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This week has been really busy... my local allied arts council commissioned me to paint a traffic box! It's a week long process that started on Sunday, and it will end on Friday with a reception. I've been going out to the street corner everyday to add more work to it and it is coming right along. Here's some progress shots so far: 

When it came time to do the Artistcellar project for this week it was a nice break to get back to working on a flat surface.. and WATERCOLORS!

I started with mineral paper (of course, I'm in love) and a quick sketch. I was inspired by the song, "My Body is A Cage."

Once I had the sketch where I wanted it, I put down some Artistcellar stencils and watercolors. Here I'm using Quasicrystals, Sacred Geometry 2 and Cathedral Plans.

I let the stencils sit on the paper until the watercolor was dry.  Once the watercolors were totally dry I finished with acrylic paint. Overall, a nice easy colorful project to work on and relax! 

Hello my lovely lovelies!!! I realized something the other day! I have been a design team member for about a year with Artistcellar now! How lucky am I that I get to create with all of the awesome supplies and stencils and share with you! This experience is AWESOME! And to be part of a group of such wonderful artists makes me ecstatic! Here is the first journal page I ever did using items from a DT box. 

I used the Dina Wakley paints along with the Dye-na-flow and a dip pen to create this fairy then I went in with a couple of the pocket stencils then sparkled it all up with some stickles! I was so tickled to create this page that it still makes me smile!

For the page I have this time I decided to use the opposite page in my journal and create something using completely different mediums. I was inspired to do this page by the wonderful prompt from Journal 52 week 4, "listen" and my want to take part in a Faces of February challenge this month where I will create a face every day this month. This was my 1st face of the month.  

Read below for a brief written description of my process or further down a link to my video to watch it unfold!

The whole time I was creating I was thinking of the word "listen" from the prompt and my reading of the other insights that Effy puts with the prompt. My train of thought was traveling through my hand creating the emotion on my princess's face, the colors of the page and finally the words I chose to put on my page. I like how she turned out, she does not fit the "norm" of how I usually do faces so I am happy that I did not lean so heavily on comfort for my 1st face of the month!

I created this page using multiple washes and layers of watercolor from my Koi Watercolor pocket field sketch box, then blending the colors with a bit of Dina Wakley paint in white. I also used my Faber-Castell Pitt pen in white to add highlights and blending of color (it does wonderful smudgies!) For some more fun shading I used an 8B sketch pencil and smudged the color with my finger and used water to blend it out some more. I used the totally cute crown from my Steampunk pocket stencils and some Dina Wakley paint in yellow to make it pop, along with some of the yellow in the hair. I used a non water proof pen in black and my Uni-Ball Signo pen in white to add additional shadow and highlight! 


I hope you enjoyed reading!! Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!

Princess Shana Banana

Hello beautiful souls,

It's always exciting to go visit a friend's or family's studio and create together.  My mom invited me over awhile back to come create with her in the studio. We even had some studio helpers along with us, my dog Leeloo and mom's dog, Lucy.

I decided to teach her how I do my little 4x6 watercolors.

First we did a layer of watercolors as our base. Here is mom's watercolor piece.

I chose some nice bright pinks, oranges, and purples for my piece.

Next we did some inking and stencils with some distress ink pads. I used the chartres stencil for my piece and mom used the seven jewels stencil. 

For the finishing touches I outlined my piece in black and mom did hers in gold.

While I was at mom's I decided to make her a few prints with my carved stamp from last weeks post. The first ones turned out so pretty until I used my heat gun to speed up the process of drying the ink and melted the yupo paper, OOPs!

I did another one since I melted the first one and left this one to air dry. 

What friend's or family's studio is your favorite place to go create? 

Love, light, and creativity,