself, but I had a new little twist on the design to try out next!

Next I decided to do the same galaxy design, but add some of metatron's cube stencil to the background to add a little more sacred geometry to the design!

I really like my design to flow around the sides and keep your eyes moving over the piece so I stenciled every side with some distress inks in similar colors to the background taking care to alternate the colors underneath with an opposite color on top. I love how the colors blend in some places and stand out in others.

Here you can see the finished piece in all it's glory! It's SOOOO PRETTY!!

Well I was on a roll so I took out another larger square piece of wood and did a 6x6 piece. Here is what the bottom layer looks like created with watercolors, and shimmer watercolors first.

Next I did my inking and stencils with the metatron's cube stencil.

I just love the process and seeing the design come together. I really LOVE this silver paint marker I have. It's nice, "juicy," and super shimmery. Here is the finished piece.

Do they just keep getting more amazing with each piece, or what?! So the next question is which one will remain mine and which ones will I sell?

I also have been enjoying participating in Free Art Friday Kansas City.  In this facebook group the idea is to make your art and drop it somewhere in KC with a photo clue and allow people to collect the art for free. How fun is that?! I live in a pretty awesome part of Kansas City called "Midtown" and "Westport". It's the cool artsy part of town with lots of restaurants, music, and cool shops. My drop last week was at this awesome gay bar down the street from me called "Missie B's". Here is my artwork and my photo clue.

I bet you remember seeing my print design from my past blog posts :D I have been dropping my photos and clues on my Thirdeyegypsys instagram account too for some extra fun.

Do you get  on a roll when you figure out a new design? How do you spread the news of your artwork in your local scene?

Love, light, and creativity,


Hello again!

This week I wanted to experiment with something I've never tried before -- I know, risky, right?

Many years ago I inherited a pendulum from my husband's grandmother. At that time, I didn't really understand what it was so I put it away for safe keeping.

At this stage of my life I'm getting so intrigued by tarot and divination, I decided to pull the pendulum out!  But... I needed a pendulum board. Sure, I could buy one -- but what about an Artistcellar inspired board?!

I started out with a a few small pieces of drift wood from the local craft store and practiced with the wood burning kit on some simple runes. With my background in tattooing, the soldering iron reminded me of a tattoo machine... a little bit different, but same concept right?

Once I felt a little bit confident I moved on to a big chunk of wood, and used an ink pen and the Metatron's Cube from the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry 2 stencil set. 

When I finished inking the stencil design I added a little bit more doodles and then pulled out the soldering iron once again. 

Wood burning for the first time is a bit difficult, and I made quite a few mistakes... however when finished I decided I liked the grungy, not-perfect look of my board and couldn't wait to use it for learning how to work the Pendulum and as a backdrop for tarot pulls!

I find Artistcellar stencils so mystical and inspiring for so much of my work. Another example of this is the Weird Girls Tarot Project that I have been collaborating on with Sarah Trumpp. Together, we are creating a tarot deck one by one. Creating the artwork has been joyous and I have used Artistcellar inspiration in many of them. 

How do you infuse Artistcellar into your magic?!

(To follow along with the Weird Girls Tarot project, click here:

I am also a teacher in an online collaborative art course all about journaling and creativity through Tarot and Oracle! Check out more  about Pull * Pen * Paint, here:

(Edited by Lisa: If you would like to purchase prints of Cristin's tarot card art, you can find them HERE.)

Hello Starshine!

This week we are exploring carving stamps!

It's not as scary as it seems - - if you have the right tools. In the past, I attempted this with the wrong type of rubber piece and a exacto knife. It was a disaster... and it was scary. I didn't look back..

Until I received the box from Artistcellar! The lino cutter is a GAME CHANGER!

Today, I'm going to carve a couple stamps and then turn the stamp "test page" into a mixed media piece!

Supplies Used: