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Hello beautiful souls,

I'm all about presentation. When I gift I want the gift to be enjoyed, but I also want to create an "experience." I want my gift receiver to enjoy the unwrapping as much as the gift itself. So today I created a pretty gift bag that I upcycled from one of my purchases. They were kind enough to give me a nice kraft colored canvas on which to start. I began with a messy layer of gesso. I have liquitex, but I will tell you through several art projects I noticed the "tooth" on this stuff literally EATS pen tips. No lie... I killed a sharpie in this quick project. So I would highly recommend a nice gesso like what Artistcellar carries instead

Next I grabbed my dylusions sprays in: crushed grape and vibrant turquoise and sprayed them through the seed of life stencil. 

Next I wanted some crackle and texture so I added some deco art media crackle paste through the sacral chakra stencil. When using the crackle paste you just need to let it air dry on it's own and be sure to put down a layer of matte medium so the texture doesn't flake off. I had to wait quite a bit for my piece to dry in the thick spots, but you can see it start to crackle here.

I noticed that the dylusuions sprays leave these really pretty batiky spots on the layer where I sloppily brushed it on the paper. Oooo pretty!

Next I wanted some pretty stars so I used the hemp flower stencil and traced inside with a silver paint pen. My old pen was working perfectly, but it was previously eaten from earlier projects. I had a nice new one ready to use, but as you can see it was super juicy. I had to improvise. I used my poor little navy blue sharpie to make the outlines and then traced a few in silver. Since the silver was too soupy I had to limit my silver design, but liked the subtle outlines as well. I wanted to add some color to my crackle sacral so I used dylusion spray fresh lime, and some glimmer mist. When trying to color the crackle paste it doesn't accept a lot of mediums well so this is just a light coloring so the sacral symbol isn't stark white. 

I did a few drips of fresh lime and let them run down the base of the bag as well. The stencil was pretty wet so I soaked up the excess with a paint brush and then added a little water to the brush to let it drip. I finished by outlining the sacral chakra in a nice metallic gold paint pen and then sealed the project with some krylon spray.  Here is the finished bag.

It's so pretty I almost want to just hang it on my wall. He he. 

How do you dress up your gifts?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea