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I am back again with another project using the same face I painted for my previous post. I am a big believer in repetition of a theme or subject especially if you switch up the media you use. It gives your creativity the freedom to just focus on how you use the materials since your subject is already decided. It is also interesting to see how each media can give your subject a different look and feel.

Here are the supplies I used:

My substrate this week originally started as a decorative panel I found at the $ spot at Target. Upon closer inspection I saw that it is some sort of MDF board with a wood type veneer on the surface. To prepare the panel I first gave it a light sanding to remove the glossy surface and then covered the panel in a thick layer of gesso.

While the gesso was still wet I pressed the Penrose stencil all over the surface of the gesso to create texture. Immediately wash off your stencil and wait for the gesso to dry.

Since my layer of gesso was so thick it helped to create a subtle texture to the surface when dry. Next came a few glazes of color and some stenciling along the edges with the Quasi stencil. When the paint was dry I gave it a light sanding which highlighted the texture created by the gesso.

Using the same technique from last time, I used transfer paper to trace my portrait design onto my surface. I chose to make it off center to add more interest to the composition. I used the General's Scribe-All to trace over my lines and since it is water-soluble I was able to establish some shades to build my painting upon which started with a layer of white acrylic

Then I bounced around the painting creating more color, value and texture by rotating through using Inktense sticks, distress sticks, General's Scribe-All, Faber-Castell Aquarelle Pencils and Dina Wakley's acrylics. Every once in awhile I would give certain areas a sanding to bring back the under texture.

I was also very inspired by our very own Cristin and her magnificent use of drips in her artwork. I tried my hand at it and I am digging the layer of texture (can you tell it is my very favorite thing!) it adds. 

The final piece has a much different look than my last composition and I am pleased with how it turned out. I encourage you to recreate a subject from one of your previous artworks with a different media. You might be surprised and pleased at what the new materials will draw out of you!

Hello my lovely Lovelies!

For this weeks post I would like to share what I have been working on for the last (about) 2 weeks! I decided I would challenge myself to be part of the #100daysofart that so many people are participating in. The only problem that I had was being inspired on a daily basis! So I decided I would do some animal art, but I do not choose the animals, I have been letting the wonderful people who follow my art give me lists of animals and I use that list every day! The biggest challenge? I do not practice before I do a live stream on youtube, so you can see how I work through the challenges!

I have created all of these watercolor painting in my Jane Davenport Hot Press watercolor journal, using my Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch box, a white gel pen, posca pen, Generals Scribe all, Jane Davenport Incredible pen and colored pencils, and though you may not see it, in most of them I also used Artistcellar stencils!

To create a bit of fun and random bits of color on most of them I would lay down my stencil and use them to add some color in the pages before I started the piece. I then painted the animals letting some of those fun and whimsical colors show through. Above and below are some of the animals I have created, and at the end will be the link for the Raccoon I created yesterday! There is nothing more challenging than challenging yourself! Keep creating! xMwah!

To see the Raccoon Live stream: