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Lisa here...

Congratulations to all of the Stencil Winners! I really wish we could send every one of you a set of stencils, but alas, staying in business might be a better option :-) I really appreciate every one of your comments, and I know the design team really enjoyed the feedback! So thank you. All the winners have been contacted and stencils have left the building. Congratulations to:

  • Angela G.
  • Jill C.
  • Felicia A.
  • JoAnne R.
  • Terri W.
  • Lisa Z.
  • Valerie

I hope you have fun with  your stencils, and be sure to share!

I have one last project for you, using the Artistcellar Halftone Dots series. It was born out of necessity, and out of a day of cleaning the studio. I found some Christmas themed coasters, the ones you find at the dollar spot at Target. Well, we couldn't have that! I decided to grunge them up a bit.

I started by taping them all together in a row (I had six of them) with some blue Painter's tape, on the backside. You can sorta see the edges below.

I used Dina Wakley's Media Paints in Turquoise and Lemon to cover the base. The used various contrasting colors through the different sized Halftone Dots Stencils, layering them messily. I made sure to stencil over the edges of the coasters onto the one next to it, so it looked like there was no edge. (Bonus! When you are bored, you can pretend they are a little puzzle and put them back together again.)

To continue the circle theme, I dipped the edge of a cardboard tube (in several sizes) in more paint of various colors, and stamped circles, again over the edges of the coasters. Lastly, I used my Fineline Applicator with black fluid acrylics, and "scribble wrote" marks all over them. Once they were dry, I separated them, and gave them several coats of DecoArt Media Satin Varnish.

 Viola! I now have a brand new set of COOL coasters for summer time and those sweaty water glasses!




Hello again!

I have been playing with Mineral Paper lately and I have to say I might be a *little* obsessed. The paper itself is made from rocks... and it's SO smooth.

I like to start with watercolors with this paper. I used a few different shades of greens and blues from Peerless Watercolor. After I had a pretty thick layer of watercolor, I used a hair dryer to dry it a little faster. The paint already dries pretty quick on the mineral paper, too. (Hint: Use a hair dryer, NOT a heat gun.)

This is where the magic happened, you guys. The colors mixed and mingled in such a beautiful way on the page.... and, the paper didn't even crinkle.

Next, a few spritz's of Lindy's Stamp Gang "Ponderosa Pines Olive" spray and took the hair dryer to it, too. More magic!

Then, I used a calligraphy pen to outline some of the Sacred Geometry stencils, randomly around the page. I thought it made it pretty interesting to only uses pieces of the stencil. I then went in with some gold and blue/green acrylic paint to outline and stamped a quote, "I do not have time for things with no soul."

To finish, I used matte medium to adhere the Mineral Paper to a piece of black matboard, then used gold spray from Heidi Swapp and the Halftone Dots stencils around the edges.

I finished up with some outlines and doodles with a Uniball Signo white pen and that's it!

The beauty of Mineral Paper and watercolors/sprays is that the paper doesn't buckle or tear, it can really hold everything that you throw at it... and everything reacts together in such a magical way.

Have you tried it yet? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

Hey everyone, school is almost out and for this elementary art teacher I might be counting down the days along with my students. Teaching art is super fun y'all but I am t  i  r  e  d. And in this stupor I went and decided why don't I just work on 4 canvases at once. You know, just to keep things interesting. Ha!

I don't work in a series normally but each time I try it out I wonder why I don't work this way more often! It's like getting several pieces of art for the price of one. It is fascinating how things can flow and ideas can be worked out in slightly different ways on each canvas. Here is how I created one such series.

Supplies used:

My small canvases started with a light molding paste texture already applied and dried. I added black dots with the smallest Halftone dot stencil.

I then painted over that with a wash of turquoise and (using a technique I learned from Dina Wakley) I placed a stencil on top of the still wet paint and using a baby wipe I wiped off the paint showing through the stencil. What a juicy texture that makes!

I cut out house shapes from chipboard and used them as masks when I painted red all over the canvas.

Using white paint first and then several layers of yellow I added words to the houses with the pocket stencils.

Using the largest circles from the halftone dots I added white paint dots to the perimeter of each canvas.

Then more little details with yellow paint, acrylic ink and a graphite pencil.

