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Greetings Everyone!

I am in studio clean up mode, and have been making some amazing art supply discoveries! One of which is a set of Art Graf water-soluble graphite that I purchased a couple of years ago. I recently taught Getting Started with Art Journaling at my favorite art supply store, Wet Paint, and they had some Art Graf out for us to play with. I am now totally obsessed.

Since I love doing crayon rubbings with stencils, I knew that something could be done with Art Graf and stencils.

Here’s what I came up with.

Supplies Used:

I placed the set of Art Graf, my sketchbook, stencil, a brush, and a jar of water out on my table.

Here’s what the set of Art Graf looks like:

I placed the Sri Yantra stencil under my paper.

I placed the paper back down, then rubbed a chunk of Art Graf over the area of the stencil.

Now comes the exciting part. Art Graf is water-soluble. So, next, I played with painting in various parts of the stencil rubbing.

I simply dipped my brush into water and started painting.

Here’s another look at my set up.

The ochre Art Graf (as well as the yellow, which I don’t have yet) is so rich and saturated in color!

I continued to play around with adding Art Graf as paint, or just water on the rubbing I created.

Near the end of my work time, I decided to add a little turquoise liquid watercolor over the Art Graf in the corners of the design.

Here’s what I ended up with when it was time to stop for dinner.

There’s a great video on Wet Paint’s website of the Carbon Black Art Graf in action. You can watch it here. The video is by Viarco. If you have extra time, I just discovered a 28-minute video on YouTube about Viarco and the making of Art Graf. It appears to be a Portuguese company, so the video has English subtitles. It is fascinating to watch. Go here, if you want to see more. (Oh, that yellow!)

May you make your own amazing art supply discoveries, and enjoy using them!

Sending Blessings and Creative Vibes,

Briana of



Oh hello again!

This week I have been really busy filming - I'm a teacher in this year's Ever After with Willowing Arts! My theme is Alice in Wonderland, which you know I'm very excited about.

To keep with the Alice in Wonderland theme, I decided I wanted to paint intuitively  on a huge piece of watercolor paper. 

I had so much fun creating that "poster" last time, I decided to give it yet another go. I started with some 12 x 12 Artistcellar Stencils. I love these Sacred Geometry stencils, and they pair nicely with the Diamond Series stencils as well!  

From here, I'm just building up layers with the same DecoArt Media Mister in "Carbon Black" except now I'm also adding in 6 x 6 stencils and pocket stencils! 

Quasicrystals, Blocks, Chakra Series Pocket Stencils, and Labyrinth Series stencils play a big role in the mood here!

Now, for the really adventurous part... I mixed up some fluid and high flow acrylics with DecoArt Pouring Medium and poured paint directly on the poster. 

If I had planned ahead for this part I would have worked on a big canvas and not watercolor paper, but hey! We are painting intuitively here, after all. 

This is probably one of the messiest yet most satisfying things ever! The hard part is waiting for it to dry, which takes 24 hours or more.

But, with a little patience I was able to return to it and add small details with Posca Paint Pens. Here, I'm adding some leaves and the quote, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

That's it! 

This was so hard to photograph because the pouring medium leaves things a bit glossy which looks incredible in person! (If you would like to sign up for Ever After 2018, visit: )


Hello all!

Right now, I'm going through a difficult time, so for today's project I wanted to create something motivational that I could hang up in my room. 

Like a motivational poster - but not the cheesy kind.

Anyway, I grabbed the biggest piece of watercolor paper I could find - (about 2 feet wide x 3 feet tall) and set out to make a poster. 

To start, I reached for the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry stencil set in the 12 x 12 size. I also grabbed some ink sprays from DecoArt Media and Adirondack Color Wash sprays. Here, I just started playing with color.

It's fun to layer the stencils and watch the different colors run together and drip.

Once I had that pretty saturated I let it dry, and then added some black paint. In hindsight, I wish I would have used a brighter color -- but hey, the contrast is cool!

To finish off, I added some lettering with a paint brush. I will be the first to admit this isn't my best lettering ever. I was shaky and it just didn't work out like it usually does - but, I'm keeping it. Because it's MY writing. It took a long time to embrace my own handwriting, but now that I have I wouldn't change it. I encourage you to embrace yours, also!


To finish, I added some splatters with white paint on a really wet paintbrush.

Ta-da! I'm going to go hang this up and remember to take things "one day at a time."

Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever have a theme that starts in your work and continues to surface in each of your new creations? For me one of the recurring images that shows up in my work is the Chartres Labyrinth. I  fell in love with this intricate pattern back when I made one of my first "labyrinth lotus" designs. I used Chartres to adorn the petals of my lotus.

Next I created my little 4x6 mixed-media cards and since I loved the design I did with my favorite colors (lime green, aqua, and teal) you see the design again.

I had so much fun with the labyrinth series stencils I did some layering on these mirrors.

It surfaced again as the patterns on my sacred heart for my "Love Winds the Infinite Machine" piece, and then it morphed into jewelry with my shrink plastic pendants and necklaces.

My self-portrait piece that is still in the process of being finished.

I recently got sucked back into Chartres for the most recent shrink plastic necklace designs I created for our regional area Burning Man event in Wichita, Kansas, Resonance. I created some gifts to hand out at the burn and decided to make glittery feathers since those are basically a sin to take to burns since they leave what is called "moop" (matter out of place). One of the 10 principals of Burning Man is "Leave no Trace". Since glitter falls off and feathers shed from boa's and costumes they are frowned upon in the community and bring up lots of heated arguments. So my fun way of making light of such a triggered subject was to make feathers and glitter "happen" by creating my feather necklaces. You can read the full backstory on my blog here.

