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Hello beautiful souls!

Do you ever just look at something on your table and decide it needs to be made into art? That's what happened with this lamp. I had so much fun doing my galaxies I decided to work on a lamp using the Metatron's cube stencil.

I had some fun with some distress inks, and some fabric spray. I love how the wet spray reacted with the inks. As you can see the lamp looks different when illuminated and when it's dark.

The colors and details are much prettier with the light off, although I had to take this photograph with lots of lights on to capture the photo. So it's a bit better looking with just the single lamp lit. I added some spatters of white for stars and some glow in the dark spatters for it to glow when not lit as well.


I am not totally done with the lamp yet as I'm trying to decide what it needs next to look great illuminated and dark. I think I will probably go for adding some fabric painted images and some more glow in the dark embellishments. The lamp inspired a few more ideas which is pretty exciting!

I dug out an old shirt and decided to make some dread headbands by cutting across the length of the shirt and then cutting up the back to make a nice long soft band.  I took out the chakra pocket stencils and used fabric paints to apply the design.

I learned it takes VERY little paint to use on the tiny details of the stencils. You can see where my paints bled under the stencil. I fixed this problem by using less paint and a make-up sponge and stamping on top of a glass plate so that the surface was very flat and couldn't get wet (my table cover is packing paper which absorbed some moisture and curled).  Next I went for adding the pocket sanskrit characters on top of the chakras in a glittery gold. As you can see the gold was not bold enough to stand out on it's own. I tried to wet the fabric and remove it, but that didn't work so I had to get creative.

I decided to use black to apply the sanskrit characters so it would show up better. Again, I realized just how little paint I needed to use for the stencils so it didn't get blurry.

Here is how the band will look worn. You wrap it around your head like a headband, tie it underneath and bring it back around to tie your hair in a ponytail :)

I had so much fun with the first band I wanted to do something even more amazing for the second band. I started out spraying some watered down glittery fabric paint to create some sparkle on the base and then added the flower of life stencil pattern to the background in glow in the dark paint. You can't really see the pattern at all in the light and I couldn't get a good image of it glowing in the dark so unfortunately you just have to take my word that it's awesome! I then applied the crown chakra and third eye chakra stencil in the 6x6 size over the top blending the chakra colors from purples to blues and then indigo to purples. I love using gradient colors!

Next I added the sanskrit pocket stencil design to the centers of the chakra images in black.

So exciting! I can't wait to make more. I need to go pick up some cool tie dyes form the thrift store or make some of my own and add some more stencils.

What creative ways have you used your stencils?

Love, light, and Art,


Hello creative souls,

Wow have I been a on a roll with some artwork! I am excited to share my creations with you this week!

The "Labyrinth Lotus" is still in full effect. I did a quick video to show you all the first layer of petals lit up! Wow is it spectacular.

I have the second row of petals done, but still make the 3rd. I got a little side tracked with some of the other art I will be sharing below.

Next up I got some super sweet mirrors from Ikea for my walls and when I got them home I thought about how sweet they would look all decked out in stencils! I did a little paper template to try out my design before moving the final design to my mirror. I just taped 2 pieces of my art sketch book together and mapped out the side of the mirror.

Next I moved onto the finished product mirror.

As you can see I am still just slightly OBSESSED with the labyrinth series stencils.

So I am pretty stoked to be attending our regional area Burning Man event called, Resonance. "That thing in the desert" is actually happening RIGHT NOW! Sadly I am not there this year, but next year for sure. You can actually tune into BMIR(Burning Man Internet Radio) to hear what's happening. There is also a live cam where you can see the playa! So one of the 10 principals of Burning Man is "Gifting".  I am naturally a gifter at heart so this part is one of the best things for me! So how does this tie in to this post you may be wondering? Well in the art of gifting I have had so much fun painting and making art that I thought it would be even more fun to paint on bodies! I picked up these Wolfe body paints

and grabbed my brush and one of my favorite Artistcellar stencils, "Flower of Life".  I used my boyfriend as my canvas since it's so much easier to paint on something that is not attached to your own body.

The Flower of Life stencil looks so amazing against the teal green. I can't wait to practice some more! I plan to take at least my sacred geometry, sacred geometry 2, Chakra Series, Chakra Pocket Stencils, and Labyrinth Series stencils with me. Lol, may as well take them all, huh?! 

I also wanted to create some little pieces of art to gift at Resonance as well. I decided it would be fun to create some mixed-media pieces that were 4"x6" since I have some really pretty crystal clear cello bags in which to put them. I don't know what it is about super shiny bags that make things look so expensive and fancy.

I had originally had the idea to do some water color-ish piece background and draw some sacred geometry on the top layer, but it's a lot harder than it looks! You can see my attempts here

The first tiny art piece I did I called "Psychedelic Macaroni" cause like Shana, I see macaroni in this stencil series "Marked Series" stencils.

I had so much fun with the first one I kept rolling with it. I did the Sri Yantra piece next. Then I did the Chakra Series piece. I love the pattern on my "Labyrinth Lotus'" so I thought I would do a mini art piece like those as well.

What a blast and it's so satisfying to finish each little piece and make a new one :) I even got my friend, Zack to create a mini piece of art too! His very first mixed-media piece :) 

Here are the last ones I have done, but still plan to keep making more!

What are you favorite mini masterpieces to make? 

Lots of arty love and good vibes,