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Hello there my darling lovelies! I have decided to stop planning my art, I am going to make it all play from here on out. This is the 1st piece I have created after this conscious decision was made.

I decided I would go back to a favorite of mine, just throwing paper down willy nilly, covering with paint and texture and see what would happen.

I actually did this piece over 2 days. When I started, I placed paper and thick gesso mixed with DecoArt Media fluid acrylics, to create texture using the Petite Pods stencil from the Playful Pods series and the Fire Coral stencil from the Coral series. I then added drips of a few colors of the DecoArt Media Misters, spraying them with water to make them drip and spider out. I planned on having a vibrant piece, full of bold colors and texture, that is the direction it looked like it was going when I left it to dry!

When I picked it up a few days later I grabbed the Star Coral stencil from the Coral series thinking I would use it with some gesso to soften up some of the hard lines from the edges of the paper. I actually ended up taking the gesso and tinting some turquoise acrylic paint, blending out ALL the paper edges, and toning down all of the bold colors. I then went back with the Star Coral stencil adding more of the random white.

After finishing that step I started to look at the shapes in the background I found the spirit of the painting that wanted to come out. With the colors in place I felt the tranquility of water, and I could see her gazing down peacefully at the surface before I even started to paint her features.

Can you see where I see her?

I used the Generals scribe-all to outline and define her feature, I then used Neocolor II's for additional shadow and color. I then used some acrylic paint in an off white to truly bring out her face.

I also used the muted turquoise along with the Ripples stencil from the Water series to create the water that her hair is touching.

I love how this piece turned out, her face has the peace and compassion and love I imagined she would have.

If you would like to watch my process take a look below and watch from start  to finish!


Big hugs and mushy stuff!