Of course I am always refining my designs and making each one better until I feel they have reached their "perfect state" so naturally once you do one design you keep getting ideas for more. I started out more simple and then kept getting more and more intricate. I did a Chartres labyrinth feather as one of the first feathers with a pattern and expanded from there.

Next I went on to creating feathers with the Chakra 1 and Chakra 2 pocket stencils.

They were so freaking awesome I had to do a sacred geometry series, so I used the sacred geometry  and sacred geometry 2 stencils as well. I even did a special release on my Instagram.

What recurring theme works it's way into your art?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

I just wanted to make a cute brightly colored funky bird for my wall. That's all I wanted. I had a plan. I've done it before so I figured it would be a no brainer. I was wrong.

I started out on a clean canvas board. It was beautifully white and unmarked, ready for the lovely bird I had in my mind.

I started by making a beautiful background using my Dye-na-flow inks with water and some stencils. (At this point I am on track)

I then made a rough drawing of my bird using Distress crayons. (Still good!)

In hindsight, this is where it all went wrong for me. I used watery white paint to activate the crayons, the beak is not quite right, blug... And I covered much of my beautiful background! I tried to add some feathers, yuck.

So I took out my Dina Wakley paints in turquoise, lime and yellow  and my brayer and went to town!

I took out my nib pen  and acrylic ink in sepia and did (another) quick messy bird sketch, it looks good!

I took out my Dina Wakely paints again and painted it up, I  used a  bunch of   my yummy stencils (Cathedral series, Tibetan series and Sacred  Geometry) to add some fun. And then I realized I only liked the background! The bird is wonky again! Grrrr!!!

Sooo... I got a bit huffy and asked my kitty what I should do, she told me to spray it with water, I listened and  this is what I ended up with!

I then sat and pouted for a while, and I gave up on the birdy. I used my paints and  just painted what felt good... I ended up creating a little sad fairy. For all of the Grrrss and grumbles, I ended  up having fun and smiling! And THAT is what it is all about!

Big hugs and mushies to you!!

- Shana Banana!

Hello my lovely lovelies!

It's my turn again to share what I've been playing. Remember this picture from last week?

I decided I would play with this one a bit more and it turned out nothing like the start of it!

I was looking at this piece and realized I have done many like this with a girl off center with glorious wind whipped hair. I didn't want to do another one. Lol!

So I grabbed my Sacred Geometry and Tibet stencils and set to covering her up.  I wanted to get messy! So I did by finger painting using Dina Wakley paints and getting my fingers all messy.

Then with the Dina Wakley paints in Black and Ruby I made wonderfully watery drips and messy lines and marks all over the canvas board.

Those marks turned into first one face then a second appeared in the chaos of the piece, which made me very happy! I highlighted the faces with a white sharpie paint pen and more Dina Wakley paints in Elephant, Turquoise and Ruby

I love the colorful chaos of this piece, the almost willful look of the female face on the right and the wistful look of the male on the left. It has deeper meaning for me but I won't go into my drab here!

I definitely think this piece turned out to be not the norm for me. And I love how deliciously messy my hands got!

Big hugs and mushes to you!

Xoxo! Shana

Hello beautiful souls!

Birthdays are the best time to make art for gifts. I ended up creating this awesome 12"x12" piece for a friends birthday the day of. We got invited over last minute so I spent the evening making his gift. He told me his 3 favorite colors were: green, blue, and purple. Score! They all look gorgeous as galaxy colors and fade into each other nicely. It turned out so pretty I wish I still had it for our wall. 

I used the 6x6 flower of life stencil and 6x6 metatron's cube stencils for this piece. The moon and some of the galaxy stars also glow-in-the-dark.

I also took the time to play around with some more of the awesome Deco Art crackle paste , the 12x12 Sri Yantra stencil, and the 6x6 golden mean stencil for this piece. I had a lot of fun with the bottom layer using some stencils, and splashes.

Next I layered the crackle paste. I love watching the little crackles form as the medium dries. The inks like to show through the white layer and it looks pretty awesome.

Next I started layering the sprays and things to create the metallic gold look. I used some dylusions ground coffee spray, some glimmer mist, and some other sparkly sprays.

The first layer looks like snake skin. Pretty cool. Then I added some Viva Decor Inka Gold to really give the gold some nice highlights and depth. I even took a nice little video on my Instagram to show off the finished piece since a 1 minute video can capture way more than several photos. 

I create one last piece literally last night just to get some art time in. This mini art is 4"x4" and will be backed on a flat canvas. I used the flower of life 6"x6" stencil and the third eye chakra pocket stencil. I really dig this little piece celebrating the awakening of the third eye.

What projects do you like to create when you only have  a short amount of art time?

Love, light, and creativity,

xo Genea

Hello again!

Do you ever find that inspiration strikes in the most random of ways? Recently I was cleaning in my art studio and I found a container of old watercolors. They are probably around 10 years old -- but they are bright, bold colors and great big bottles! I'm not sure how they were ever forgotten, but I had to pull them out to play with them right away.

I discovered that I have a love for making painted papers with watercolors and stencils! The papers can be used as collage or as a foundation for a painting later on.

Here, I grabbed a few different Artistcellar stencils and used a paintbrush to brush the watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper... however I really want to also try it with Yupo and Mineral Paper. On a few of them, I also mixed watercolor with rubbing alcohol and splattered alcohol on the page. Look at the fun textures I was able to achieve!

I went a little crazy with it because I was having so much fun playing with colors -- so I made page after page after page. Try it! I think you might find it a little bit addicting.

Artistcellar stencils used: