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As a follow-up to my last post about using those stencils in your stash, I thought I would continue the story of how I turned my stenciled and painted paper into mail art! If you look on Instagram at the hashtag #artistcellarstencilchallenge, you’ll see the blank address side of the following mail art cards I am about to share with you. (And it’s not too late to post your art with your unused stencils. We’d love to see what you’re up to!)

Supplies Used:

I facilitated a workshop at our monthly Visual Journal Collective meeting this past February. We meet at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. It’s an awesome and amazing place. If you come to the Twin Cities, you’ve got to check it out. They have an inspiring shop filled with handmade books, zines, cards, pens, books, stamps, paper, and book making supplies.

My purpose here is to inspire you to make some mail art and send it to family, friends, or other mail art fanatics!

Here are the results of the post cards I created:

The above post card is one I sent off as part of the Secret Message Society post card exchange.

Here’s my final post card, which I sent off to one of the participants at the February Visual Journal Collective meeting.

It was pretty awesome to hear that the recipient’s birthday is February 27 (2/27), and the mail art arrived in her mailbox on 2-27. I love such synchronicities, don’t you?

Can you spy the Star Coral stencil in the background of the above mail art post cards? I love stencils soooooo much!

In summary:

Use your stencils and art supplies.
Make someone’s day by sending some art in the mail.
Enjoy your life.

May it be so.

In Gratitude,