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I am a person who loves music. Music moves me! Can you relate? As many of you may know the Grammy Music Awards was recently on TV. While I did not watch the Grammys when it aired, I was paying attention to Alicia Keys’ Instagram account, as she was the first female in over a decade to host the Grammys. She was so excited! The morning after the Grammy Music Awards, I scoured the Internet, trying to see a little bit about what went on. I saw a video of Alicia’s welcome speech. She was all about spreading love, kindness, and keeping the vibe high. I loved it! She also called on some special people to help her out. You can watch the video here.

I felt so inspired, that I decided to make a journal page, and I am calling it, “Keep the Vibe High.”

Supplies Used:

Step 1:

First, I wrote some bubble letters across the page spread that represented the energy I wanted to capture.


Step 2:

I used spray ink through a stencil. I love how spray ink fills a background with color!

Step 3:

I used acrylic paint to fill the color around the letters of the background.

Step 4:

I added some of Tam’s Inspiration Words with black acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge.

Step 5:

Using a variety of Posca Paint Pens, I outlined certain words that I wanted to stand out more.

Step 6:

Finally, I added some flowers from Tam’s Whimsy: Flower Garden stencil, using white acrylic paint.

May this post inspire you to pull that music that moves you, spread the love, and keep the vibe high.

May it be so.

Sending Blessings,

Briana of

Many of you may know of Tamara Laporte and her online course creation called Life Book.

You may also know that in 2018 Tamara got her book published called Create Your Life Book.


As I was flipping through the book referenced above, I noticed some stencils that I recognize and adore. They are stencils by artistcellar! Feeling inspired by this, I decided to try my hand at one of the lessons. I did my own version of “The Zen Butterfly” lesson on pages 16-21.

Supplies Used:

Step 1:  Choose a few stencils and spray inks.

Step 2: Spray the ink through the stencils and blot with a paper towel roll.

Step 3: Continue to add stencils and spray with ink.

TIP: use another paper to cover up areas you do NOT want to spray with ink.

Step 4: Allow spray ink to dry completely.

Step 5: Add writing about how you want to live your life.

For reference, here’s one more photo of the stencils I used:

As you can see, Tamara Laporte is one of the AC (Artistcellar) Signature Series stencil artists! How fun is that?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. May you go out and have some fun with your stencils and art supplies!

Blessings to you,

Briana of

Hey everyone! 

Today I’m trying out Yupo paper with some Dye-na-flow inks. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it or used it, Yupo paper is a synthetic plastic-y paper with a super smooth finish. The inks are meant for fabric and silk painting but I thought that would blend together really well on Yupo (mineral paper would probably work for this too).

On my first one I just used a brush to blend some colors together. Using different techniques/strokes with the brush make a lot of different outcomes!

When it was half dry, I blew on the ink to make even more cool patterns. It turned out pretty cool but also made me very dizzy. It almost looks like coral, which gave me more ideas…

On another page, I laid down a few blues and brushed them with long strokes. While it was still wet, I splattered magenta and yellows by tapping the brush a few inches over the paper. They sort of spread out and blend in a really cool way! 

As it started drying, the splatters only spread in parts of it or where the first splatters were put down and it all blended in a really neat way. 

After that, I taped down a coral stencil - this one is fire coral. I used a baby wipe to rub off the ink, since the Yupo paper doesn’t absorb it, it comes right off! Any kind of slightly damp cloth/paper towel would work to wipe it off. 


 The stencil didn’t fit over the whole paper, but I just moved it over, then connected the areas by rubbing off more ink with a wet paint brush. It’s a lot easier to make a really neat edge like this than with paint!

For my next experiment, I'm going to try to make a galaxy. I started with a bunch of “Midnight Blue,” and splattered some magenta and turquoise in it. 

I sprayed some alcohol on it, which made a neat texture. 

I pushed the ink around with a paintbrush and splattered some more colors on it. As it was drying, I used a paper towel to absorb some big puddles of dark ink to even out the colors. It came out really cool! 

Once it dried all the way I added more dark blue ink around the outside to create emphasis in the middle. The white Dye-na-flow wasn’t very opaque, so I made a lot of dots with my favorite white gel pen

I surfed through Pinterest and google for some sort of quote but a lot of them were really long, too cheesy, or too edgy… so I thought I’d use one of the Tam’s inspiration stencils. The “Stardust" from the "Believe" stencil fits perfectly! I used the same technique as the coral stencil and fixed it up with a little damp brush and some more ink around the outside. 


There's so much you can create with ink on this paper! I bet it would make all sorts of awesome skies, water, leaves, and flowers, maybe even fire… or just throw your favorite colors on for an awesome background! 

Hello my lovelies!

I had a plan for today's post, but alas plans do change! 

Instead I got to spend 6 lovely hours with multiple customer service representatives trying to resolve a phone issue. Fun... Blug.

So while I was on hold I pulled out some of the newer (to me) stencils series - Jill Berry Textures, Fowler Faces, and the Tamara LaPorte Whimsy and Inspiration. I had my Dye-na -flows, prismacolor pencils, Dina Wakley paints and my Hero Arts neon ink dabbers.

I started by taking 2 of the Fowler face stencils (forward face and upward face) and combining them to create a starting point for my page

Because I was on the phone I wasn't able to take any in process pictures. I ended up using a lot of red, because I was MAD! Lol.

To try to keep myself calm I concentrated on keeping her face peaceful but tried to put some attitude in her pose. Here is one picture that I took when Customer service said I was "accidentally" disconnected. Grrrr...

When I called them back I was of course put back on hold... Gah! And so I continued to play with stencils and doodling all over... 

I kept playing, thankfully my art journal kept me from cussing out poor customer service people. In the end this is the page I ended up with!

Greetings Creative Ones,

Hand lettering is truly an art and takes years of practice and patience. I may come up with and master a style that I am happy with some day but until then, I can use these great Artistcellar stencils to make beautiful words happen.

I fell in love with Tam's Inspiration series stencils by Tamara Laporte. There are twelve words to work and the lettering style is very playful which is just what I was looking for. I didn’t really have a plan when I started this project today and I wanted to see where these whimsical little words would take me.

I used Yasutomo’s Mineral Paper and Splash Ink to create a background of color. Drop several drops of the acrylic ink randomly on the paper and wait a minute to let the color settle a little. Take a brayer and roll the color over the paper until the colors are blended and let the colors dry but not too dry. The ink should be slightly tacky on the paper. I chose the Kaleidoscope series for the the background because I can doodle inside the shapes later. Lay the stencil over the mostly dry color and lift off color with a damp makeup sponge.

Take another stencil from the Kaleidoscope series and apply ink from an ink pad with a sponge for a layered effect. Do this with several sheets of mineral paper and enjoy the process of making beautiful back grounds. If you feel the paper is too saturated with color, you can rinse it off or wipe off excess color with a sponge or baby wipe. I decided to choose the paper with the lightest background for the lettering.

Apply archival black stamp pad ink over the lettering onto the colored mineral paper using a makeup sponge. Bring out highlights using a white paint pen. Bring out shadows and fill in the gaps with a black felt pen. Make doodles using the shapes in the background with more ink.


Oh, and dont’ forget to those white “magic sponges” for cleaning paints and inks off stencils. :-)