Ta Da!!!! (Yikes! Look at that messy desk.)

Here's wishing you a creative week!


Hello Creative One! This is Briana from Orange Spiral Arts.

I have a question for you today. How do you feel about rubber stamps? Do you think that trend has come and gone?

Perhaps after this post, you will fall in love with your old rubber stamps all over again (if you aren’t there already).

This week, I visited my local thrift store, and I found a baggie of rubber stamps for a few dollars. I didn’t love all of the stamps in the bag, but there were two that I could not wait to try.

I decided to make a handmade greeting card, which is one of my favorite things to do.

First, I stamped the guy holding the coffee cup in the middle of the card. Next, I stamped stars all around him. Sometimes I’d stamp twice before re-inking, to give the background some variety. I used my go to stamp pad, black StazOn. (The Ranger Archival Ink Pad is also a great choice.)

As you can see, I’ve got my stencil at the ready. I love the irregular rays on this Sacred Hearts: Immaculate stencil from the Sacred Hearts Series stencils.

Using a ballpoint pen, I traced the rays around the guy holding the coffee cup. I also went around the stars, rather than putting a line through them.

Here’s what the scene on my table looks like so far. (Sometimes it’s nice to see a visual of the supplies used.)

Next, I used the colorful, water-soluble Caran D’Ache crayons to add some pop!

I started with oranges, yellow, and lime green.

Next I added light blue.

With a wet paintbrush, I pulled the color out from the center, to the edges of each ray.

I had tons of fun making this card.

TIP: If the card is buckling a little from the water, place a piece of wax paper over the art; then set a stack of books on the card to help it dry flat.

As you can see, rubber stamps are fun to play with. I especially like combining stamps and stencils together in my art journals or handmade greeting cards.

What are your favorite art supplies for stamping, printing, and stenciling? What do you like to use for adding color? We’d love to hear your preferences in the comments below!

For more art inspiration and ideas, you’re invited to visit Briana’s site at

Blessings to you! Happy creating!



Hi!!! I am so happy to be sharing here again! This week since there wasn't anything I had to stick with I decided would just do a regular old journal entry letting my creativity flow and to lay some feelings out there, it is so therapeutic to put things in a journal that you should believe, that is why I call this one "I'm Perfect" I know I have imperfections, but those imperfections are what make me uniquely me. I am the product of my perfectly imperfect family that I wouldn't trade for the world.

That is also how I view my art, I love the imperfection of my creations, it also removes the worry of what someone else will think of my art, I like it and it make me feel good to make it. So that is my advice, create, let it flow, allow your perfect imperfections to be seen. That is what art is about!

To create this journal page I used:

Dina Wakley paints (Because I LOVE how they layer) in:

  • Lime
  • Turquoise
  • Tangerine
  • Magenta
  • Lemon

Artistcellar 6x6 stencils(because I adore them all!) used:

HB Lead Pencil

White Sharpie Paint Markers

If you would like to watch my process here us the video I recorded while creating it!

Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!!!

Shana Banana

Lovelier than a thousand kisses,
Smoother than muscatel wine.
Coffee, I must have coffee,
And if anyone wants to give me a treat,
Ah! Just give me some coffee! - The Coffee Cantata J.S. Bach

Coffee. Or as we say where I come from, “cawffee” is more than just a morning ritual. Its intoxicating scent eases you into the start of the day. Rich and bold, it is a relaxing conclusion to the evening. It warms you up on a cold day or cools you down in a variety of disguises from iced to ice cream. It’s an excuse to meet and share time with friends. No matter how or where it is served, I love it!

Working on my next collage using the wonderful Halftone Dots stencils I moved on to my next new love: Mineral Paper. Sleek and smooth, made from rocks, I couldn’t wait to try it out with a variety of media. It took the acrylic paint I stenciled on like a dream. No buckling or wrinkling. I was left with a wonderfully smooth, flat surface.

But would the mineral paper hold up to something a more liquid? I reached for my ever present cup of coffee. I covered the sheet with a general wash. While drying, I sprinkled on both wet grounds and instant granules. The page performed just as described by the Yasutomo Company. No bending. No warping. Just a flat surface – as pristine as when removed from the pack.

