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Hello again!

This week has been pretty incredible in my neck of the woods.

I live in Saint Joseph, Missouri and we were in the path of totality for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! It ended up raining here, and it was very cloudy at my house so I couldn't actually see the sun, but I did see it go completely dark! - Incredible.

Today, I'm creating a quick and easy project to commemorate the experience.

Supplies Used:

First I started by adding a layer of black mister to my matte board, then I sprayed the color mists throughout.

When dry, I put down a layer of stencils and went crazy with the mists!

The board was really wet now, so I dried it and then used my gesso tubs to trace circles. 5 of them to be exact. 

Finally, I added some of the Gold Leaf adhesive with a brush and let it dry for about 3 minutes. It goes on milky, but when ready it is clear. Next, I laid down sheets of gold leaf over the adhesive and used a soft brush to brush away the excess. 

To finish, I added some of the sealer over the gold leaf and added lyrics from Pink Floyd's "Eclipse" with Uniball Signo UM-153 pen.


Hello again my lovely lovelies!

This will be my last post from Wisconsin! I am sad that as usual my visit has gone by so fast.

When I am home I spend a lot of time with my family and we spend a lot of time outside. The beauty of my home (to me) is unmatched and I have lived and visited many places. We are surrounded by nature and creativity runs through all of us in our own ways. 

That is why I would like to show you some art from my nephew, and how he used the mineral paper I brought with me! He has a page over on facebook called Corpse cove art studios and lately he has been playing with spray paint! 

These are the 3 pieces he created using spray paint and mineral paper.

He is self taught using spray paint like this, learning by watching videos on YouTube and facebook. Also another shocker, these pieces were created one week after trying this medium for the first time. His talent amazes me!

As for myself I have been enjoying the nature around me. Just as a recap, my travel supplies I used are as follows:

There is a doe on my dad's property that has twins! I have been trying to get pics but the window screens keep getting in the way, and if I open the door they scatter. So instead I decided I would paint one if the fawns, I think she turned out pretty cute!

What many people forget about this area of Wisconsin is that we have a lot of rocky bluffs sticking out in our landscape. I wanted to make a quick entry in my journal just to record the colors of the day. I love how the rocky peaks clash with the blue of the sky and the green of the woods.

Another one of my favorites in the area are the Sandhill cranes that are found all around this area with their young this time of year. I would get you a picture but last year when I tried a mad mama crane chased me in the truck for about 2 miles when I got too close to her chick. So I don't do that anymore! Lol. I wanted to get a detailed head in there and since I used my small journal I couldn't really fit any babies in.

I hope you have enjoyed my journal art as well as the amazing talent of my nephew!

Big hugs and mushes to you!

Shana Banana

Hello my lovely Lovelies!

For this weeks post I would like to share what I have been working on for the last (about) 2 weeks! I decided I would challenge myself to be part of the #100daysofart that so many people are participating in. The only problem that I had was being inspired on a daily basis! So I decided I would do some animal art, but I do not choose the animals, I have been letting the wonderful people who follow my art give me lists of animals and I use that list every day! The biggest challenge? I do not practice before I do a live stream on youtube, so you can see how I work through the challenges!

I have created all of these watercolor painting in my Jane Davenport Hot Press watercolor journal, using my Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch box, a white gel pen, posca pen, Generals Scribe all, Jane Davenport Incredible pen and colored pencils, and though you may not see it, in most of them I also used Artistcellar stencils!

To create a bit of fun and random bits of color on most of them I would lay down my stencil and use them to add some color in the pages before I started the piece. I then painted the animals letting some of those fun and whimsical colors show through. Above and below are some of the animals I have created, and at the end will be the link for the Raccoon I created yesterday! There is nothing more challenging than challenging yourself! Keep creating! xMwah!

To see the Raccoon Live stream:


Hello my lovely lovelies!!! I realized something the other day! I have been a design team member for about a year with Artistcellar now! How lucky am I that I get to create with all of the awesome supplies and stencils and share with you! This experience is AWESOME! And to be part of a group of such wonderful artists makes me ecstatic! Here is the first journal page I ever did using items from a DT box. 

I used the Dina Wakley paints along with the Dye-na-flow and a dip pen to create this fairy then I went in with a couple of the pocket stencils then sparkled it all up with some stickles! I was so tickled to create this page that it still makes me smile!

For the page I have this time I decided to use the opposite page in my journal and create something using completely different mediums. I was inspired to do this page by the wonderful prompt from Journal 52 week 4, "listen" and my want to take part in a Faces of February challenge this month where I will create a face every day this month. This was my 1st face of the month.  

Read below for a brief written description of my process or further down a link to my video to watch it unfold!

The whole time I was creating I was thinking of the word "listen" from the prompt and my reading of the other insights that Effy puts with the prompt. My train of thought was traveling through my hand creating the emotion on my princess's face, the colors of the page and finally the words I chose to put on my page. I like how she turned out, she does not fit the "norm" of how I usually do faces so I am happy that I did not lean so heavily on comfort for my 1st face of the month!

I created this page using multiple washes and layers of watercolor from my Koi Watercolor pocket field sketch box, then blending the colors with a bit of Dina Wakley paint in white. I also used my Faber-Castell Pitt pen in white to add highlights and blending of color (it does wonderful smudgies!) For some more fun shading I used an 8B sketch pencil and smudged the color with my finger and used water to blend it out some more. I used the totally cute crown from my Steampunk pocket stencils and some Dina Wakley paint in yellow to make it pop, along with some of the yellow in the hair. I used a non water proof pen in black and my Uni-Ball Signo pen in white to add additional shadow and highlight! 


I hope you enjoyed reading!! Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!

Princess Shana Banana

Hello again!

Today we're making stardust. I hope you enjoy the video I have prepared for you...

"Well nevermind we are ugly but we have the music" - Leonard Cohen.


Supplies Used:

Hello again!

I have been playing with Mineral Paper lately and I have to say I might be a *little* obsessed. The paper itself is made from rocks... and it's SO smooth.

I like to start with watercolors with this paper. I used a few different shades of greens and blues from Peerless Watercolor. After I had a pretty thick layer of watercolor, I used a hair dryer to dry it a little faster. The paint already dries pretty quick on the mineral paper, too. (Hint: Use a hair dryer, NOT a heat gun.)

This is where the magic happened, you guys. The colors mixed and mingled in such a beautiful way on the page.... and, the paper didn't even crinkle.

Next, a few spritz's of Lindy's Stamp Gang "Ponderosa Pines Olive" spray and took the hair dryer to it, too. More magic!

Then, I used a calligraphy pen to outline some of the Sacred Geometry stencils, randomly around the page. I thought it made it pretty interesting to only uses pieces of the stencil. I then went in with some gold and blue/green acrylic paint to outline and stamped a quote, "I do not have time for things with no soul."

To finish, I used matte medium to adhere the Mineral Paper to a piece of black matboard, then used gold spray from Heidi Swapp and the Halftone Dots stencils around the edges.

I finished up with some outlines and doodles with a Uniball Signo white pen and that's it!

The beauty of Mineral Paper and watercolors/sprays is that the paper doesn't buckle or tear, it can really hold everything that you throw at it... and everything reacts together in such a magical way.

Have you tried it yet? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!