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This week I want to share with you what I created with the collage papers I created from my last blog post. Remember these?

Here's what I used:

One more thing before we start. I don't have any process photos (GASP! I know!). I was going along with the creative flow and didn't even realize until I was finished, dagnabbit. But, on the other hand, I do have 12 finished faces to show you!

My process is as follows: In my little Moleskine I pre-gessoed a bunch of pages so the page is ready to go when I am. I decided I wanted to fill this book with faces but before I draw the faces I add a few layers of color onto my page with paint and stencils. Using a foam wedge makeup sponges makes this process easy. While those layers dried I went in with my paint pen (black or white) and drew faces on a few of the pages. (Nope, no pencil first! Just go for it! To make it even more fun I used a continuous line on some of them.) For the other pages I cut face-like shapes from my homemade collage paper and glued them down with matte medium. To review: On some pages I drew a face directly on the stencil decorated background and on others I drew a face on top on collage paper that was cut to a face-like shape and then glued in the book.

Oh look! I do have a process shot! LUCKY!

This shows some stencil layers and collage paper cut to a face-like shape.

Now I just use my imagination and paint the faces fabulous colors remembering to use complementary colors to help make things POP! Don't layer your paint on too thick since you want the underlayer texture created by the stencils to still peek through.

I also add a layer of paint to the backgrounds in some places to make things interesting.

Final steps happen when all the paint is dry. I take my extra-fine black paint pen and trace over my drawing lines again. This smooths the edges of the features and lends it a finished look. I also take my 9xxb drawing pencil to create value and texture.

I'm in love! We'll see how many faces I create with this style/technique before I change it up. I already have plans to make even more of my own collage papers.

Happy creating!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” –Maya Angelou

Hello, hello, everyone! My name is Briana Goetzen. I am thrilled to be a part of the Artistcellar Design Team. I am a multi media artist and Expressive Arts Coach who believes in the power of creative expression. I seek to inspire you to get in touch with your own inner strengths, wisdom, and creativity, so that you may be more whole, more connected, and more true to YOU!

Art supplies (and books) have been my true love since I was a child. As an adult, the world of mixed media has also made my heart go pitter pat. Stencils in particular get me “crazy excited”! Do you know the feeling?

I adore the stencils here at Artistcellar. The quality is superior, and the designs speak to my heart and soul.

Typically, the art I create and teach is with a “process over product” philosophy. This means that I believe getting present and enjoying the process of “playing” is more important than a specific end result. (My goal is less stress, MORE JOY!)

Below is an example of how I work. Imagine me in my messy art studio with a fresh pack of QUASICRYSTALS SERIES stencils. My time is limited, so I quickly grab some paint bottles in colors that please me. I’ve got my paint, stencils, and cosmetic wedges ready.

My process looked like this:

With the “Penrose” stencil from the QUASICRYSTALS set, I used craft acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge. I started from the outside with the bright red-orange, then transitioned to pink. With a clean cosmetic wedge, I switched to dabbing yellow in the center of the stencil. Finally, I added a little lime green on the outside edges of the yellow center.

Excited to try more from the QUASICRYSTALS series, I grabbed a random piece of paper in my art studio. The multi-colored metallic circle (or Ënso) I previously painted, would look great with the “Quasi” pattern inside. Black acrylic paint would create a nice contrast. You can also see I tried a few dots from the “Infra” stencil, over on the right side of the paper. Loving the “Infra” dots led me to experiment with an overall pattern on some deli paper! Again, I am still using black acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge with the stencil.

Pictured below is the deli paper on top of the two previous stencil pieces.

I am an avid art journaler, so I am always trying out new ways to add layers and interesting elements to my pages. Can’t you just see an “Infra” stenciled deli paper flap, attached with some washi tape, over one of QUASICRYSTALS stencils, on a journal page? Yum, yum, yum!

Yes, my process is a little random, but I’d rather be making art than just thinking about making art! Agreed?

Plus, artful play is good for your health! (Remember, less stress, MORE JOY!)

Lastly, I must mention that my other favorite set of Artistcellar stencils is the Signature Series MARKED by Lynn Krawczyk. Below is a picture of the “Tracks” stencil, where I was playing with modeling paste, spray inks, and graphite scribbles.

Thank you for reading this post! I can’t wait to share more Artistcellar goodness with you in the coming months!

I’d like to invite you to subscribe, follow, or peek around my Orange Spiral Arts blog and social media links below. Creative expression can help heal your hurts and transform your life for the better. Express yourself! Be freeeeeeee!

Blessings and Peace,


PS If you are local to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, I offer art workshops for adults on a regular basis around town! If you are states or oceans away, I have some online offerings as well.

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