NEW! Kaleidoscope Signature Series!

An artist’s signature is as unique as their work. That’s why at Artistcellar we are always so thrilled to offer stencils from new signature artists, our newest being Cecilia Swatton.

Cecilia Swatton is a digital and three-dimensional mixed-media artist. Cecilia’s work ranges from large wall hangings to small tabletop decorations. Her work has been published in Cloth Paper Scissors, Expression, Scrap ‘n Stamp, Altered Arts, Somerset Studio Galleria, The Spring Hill Review, Stampers Sampler and Inspirations.


That’s why we are so excited about Cecilia’s first Signature Series set: Kaleidoscope! Remember looking through your first kaleidoscope? Bring the same childhood wonder of color and geometric texture to your artwork with these kaleidoscope inspired designs.

Cecilia describes her series designs this way:

Kaleidoscopic images have fascinated me since early childhood. Now as a stencil designer, I find this imagery intrigues me as much as ever. Circles are a favorite design of mine, so in creating Trillium, I had the best of both worlds.


Orchids have always delighted me, and I have the photo collection to prove it. I really enjoy creating stylized, abstract images. The marriage of these two loves created Orchid.


Sunflower is the state flower of Kansas, where I was born. My stencil Sunflower ties my roots with my current passion for working with kaleidoscope imagery on my PC.


Lilies symbolize new life and so, to me, they express a theme of hope. My stencil Lily also reminds some artists of snowflakes, and I’m fine with that idea too. When snow covers the world outside my window, everything framed there is cloaked in beauty and mystery.


Precision laser cut from tough 10mil polyester material and proudly made in the USA, these stencils are designed to not just inspire with their beauty, but also include a resilience that is rivaled only by the desire to create.


For more information about Artistcellar stencils visit Art is not optional. You have to create. We understand.

And lastly, come join us for a blog hop to celebrate the release of Kaleidoscope! It starts here tomorrow and follows with a weeks worth of talented artists showcasing this newest release! Stay tuned…

Return of the Pink Pup


I was stressed and tired the other night after work, so I thought painting in my journal might be just what I needed to do to relax and unwind. There’s nothing quite like randomly applying pretty paint colors to clear the mind.


I started by making scribbly marks in pinks and harmonious colors with Derwent blocks on a blank white page. I added water with a Koi brush and smushed it all around, and added more color here and there until the page was filled and it said “pretty” to me.

A few days later, I got a bunch of new stencils, so I decided to test them by applying molding paste through them onto the painted pink journal page. First, I used the harlequin stencil on the bottom two-thirds. When that was dry, I applied more molding paste through a Jill Berry compass rose stencil on the top of the page.


The look was soft and pretty, and I could have quit there, but the page seemed to want to be a background for something—a photo, some poetry, or maybe inspirational words. After auditioning a few items, I settled on a printout from a Photoshop® ATC collage I made a few seasons ago, and using matte medium, adhered it to the page.


The mischievous Coco Wyatt, with a dashing bowler hat, is at a table sipping tea. His face is pink not from the tea, but because of some artwork he “helped” with back in 2008 when he was just a young lad. If you follow my blog, you may know the story. If not, here is a link to why Coco is all pink!


Stenciled Frame

Hello friends! Welcome to Thursday and it’s time for me to share some creativity with you. I’m sharing with you today a frame I made for my daughter.  This was so much fun to do and she really loved it too.

Stenciled frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

I used a dollar frame from Michael’s and started with painting the back in a vibrant Periwinkle color.

Stenciled frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

I had planned a whimsical look and painted a sky and grass scene.

stencil frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

I started with a set of stencils that I love from ArtistCellar and Tamara LaPorte, called Tam’s Whimsy Series.  It has 4 lovely stencils, flower garden, whimsy town, hearts and stars, and butterfly wings.  Here I’m adding some whimsy houses to each side of the frame. I like using this small stipple brush with these stencils that have a lot detail and when I want to use multiple colors.

stencil frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

 Added some flowers…

stencil frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

And some dangling hearts.  I then used some pens to add some details to the houses and more flowers.

stencil frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

I finished the frame with some clouds created with the Chicken Wire stencil and the “Be True To You” words from the Poppies stencil.

stencil frame, ArtistCellar, Carmen Whitehead Designs

I added one of my favorite pictures of us taken at our most favorite place, Disneyland, about 4 years ago.  I like the whimsical look of the houses.  They are not perfect in the look, paint or details and that’s exactly how I wanted them.

Thanks for visiting with me today and if you would like check out my blog too.


 photo signature_zps1b49fcd9.png

Watercolor Bookmarks Wordplay





Being part of a book club is so much fun, sitting around with the ladies talking about the best seller. I have a collection of paperback and NOOK books.


I usually read more then one book at a time and I miss bookmarks, because I’m forever losing my place. I used to make them all the time and have recently been inspired by my watercolors and stencils to do it again.




Using  300 lbs cold press watercolor paper, I ripped strips to get the tattered look I wanted and picked four or five watercolor pencils in the same shade range and mixed them wet on wet. After drying I used my ink pads and chosen stencils to create some fun looks. I like the stardust one best.


Happy Creating!

Melanie Statnick

A Series of Stenciled Tea Cup Cards


Stenciled card

I have been making small tea cups on water color paper with stenciled designs lately.  Some have turned into mini canvases and others have become all occasion cards.  The same technique was used repeatedly with different results, all fun.  The beginnings of each was the same, create a master board, stamp a design on a 4″ square piece of that master board, and then stencil designs on the the tea cup image and in the background.  Just to refresh your memories of the first steps here are some photos.

Create your master board

Create your master board


Stamp your design

Stamp your design


ArtistcellarStenciledTeacups102014 035

Use pens and inks to decorate tea cups

Use stencils with pens and inks to decorate the tea cups

So using this same technique I have created a series of tea cup cards that measure 5″ by 5″ when they are completed.  Each one is different and matted onto coordinating paper.  After the panel is prepared simply mount it on a blank card.

Finished card

Finished card

And here are the rest of the cards in this set.

Queen Bee Card

Queen Bee Card

ArtistcellarStenciledTeacups102014 038

ArtistcellarStenciledTeacups102014 039I hope to see you here next Tuesday.  I promise I’ll have different techniques to share with you on how to use your stencils to the max!  Thanks for stopping by ~ Hugs ~ Renee xx


An Aussie Kind of “Birdhouse”

Just found out that my Brothers are taking a trip to Australia in Nov.  I asked them to bring me back a piece of Aboriginal Art.  Then, I thought about making a little Aussie art myself.  I can’t help but use gobs of Color.  So… This is my interpretation of a cute little “Aussie Birdhouse”.  My supplies are listed below the first Photo.


Artistcellar Supplies:  Koi Watercolors, Silks, Gel Medium

Additional Supplies:  Small Wooden Birdhouse, Paper Flowers, Glitter, Beads and Crystal Jewels, Twings, Moss, Tree Fungus (not harmful to humans), Tissue paper, Glue Gun, Stays On Ink Pad, Music & Bird Stamp.

Choose any type of Birdhouse.  Do not Gesso this one so that the watercolors or Silks you use will act more like a stain.

FIRST:  Grab a little Birdhouse and paint it with white Gesso.


Gather items from outside where you live such as twigs, bark & seeds.  There will be a few extra items you will want to incorporate such as Paper Flowers and glitter.


I didn’t use all the items I gather but will keep it all for my next project… a little Fairy House.  ;))



Paint your twigs with bright colors.  Use Silks to give them an extra shimmer & shine.  I wrapped beads around one twig but didn’t like the look, so I used jewels and beads for the finishing touch!


Choose different colors for each side and don’t forget the bottom and under the roof.  I then used the Gel Medium to seal the colors in.  I wanted to see the grain of the wood.  I applied some Koi Watercolors to achieve the stained wood effect

IMG_4102 IMG_4104

I wanted the bottom to look really cool, so I found white tissue paper and stamped music and a cute little bird onto the tissue with stays on Ink.  I applied the Gel Medium and let it dry.  I used a wooden nail file to scrape off the extra tissue on the edges.  The Gel Medium will keep the tissue in place.  You could never cut a piece to fit more perfectly than to use a nail file on the edges.



I mounted the sticks all around the base where I had glues moss.  There is a strange fungus that grows on the trees in my area and it’s quite beautiful.  I placed some of this behind the dotted green twig.  It makes it very special when you find unusual twigs, rocks or shells that you can only find in the area you live in.

IMG_4169 IMG_4167

I bought some interesting beads from Michael’s on sale and attached the butterfly & heart bead to the front and side.  I added some pretty crystal beads to the back, hanging from a little twig tree I placed on the back of the house.  I glued on a few paper flowers,  I sprayed the side of the roof where the flowers were glued with an adhesive spray and dumped some glitter, (two different sizes) to just that area.  I love Color, Glitter and all things sparkly!  I think I achieved the task of bringing all of my “Loves” into one piece.  Hope you enjoyed my little Aussie Bird House.  It’s pretty wild for sure.  Koi Watercolors and Silks made this little house pop with color.  Make sure you try them out. You will add them to your “Love” list too.   I think these little houses would make AWESOME Christmas tree decorations.  Maybe designing each house with a different theme or country.  That would be really fun!

IMG_4166 IMG_4168



Tree of Life Triptych

TreeOfLifeTriptychFinalA friend of mine has a cool tool that she uses to emboss paper. I love the effect, but wanted to see if I could achieve the effect without buying yet another fancy tool. I used a Tree of Life stencil that I had on hand and applied molding paste through the stencil onto a heavy watercolor paper.

indigo tree of life

Once dry, I painted it with shimmery acrylic in indigo and turquoise. The embossing effect worked, but I didn’t quite know what to do with the experiment, so it sat on my shelf for a few months.

