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Hello beautiful souls,

It's that time of year when everyone is making their handmade gifts. I am really excited about the little mixed-media jewelry shelf I created for Christian. As pretty as piles of jewelry are on your night stand it's nice to hang them up on a pretty little holder. You can also use this holder for keys and other trinkets.

I started out with a scrap piece of wood. I gesso'ed the base and painted it with watercolors.

Next I began adding layers by inking on some of my favorite labyrinth stencils: Chartres, and Anasazi. I added some white inks with the Arabian Nights series stencils to create some layers.

Next I added some clear glittery embossing powder to create a little depth and sparkle. I finished off the design with a Metatron's Cube. I used some modeling paste, fluid acrylics, and metallic inks to give it a spacey metal feel.  Next I used a dremel to pre-drill some  some holes in the bottom of the shelf for my hooks, and then screwed them into the base. Voila! Instant wall art and jewelry shelf!

Being a bead making and jewelry designer it's exciting to make a mixed-media piece to tie all of the art together!

Happy Creating!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

I'm excited to share my newest mixed-media piece with you. I am going to take you on a walk down memory lane to show the metamorphosis of the original design into the present.  I don't know about you, but I am always excited to always be improving on each design pushing things further and further and ever expanding the possibilities. I had the pleasure of spending a few days with one of my dear friends Eryn, while she was visiting from Colorado.

She asked me to create a piece for her using the throat chakra and remarked about how she really loved one of my 6x6 pieces I had done. I began the first design as a 4x6 with the heart chakra stencil and the flower of life stencil.

Next I designed this 6x6 canvas jumping up in size.

Later when the set of chakra 2 pocket stencils came out I thought it would be a great idea to add the heart chakra sanskrit symbol on the inside of the star.

I ended up doing this piece as a facebook live stream here if you are interested in watching the whole piece be created. To start out I used layers of watercolors, inks, and a white signo pen using the flower of life stencil.

Next I layered on some texture paste with the throat chakra stencil and made the texture bubble up by spot heating it with my heat gun. 

I just love making this texture with the modeling paste. In the past I had used some fluid acrylics, but I wanted to make the throat chakra blueish so I used inks and shimmer sprays to create some lovely layers and depth.

Just look at all of those delicious colors and textures! Yum! 

Here is the finished 6x6 canvas.

How do you like to expand your design when creating new pieces in a series?

Love, light, and creativity, 

xoxo Genea

Hello again!

I am really excited to be starting a new art journal today. I grabbed the small Dylusions journal and I've been wanting to decorate the inside cover.

When I saw the new Artistcellar Halftone Dot stencils, I knew I just had to use them in a fun and whimsical way! I started with a cosmetic sponge and  Dylusions paint in "London Blue" and I just covered the page. Then, I used the Halftone Dots: Shadow with Dylusions paint in "Vibrant Turquoise".

Once the paint was dry (it doesn't take long at ALL) I used a Halftone Dots: Midtone 2 with a palette knife and some black modeling paste. When the modeling paste dries, it stays raised up from the surface and provides the most amazing texture. 

I finished off with another Halftone Dots stencil, this time it was "Highlight"... with a cosmetic sponge and Dylusions paint in "Crushed Grape".

The cosmetic sponge really works beautifully with the stencil. 

Next, I tore out some illustrations from an old book, and used clear gesso to "glue" them to the journal. Once dry, I gave them a coat of Distress Stain in Walnut, and some gloss varnish. I really wanted it to be shiny, but if that isn't your thing, just go for a matte. 

I finished off with a black DecoArt Media Mister, some lace collage, ice stickles glitter glue and.... drippage! 

Overall, I love the fun and whimsical look of the dots not being perfectly round -- and I really loved how the stencils stacked and worked together. 

Now I really want to see what you can do with them. Wanna win a set? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! We will pick a winner on May 11th and make contact through e-mail. Oh, and don't worry... if you already bought a set of Halftone Dots stencils you will get to pick another stencil series of your choice from Artistcellar.

Good luck!


We thought February 29th, being a Leap Year, was a pretty cool date to release our  newest stencil series, Sacred Geometry 2! You seem to love our first Sacred Geometry series, we're pretty sure you'll love these also. We are also hosting a blog hop with this release, and I've got an awesome set of artists lined up. The dates and links to their blogs are at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out. Every artist will be giving away a FREE set of Sacred Geo 2 stencils to a lucky person who leaves a comment on the artist's blog post. That means there will be SEVEN lucky winners in all, and you have seven chances to win, but please, to avoid confusion, one comment per blog stop.

I've had these stencils for awhile now, but being predictable, the first thing I did was grab my gelli plate and start monoprinting! You know I love gellin'! And I LOVE the way these stencils print!

The above print was made using a dirty gel plate, aren't those crusty bits yummy?

To see how the stencils looked by themselves as a straight design, I grabbed a few canvases I'd started backgrounds on and did some tests. Metatron's Cube got some tinted Texture Paste squished through it, to add some dimension, then rubbed with a little Inka Gold in Copper. Really hard to photograph because of the metallic/iridescence, the angle makes it look like a different color altogether! A little magical...

I used Seed of Life on another canvas I had laying around, I believe I just stenciled it with some black Media Acrylic paint and a makeup wedge, over an existing red splotch. Can I pick a favorite child? Seed of Life is it!

My most recent project was an art journaling page. I am a member of Journal52 and every week we get a couple prompts to inspire us. That particular week the prompt was "monochrome." That was difficult for me because I love color. I started by drawing a girls face, in a style taught by Effy Wild. I used Aquarelle Water Soluble Graphite Pencils to draw and shade the girl. When I liked her well enough, I decided to use the stencils for a background. (A little backwards... but that's me, ha!) I simply used a light coating of Black Pan Pastels, to make it look like shades of gray, and layered the stencils. So easy and looks great.

When I was done with my monochromatic page, all that gray made me sad. So I found this great quote and added some colorful rub-on flowers to the bottom. I'm a rebel.

That's all I'm going to show you for now, but stay tuned to THIS blog the next few weeks when the Design Team shows you what they did with these stencils!

Follow the blog hop, I will remind you and provide a link each day on Facebook and Twitter. Leave a comment on THEIR blog for a chance to win! Leave a comment on THIS blog post too! Tell me which stencil is your favorite design, and leave your contact info so I can contact you in case you win. Good luck and enjoy!

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March 1st - Stephanie Gagos 
March 2nd - Lisa Chin
 March 3rd - Linda Edkins Wyatt
March 4th - Sarah Trumpp  
March 5th - Effy Wild
March 6th - Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal  
See you soon!