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Hello Creative One!

Have you heard of the chakras or the chakra system of the human body? Even though I have been learning about the chakras off and on for the past fifteen years, a little review is often helpful.

According to the dictionary, the chakras are “(in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body”. There are seven major chakras that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. These seven chakras correlate with our development, as well as our current health and wellness.

Artistcellar so wisely has created a 6 x 6 inch and a pocket set of the Chakra Series Stencils. I love both sets, but today I am using the Chakra Series Pocket Stencils to work on an art journal page.

I am interested in journaling about the chakras, as the creative process of making art and writing down information helps me to remember.

Today, I am working solely on correlating the chakra symbols with their representative colors. They just so happen to be similar to rainbow colors, which is appealing to my eyes.

Once I put the seven circles on my journal page and painted them in with watercolor (see image at the top of this post), I then let them dry.

Next, I used the Chakra Series Pocket Stencils as both a reference from which to draw, and as a template to trace.

I love how the Artistcellar packaging has the stencils labeled for reference, too. That’s so helpful.

So, from the bottom up, we have:



3rdChakra-Solar Plexus-Yellow



6thChakra-Third Eye-Indigo


Next, I wanted to try out the new Neon Watercolor paints I got at Target, so I filled in a light wash around the chakras like so:

Finally, I filled in the other upward angles with a variety of Dye-Na-Flow, Distress Stain, and watercolor paint.

For now, my page is complete. I look forward to continuing my exploration into art journaling the chakras!

May your chakras be well aligned, free flowing, and balanced!

Blessings to you! 

Briana of

Hello beautiful souls,

Sometimes you just need some new clothes because you are tired of the same old stuff, that and you have not found a style out there like something you could make yourself. I bought this t-shirt with the intention to paint on it for Christian and finally got to it. I started out with the star and cross stencil for my glow-in-the-dark layer.  I will admit this is the HARDEST layer to see since it's almost transparent. I did 2 layers of fabric paints to make sure I had a nice solid glowing layer. I checked my progress with a black light to make sure I didn't have a week blurry looking layer.  I also botched getting the design even an I didn't end on the box shape of the stencil so I have one extra line on the right side of the shirt (Oops!). I also had to repeat the stencil 3 times to make the back design to finish the block shape.

Next I used the Metatron's cube stencil with black paint since it's the central design for the shirt.

I used tape to secure the stencil and keep it from shifting as I worked. I wanted to accent some more symbols on the shirt so I chose the pocket chakra stencils. I laid out a few designs to see how I wanted to use the chakras and decided I wanted the root chakra in the center of the cube.

Here is the finished shirt design.

I wish I could have gotten a better photo of how awesome the shirt glows, but you can kind of get the idea here.

How do you keep your wardrobe exciting by making art?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Happy Friday!

I hope that you are having a wonderful week... and now as we wind down into the weekend I have a fun project that will hopefully provide you with relaxing meditation. 

I found some rectangular pieces of wooden chipboard at Michael's this week, and I brought them home and painted them corresponding chakra colors - dark blue, purple, light blue, green, yellow, orange and red. 

Once the paint was completely dry I used the Artistcellar Pocket Chakra stencils, black modeling paste and a palette knife

To finish them off, I added Viva Decor Inka Gold to the edges, and a layer of Gloss Varnish over the top.

On the back, I wrote out the name of each Chakra and their definitions, like so: 

  • Crown - Inspiration, Spirituality, Connection
  • Third Eye - Inspiration, Imagination, Self-Realization, Intelligence
  • Throat - Communication, Creativity, Intuition, Self-Expression
  • Heart - Trust, Compassion, Love
  • Solar Plexus -  Self-Confidence, Emotional Regulation, Ego
  • Sacral - Emotional Identity, Creativity, Pleasure, Sexuality
  • Root - Physical Identity, Ambition, Stability

These cards are beautiful AND sturdy -- so you can refer to them time and time again when in meditation. I recommend keeping them in a special place -- I'm going to keep mine near my crystals!

Hello starshines!

I've had some Dye-Na-Flow inks for quite some time... however, until now I had only ever used it in paintings. I knew they could be used on fabric and I wanted to explore!

I started with a tie-dyed piece of cotton fabric. I bunched the fabric up, rubber banded it and tossed it in a ziplock back. From there I poured in Midnight Blue, Turquoise and Bright Green. I set it aside for about an hour and then pulled it out to air dry. Once completely dry, the fabric can be ironed to heat set the dye. Pretty awesome right?

My discovery doesn't stop there...

I also found that I could use the dye to create sun prints!

To do this I placed the fabric flat on a canvas panel and used a foam brush to add thick layers of the inks to the fabric. While the inks were still wet I placed the new Artistcellar Block stencils on the fabric and took it outside in the sun. I let it sit outside for just about an hour and then brought it in. When I removed the stencils it was like magic!

This technique is SO much fun. It requires just a bit of patience but the payoff is so great.

I loved the results so much I decided to give it another go... this time with an even bigger piece of fabric. After brushing the ink on, I played Artistcellar Blocks stencils and the Chakra series pocket stencils and placed it out in the sun.

This time, when I brought it back inside I added white pearl and black fabric paint with a brush and a Tim Holtz metal embellishment. Then, I grabbed a wooden dowel rod and super glued it to the back of the fabric, and finished it off with a piece of thick string to hang it up. A tapestry!

I love using these dyed fabrics to decorate in my home. They make a perfect pop of color and my personal favorite is using them to help display my crystal collection.