4 tree of life

When I got my pots of old gold and green viva décor inka gold, I rubbed it on the unfinished tree of life to see what happened. I liked the effect, but still didn’t know what else to do. So, I cut three of them to a uniform size and machine stitched them together into a triptych. The pieces were joined with a strip of wool felt.

triptych stitching process

I carefully applied molding paste through three of the Artistcellar pocket stencil inspirational words, and then when dry, enhanced the words with a white signo pen. The effect reminded me of old, tooled leather, and I added some “studs” made of brass-colored brads from the five and ten to give it an Old West look.


Spooky ATC Cards

It’s almost Halloween!  Can you believe it?  Both of my kids are grown and I don’t do the Halloween thing as much as when they were little.  Now, I decorate more with Fall decorations, but I did have an urge today to create some spooky ATC cards.  I love layering stencils to create unique backgrounds.  Here I created 3 different cards all with different stencils.

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

I started with 3 cardboard cards that I had trimmed down to the 2.5″ x 3.5″ size of ATC’s.  I applied some gesso and then sprayed each of them with some mister spray inks from DecoArt Media Line and Dylusions.

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by


Then I layers each of them with stencils and acrylic paint. The black card I used ArtistCellar’s Quasi and mini Chicken wire stencils.  I had an “at sign” stencil that used with a glimmery spray.  The orange card in the center I used ArtistCellar’s Infra and Peacock Feathers from Balzer Designs.  I spritzed on a purple using an ampersand stencil I had.  The last card I layered with the Fibo stencil and turned it different directions and 2 shades of orange.

I was pleased with the backgrounds and now ready to add the final touches.

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

I stamped some spooky ghosts and a Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein on some scrapbook paper.  Fussy cut them out and gave them a distressed look with some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in  Vintage Photo and Black Soot.  I also used a cobweb stamp from Stampers Anonymous and a steam punk gears stamp from RubberMoon.  I adhered the images with some gel medium.

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

I applied some Tim Holtz sticker letters to a couple of the cards.

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

ArtistCellar stencils, Spooky ATC, created by

Here they are, what do you think?  I really enjoy making these cards.  I have quite a collection so far and will need to find a way to display them in my studio so they can be seen, instead of stored in a binder.

Thank you so much for visiting with me today and remember to check back often for some more creative inspiration from our team.


 photo signature_zps1b49fcd9.png

Drawing blocks & Pastel



Rainy days are made for doodling, drawing and playing in your journal. I bought some brown Kraft paper because I like the contrast with ink and other pastel colors including pastel pencils.


Last week I showed you how to break up your stencils, here is another way to do that and get creative in your journals. Using a Micron pen draw out boxes in different shapes, outline them on the inside with a thicker tip. Place different sections of stencils in each square and trace the lines



Add some words to some of the blocks also. Once you have filled in go back over some of the boxes with your favorite colors in pastel chalk pencils. Make each one different or create a theme.  Happy drawing!

Melanie Statnick

Stenciled Teacup Canvas

It’s Tuesday, time for stenciling!  I am still creating little stenciled teacups using different Artistcellar stencils, combining them for backgrounds and decorations on stamped teacups.  This is similar to the one I created last week, the same color palette but different designs.  If you have time, sit down with a cuppa and take a look at my process.

Finished 4″ by 4″ canvas

This process started just like the one last week with a piece of my master board.  My master board has stamped images on it in different shades of blue and pink inks.  To begin I cut a piece measuring 4″ by 4″ and then stamped a teacup image on the paper.

When the ink is dry I started using stencils to make the designs and lines that I would color in or doodle designs in later.

 First I completed the background with different stencils using Dylusions spray inks in a water brush type pen.  I used a Coral stencil with Fresh Lime ink.  Then I used the X’s stencil with a deep yellow Memento marker called Dandelion.  When I was finished with the background I drew a horizon line with a Micron black pen.  I used the same pen to doodle in a design on the bottom portion of the cup.  I colored in the teacup with Dylusions Bubblegum Pink ink and Vibrant Turquoise.  The Memento Marker in Dandelion was used on the handle and other parts of the cup and saucer.  I made the teabag out of a tag and a piece of twine.  The phrase was part of a longer DR phrase just cut out, inked the edges of it and after gluing it on I anointed it with a coating of Clear irRESISTIbles Pico Embellisher.  The only thing left to do was ink the edges with StazOn Chai permanant ink.  Chai seemed like the perfect color to use!  Then I adhered my little water color panel to a lovely blank 4″ by 4″ canvas.

  Now I have two.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hoped you enjoyed seeing how I use my stencils.  I like getting the maximum value out of my supplies and using them in unusual ways does it for me.  I’ll have another stenciling idea to share with you next Tuesday, hope to see you then!  Hugs~Renee