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Hello all!

Today, I have a video for you. This weekend I explored a local antique shop and found some serious treasures. A really old photo album -- and a cool vintage postcard. Today I'm going to use both to create a texture-rich art journal page using Artistcellar block stencils!

Now, for the video:

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” - Les Brown

Looking through my collection of postcards I was inspired by one that I feel epitomizes the lazy days of summer and the relaxed company of friends. In the early part of the 20th Century, real photo postcards were an inexpensive way to capture and share an event. I guess you could say it was an early form of social media. So it’s no surprise that many beach goers commemorated their holidays by languorously posing on a paper moon. And lucky for us, the photographic quality was so good that many are still in wonderful condition.

I started the project by laser photocopying a card with two girls relaxing on the Moon. This copy produced the image transfer. I’ve really been having fun with them. And it is also nice to see what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately the image transferred well on to the paper.

My stencil choice was from the Arabian Nights Series. Star & Cross filled my illustration board. It was the perfect background on which to build the collage. After attaching the transfer I was ready to create using homemade washi tape. It’s so easy and fun to produce. I put down strips of surgical tape on to wax paper and either stencil, or just clean my stencils on the tape. I keep the tape at hand and keep adding images every time I work. It’s so nice to see how the shapes and colours complement each other. Once dried you can tear just the right amount you need to add to your art. It was fun layering the tape and giving the finished collage the atmosphere of a seaside boardwalk…colour and controlled chaos.

So, hats off to summer! Hope your warm weather journeys have you over the moon and unfurling experiences like a carpet of stars.