I loved the way the paper responds to wet media, but I wanted to try just one more effect. When dry I spritzed the sheet in several areas with my spray water bottle. The mottled look was just what I was after. Again, when dry the Mineral Paper remained flat, smooth and ready to be scanned.

Of late I’ve been in a ‘50’s kind of mindset. I decided to add the image of the surprised woman. But what could she be thinking? Did she just make a fantastic discovery? Of course! It has to be the best things in life.  And what could be better than a reassuring rotation of Art, Sleep and our Daily Brew? Who wants to join me?


  • Artistcellar Halftone Dots Series Stencils
  • Hand cut stencils
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Mineral Paper
  • Coffee, Lots of Coffee: Brewed and Instant
  • Vintage Image
  • Drawing paper
  • DecoArt Metallic Acrylic paint: Teal, Amethyst, Plum, Soft Gold, Berry, Worn Penny
  • Reeves Metallic Gold, Rose Red, Copper, Silver

Greetings Creative Ones! Let’s face it, stencils are a great way to overcome the fear of the “blank canvas” and faces are especially intimidating to create. I love the Jane Davenport faces I received in the mail the other day and thought it would be fun to play with them without a plan in mind and letting myself play. I enjoy creating this way, without expectations or a goal.

Today, I used the ASC061 "Coy" stencil and applied a light dusting of stamp pad ink over the stencil using a makeup sponge onto watercolor paper to bring out the subtle details of the stencil.

I used a pencil to finish the outline and painted with bold colors using transparent watercolors.

Opaque watercolors may come out muddy so choose your colors carefully. Make a handmade color chart of your watercolors to determine the color and transparency. Apply a band of black ink at the bottom area of the paper and brush the color over it. If you see color on the black after it dries, then it is not transparent. Some colors leave a sediment on the black and those are considered semi-transparent or semi opaque. I use those colors only when I need a pop of that color and I avoid mixing them with other colors.

Keep painting until you get the brilliance and detail you desire. For this painting, I wanted to keep the colors bold and juicy. I love watercolor because of the unpredictability of the results.

I used a Micron pen to draw the lines and doodles to bring out details of the face. This is where I can get really crazy with doodling and I may go back to this painting and doodle on it some more!

I filled in details with more watercolor and used a white opaque pen to create highlights. There are many white pens on the market but I have found the Posca Extra Fine white parker to be the most opaque and it dries permanent and waterproof which allows for over painting.


  • Artistcellar ACS061 stencil
  • Ranger Violet stamp pad
  • makeup sponge
  • Mission Gold watercolors
  • Micron pen
  • Uni Ball Posca opaque white paint pen .7mm

I wanted to show you a quick, fun way to customize your phone case. Of course, we're using Artistcellar Stencils and gelli prints. When my Dr Who Phone case started to fall apart, I went back to my old, clear case. After a Tardis phone case (way cool!) this plain clear case was boring me to death. So... I decided to spruce it up. 

You have to very carefully make a template first. The inside of the case is slightly smaller than the outside, but you can trace the outside and when you cut it out, cut it about 1/8"-1/16" smaller all around. Fit it and trim it as needed. Better to trim very slowly, because you can always cut more, but can't put it back. Get it so it's nice and snug. 

Now you can find some cool paper to use. I suggest regular weight paper as opposed to a cardstock thickness. My first attempt was with cardstock and my phone case didn't fit as well, I lost that bumper edge. First priority is protecting the phone! I have 9875429 gelli print papers laying around from when I play with new stencils, and it was really hard to choose, but I just picked this one made from the Seed of Life Stencil from the Sacred Geometry 2 Series.

Audition your template and find a nice design to focus on. Once you have the outside shape cut out, put it in the clear case. Now you can trace around your camera cut out, while it is in the case. You want to make sure that you are cutting the opening on the correct side of the paper. (Ask me how I know this. ie. second attempt ) To cut the inside opening, I used a very sharp Xacto blade on a self healing mat. 

Some cases have a huge opening for the camera, some have a smaller opening. Mine had a large opening, and my phone has that pink stripe below the camera. I wanted to make the opening in the printed paper as small as possible so the original phone color couldn't be seen. If you look close enough, you can see that I missed the mark a little bit, but the next one I make will be slightly smaller. I made this in about ten minutes, and that's my excuse. 

