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Greetings to You! Thank you for being here.

Today’s post is about playing with stencils, paint, Posca Pens, copy paper, and deli paper, to create transparent layers that are interesting to the eye!

Step 1:

Use the Coral Series: Star Coral stencil on a Gelli Plate.

Place a sheet of deli paper over the stencil while it’s still on the plate.

Use your fingers to rub through the spaces in the stencil.

Lift the deli paper off the plate and let dry.

Step 2:

Use a Posca Paint Pen to create a focus area, like the blue circle shown here.

Step 3:

Use the Sacred Hearts Series: Divine stencil with acrylic paint and a stencil brush.

Step 4:

Remove the Divine stencil and clean it off with a baby wipe on a piece of white copy paper.

Step 5:

Use the Jill K. Berry-Texture Series-Rivermap stencil around the heart on the copy paper.

TIP:The stencil brush or a cosmetic wedge could be used to apply the paint through the stencil. Try to allow for a variety of color variation, meaning, some areas are darker, while other areas have a lighter application of the paint. The eye likes variety!

Step 6:

Use Collage Pauge –Matte to glue the deli paper on top of the copy paper.

Step 7:

Use a paint scraper to burnish out any air bubbles and then wipe away any glue that seeped out the edges.

Step 8:

Enjoy your layered artwork!

Put it in your journal, hang it on your wall, fold it into a book cover or a card! I wonder what you will choose to do!

Thank you for playing along with this transparent layers tutorial!

-Briana of

Hello All,

May this post find you well.

It is finally spring here in Minnesota, USA, so I am feeling inspired by flowers! What kind of flowers do you like? Though there aren’t any blooming cacti near me, I absolutely love looking at other people’s photos of them.

I’ve created a journal page, combining a few random elements to create a make-believe blooming cactus! That’s what art journals are for, right?

Supplies I used:

 Here’s the basic process:

  1. Scrape purple paints in a shape of your choice, using Catalyst Blade.
  2. Use a contrasting paint color, a cosmetic wedge, and Jill K. Berry Texture stencils over the painted shape.
  3. Paint the background of the page, around the main shape.
  4. Glue on the flower image.
  5. Do some journaling over the background.

See photos below.

When you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to play around in your journal, this is a fun exercise to try.

Sending you vibes of whatever brings joy to your heart!

Many Blessings,

Briana of


Hello lovely lovelies!

Want to know my favorite part of being creative? It's when I can create something for someone that makes them smile.

This week I want to share a piece I have created for my friend Pan. She is a wonderful person who recently lost a beloved Newfoundland named Misha.

Because Misha was camera shy there weren't really any good pictures of her face so I volunteered to make some art of Misha.

To create this I decided to use my favorite medium - my Koi watercolors on hotpress watercolor paper. I love how I can layer the koi colors and how bold they are. Since most of Misha's face is black I really needed to use layers of color to create some highlights to give structure. I also went in with my white gel pen to create the illusion of fur. 

And then to add more fun and interest I always grab my artistcellar stencils in this case I used my Jill Berry texture series to finish up the piece.

I really hope my friend Pan enjoys this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Big hugs and mushies to you!

Shana banana

Hello my lovelies!

I had a plan for today's post, but alas plans do change! 

Instead I got to spend 6 lovely hours with multiple customer service representatives trying to resolve a phone issue. Fun... Blug.

So while I was on hold I pulled out some of the newer (to me) stencils series - Jill Berry Textures, Fowler Faces, and the Tamara LaPorte Whimsy and Inspiration. I had my Dye-na -flows, prismacolor pencils, Dina Wakley paints and my Hero Arts neon ink dabbers.

I started by taking 2 of the Fowler face stencils (forward face and upward face) and combining them to create a starting point for my page

Because I was on the phone I wasn't able to take any in process pictures. I ended up using a lot of red, because I was MAD! Lol.

To try to keep myself calm I concentrated on keeping her face peaceful but tried to put some attitude in her pose. Here is one picture that I took when Customer service said I was "accidentally" disconnected. Grrrr...

When I called them back I was of course put back on hold... Gah! And so I continued to play with stencils and doodling all over... 

I kept playing, thankfully my art journal kept me from cussing out poor customer service people. In the end this is the page I ended up with!

Greetings! Thanks for being here.

Sometimes you just want to have a little artsy paper book wherever you go. It’s great to have to jot down notes, ideas, and inspirations. This one I am about to show you would also be great for collecting collage and ephemera of the day (like fruit stickers, receipts, insides of bill envelopes, etc.)

Supplies To Gather:

Your favorite set of artistcellar 6x6 stencils

12 x 18 inch paper

Dylusions Spray Inks


Step 1:

Set out the four stencils on the 12 x 18 inch paper-three on the top and one on the bottom left.

Step 2:

Spray the stencils and the blank area of the paper with a few colors of Dylusions Spray Ink.

Step 3:

Remove the stencils and print the wet stencils on the “blank” area of the paper to add some texture.

Here’s a detail shot of how cool the layered spray inks look.

Step 4:

Fold the paper in half the long way (hot dog bun style).

Step 5:

Fold in the two ends to overlap in the middle, so you have a little book.

Step 6:

Play around with the book and check out how fun it is!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Have an awesome and art-filled day!


Briana of