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Hello everyone!

Currently, a year long journaling/tarot class called Pull Pen Paint is well underway! I'm excited to be one of the guest teachers - but also excited to be a student as well.

I wanted to create a fun insert in my journal. This particular journal is a little strange -  I made it myself and added in elastic so I could have a "travelers journal" feel to go along with it. 

Today, I'm making a fabric insert using ink sprays and Artistcellar stencils!

Artistcellar Stencils used:
I started with a piece of canvas and laid the stencils down in the design I wanted. Then, I used ink sprays through the stencil.
Next, I used some wax linen thread on one of the outer edges, just for a little extra ooomph. To finish, I cut it down to size, and slipped it into my journal!
From here, I can put a little gesso on the inside of the fabric insert, and I can paint on it later - if I want to! I kinda like the inky, grungy design there already. I really LOVE the extra texture of fabric in my journal, and since it's only added through the elastic, I can switch it out as my mood sees fit. 
Want to join us in Pull Pen Paint? Go here ->

Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever just create that piece of art and when you are done you can't believe you even made it? Well this was one of those times for me. I am so excited about all of the parts of this piece and the finished product. I had a few snafus, but managed to work them out into the design. So let's jump on in, shall we? 

I started out with some watercolor paper and some of my caran d'ache crayons to start the galaxy base.

I then worked the top layers and side layers. I decided to add some white tissue paper with holographic flecks for funzies. It worked out well to cover the textured sides of the canvas and allowed the watercolors to lay on it nicely.

Next I got down on some stencils and distress inks along with some silver outlining and white star flecks. I used the metatron's cube stencil to create the shapes in the background.

I added some flecks of glow-in-the-dark paint as well so I had some stars that glowed in the dark as well as look pretty in the light.  I was admiring the glow on my canvas, but clumsily knocked my water jar over my canvas and washed away a portion of my design.

I also somehow managed to get a lime green paint drop on the canvas. It's a good thing I like green and managed to make the design work by adding some more lime paint drips to tie it into the design. 

Next I worked on embellishments and 3-d pieces for the design. I used my fancy pants cricut machine to cut out these luna moth shapes. I took a photo of a real moth and worked it in Inkscape to make a digital image for my cricut machine to cut. See, not just a pretty face! I was out of all of my thinner watercolor paper so I had to get creative on making an already painted on paper work. I decided to paint the moth backs in black, and metallic silver to cover up the painted parts.

Next I used some silver ink and my flower of life stencil to make the backs of my moths fancy.

On the front I was just going to do a simple design, but wound up trying to make them look more realistic. I even used some shimmer watercolors to give the wings some sparkle.

I even added a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint to the top of them so the glow as well.

I also cut out a Metatron's cube shape with my cricut machine and painted it in layers of metallic shimmers.

I wanted to add some moons too so I cut out a large full moon and 2 smaller crescent moons. I painted them all white and shimmery and then added some silver flower of life stencil outlined in black.

Oh, and I sure did add some glow-in-the-dark paint to the moons too.

So remember those accidental drips? Well you can see the first big one here, and then the rest on the full piece.

Ok, are you ready?!?! Here is the finished piece! Here is a close-up of the center with the full moon, moths, and metatron's cube.

Here is the full finished piece in all its glory.

I even took an insta video to capture all of the details. 

How have you taken a mistake and made it into a design? What is your proudest art piece to date?

Peace, love, and art,