I think it looks fabulous! And it's so easy to make, you can make one to match every outfit. Clear cases on Amazon run between $6 - $20 but think of the versatility!


If you make your own phone case like this, I want to see it! Have fun! 

Wow! I would like to thank the Academy... no, I mean, I would like to thank YOU for coming along with us on this journey through Halftone Dots land! I LOVE what our Artistcellar Design Team did, all the beautiful projects, it's hard not to get intimidated. As you saw, you can do pretty much anything with these stencils!

Now is really the time to go back and have a look-see at the last SEVEN posts (starting with Artistcellar's Introduction on April 24th.) On each post we are giving away one free set of Halftone Dots stencils to a random lucky winner who leaves a comment. And if you already purchased a Halftone Dots Series, no worries! I understand Instant Gratification. If your name is picked, you can substitute any other Artistcellar Series for the win!

If you leave a comment on this post, it doesn't include an entry to the giveaway, but don't let it stop you, because if you leave a comment, at least I know you're reading this, LOL.

In conclusion, I would like to share another project that I did using the Halftone Dots series. But first I want to tell you why I love these so much. You know that little piece of punchinella that you keep losing? The one with only ONE size circles? The one that is so full of paint, it leaves flakes of color behind when you use it over and over (before you lose it!) Yeah, that right there. It's MUCH harder to lose a stencil! (Not saying it can't happen...) Plus, the series has four different sized circles to choose from, for your stenciling pleasure. AND they layer in the most perfectly imperfect way. Oh yes, just see what the Design Team did!

I love to use these on journal page backgrounds. For this one, I used Tim Holtz Distress Crayons (Set Three) in the neutral color palette. I scribbled and blended in a light color first, to get some color down. Then I took the different sized dot stencils and added darker colors back in with a wet wipe, that I rubbed some color on. This lets you get that slightly darker edge to the dots. I didn't wipe the color away, just applied it gently.

When I start doing something, I usually don't have a plan. I just let it flow and figure it out as I go. After I finished the background, I found a picture of this zebra. I love the contrast between the dots and the stripes and the monochrome feel of the page. A little lettering with a paint marker and a White Signo Pen and Viola! Done.

I hope you enjoyed our little faux-hop and got lots of inspiration from Artistcellar and its Awesome Design Team! Now don't forget to go back and leave a comment. I'm giving your four days to go back... until Tuesday May 10th at Midnight. I will pick winners on Wednesday May 11th and if you are the lucky one, I will contact you by email.

Good luck and make art!



Hello again!

I am really excited to be starting a new art journal today. I grabbed the small Dylusions journal and I've been wanting to decorate the inside cover.

When I saw the new Artistcellar Halftone Dot stencils, I knew I just had to use them in a fun and whimsical way! I started with a cosmetic sponge and  Dylusions paint in "London Blue" and I just covered the page. Then, I used the Halftone Dots: Shadow with Dylusions paint in "Vibrant Turquoise".

Once the paint was dry (it doesn't take long at ALL) I used a Halftone Dots: Midtone 2 with a palette knife and some black modeling paste. When the modeling paste dries, it stays raised up from the surface and provides the most amazing texture. 

I finished off with another Halftone Dots stencil, this time it was "Highlight"... with a cosmetic sponge and Dylusions paint in "Crushed Grape".

The cosmetic sponge really works beautifully with the stencil. 

Next, I tore out some illustrations from an old book, and used clear gesso to "glue" them to the journal. Once dry, I gave them a coat of Distress Stain in Walnut, and some gloss varnish. I really wanted it to be shiny, but if that isn't your thing, just go for a matte. 

I finished off with a black DecoArt Media Mister, some lace collage, ice stickles glitter glue and.... drippage! 

Overall, I love the fun and whimsical look of the dots not being perfectly round -- and I really loved how the stencils stacked and worked together. 

Now I really want to see what you can do with them. Wanna win a set? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! We will pick a winner on May 11th and make contact through e-mail. Oh, and don't worry... if you already bought a set of Halftone Dots stencils you will get to pick another stencil series of your choice from Artistcellar.

Good luck!


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