Stencils add punch to an art journal page


MarchArtistcellar 006

Today I’m using my small journal to create pages called “The Window”.  I used the Jane Davenport “Face” stencil to begin the woman’s face.

MarchArtistcellar 007

MarchArtistcellar 008I started by lightly tracing her face using the stencil and a pencil to get the placement of the features just right.  Then I bring out the Gelatos, paints, ink pens and gesso to give the face life and add color to the background.

MarchArtistcellar 001To add interest I used purple Gelatos mixed with white gesso and a palette knife to force it through the stencil called Flower of Life.

MarchArtistcellar 003

This pattern will become my window.  I just drew a few lines around the pattern with a permanent marker.

MarchArtistcellar 004

I added a punch of color with DWM Turquoise paint and Dyan Reaveley’s Number Jumble stencil.

MarchArtistcellar 006


It is always fun to look back on what you were thinking on this date later in the year.  That’s why after I write my thoughts I make sure to date the page.  Have a great day, see you next Tuesday.  Keep warm, hugs ~ Renee


Journal Fun with Everything but the Kitchen Sink!


My dear friend fell and broke her foot this week.  She is such a trouper.  We love to work on art together.  So… I gathered up some supplies and headed next door.  She’s also my neighbor.  We had a great time.  We made these great journal pages.  I hope you enjoy these creations as much as we did.  Maybe you will be inspired to gather a few friends, a few snacks and execute some of these steps.  An art party!

Artistcellar Supplies:  Ranger matte medium, Dina Wakley gessoUnibal Signo White pen, Faber-Castell pitt pens. Dina Wakley acrylics, Artistcellar Stencils, AC pocket stencils series, “Creative Words” and “Virtues”, Texture Series “Romans”, and “Mini Punchinella“,  Black Ranger archival Ink pad, Inktense blocks, Koi Waterbrush

Additional Supplies:  Masking Tapes, Doily stamps, stencils, white ink pad, ziplock bag

Step 1:  We laid Gesso down on our journal pages and waited for them to dry.IMG_5487

Using Dina Wakley acrylic paints and a spray bottle.  We wet the pages with water and then dipped our fingers into the paints and smeared the colors back and forth.


Step 2:  Making your own WASHI TAPE.  We took plain masking tape and stenciled with different colors from Dina Wakley’s beautiful acrylics.  We put the masking tape on a ziplock bag so it would be easy to remove and placed them on the dried finger painting.



As you can see, the pocket stencils fit perfectly onto the tape.  Then we added a few stamps and stencils to give the tape interest.  We then tore the tape into pieces with just one word on it and applied it to the journal pages.



Step 3: After applying the tape, we applied acrylics to the Artistcellar stencils, additional stamps & stencils,





We took Inktense blocks and encased the tape with black and used a wet brush to soften and fade the edges of  the tape.  We then began to embellish the pages with white pens, archival inks, and Pitt pens.  In fact… I think Iris is still adding to her work of ART. Not only did I spend time with a sick friend, but she was certainly not thinking about her broken foot and we were both quite satisfied with the results.  Now, it’s your turn,  Go to Artistcellar and buy some stencils and this wonderful paint, find a friend that would love to have a visit from you and lead them through this tutorial.  It took us about 1 1/2 hours.  And that was with drying time.  Of course we used a craft heat gun.  I’m really bummed.  I took pictures of Iris, her broken foot and her rendition of this tutorial, but not all the photos would load to my computer.  But, I will get more pictures and show you next week how much fun Iris and I had and her beautiful piece of art.  I’ve already got a plan for this coming week.  You’ll see it all next Monday.  Have a great week, and don’t forget to order these amazing paints from Artistcellar.  By all means,  grab up a few stencils. They are all just perfect for this kind of art work.  I love them all, but this week, I really, really loved the way “Romans” worked with the paints and background.  It’s a mixture of letters and a few words pop out as well. I loved the word dream and true. It’s a beautiful stencil and it comes in a set. I’ll be getting the whole set next time. Have a great week. See ya next Monday!




“The Bridge” ATC Dolls

This summer, there was a new TV series called “The Bridge” that premiered on FX in July. Somehow my local deli ended up—in August—having coffee sleeves advertising the show. I loved the graphics, and the faces reminded me of Starsky & Hutch, from the 1970s TV show. I collected a few of the sleeves and tucked them in my art bin.


This fall, we had an Artistcellar ATC trade through Facebook. I was a little ATC stenciling maniac one Saturday, and made about 40 different ATCs. I traded five and tucked the rest into my art bin for future use. I used many stencils, including the Harlequin, Sunny Compass Rose, Mini Chakras, and pocket stencil words.

bridge atcs

On a recent day off, I pulled out my art bin and rediscovered the unfinished Artistcellar ATCs, a bunch of other unfinished work, and the coffee sleeves, so I decided to combine them.


First, I carefully cut the coffee sleeve so each face was separate. I used pieces from the backside of the coffee sleeve to create necks, and glued them to the faces with matte medium. I added a little packing tape on the back for extra strength. Next, I trimmed the faces down, but left the orange road to suggest a beret. That looked a little strange, so I decided to go really strange, and added crazy hats.

bridge starsky

I called the face with the moustache “Starsky,” and gave him a body from one of the extra Artistcellar ATCs that I didn’t trade in the facebook exchange. The ATC was created with a Photoshop collage of Graphics Fairy butterflies, which was printed on cardstock. I overprinted it with pocket stencil inspirational words, and flipped the stencils over to create a word shadow in a different color. The head was out of proportion to the body, so I went with the weirdness and gave him tiny child-sized vintage arms and legs from Graphics Fairy royalty free images, printed on cardstock and attached with mini brads.

hutch reshoot

Doll number two was, naturally, christened “Hutch.” He was awarded a crown, Graphics Fairy vintage child paper doll legs, and arms from a Disney prince. The body was a leftover ATC from a 1960s themed trade—it has a graphic image from a concert poster and a few of the lyrics from the folk/rock anthem “Woodstock” that were combined in Photoshop. Both ATC bodies were edged with brown chalk ink to give a vintage effect.

starsky and hutch final tweaked



Happy girls are always the prettiest!

Happy girls are always the prettiest – What a wonderful sentiment and advice from Audrey Hepburn.  I love her style and she did always seem so happy.

This is Carmen with you again and I’m sharing with you a colorful and Spring inspired art journal page.

pretty girls 1

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Another card cover done on Cream watercolor paper. This is 140lb press.

Do you believe in angels? I do. I’ve had too many wonderful things happen in my  life not to. I have earth angels also. Those wonderful beautiful friends or brand new people who come into our lives and help us in the least expected ways, ways that sometimes bring us to tears with gratitude.


You can be an angel in someone’s life as well. I have volunteered my time in so many ways, sometimes you see the people you help and other times you don’t and that is okay too, just knowing you made a difference in someone’s heart is an incredible feeling.


I created this with the Faber-Castell watercolor pencils and the Believe and Gratitude stencils.

Angel Blessings!

Melanie Statnick

Stenciling on an Art Journal Page

I love using my stencils with all types of products.  Today I am sharing a double page spread that I did in my art journal using glazes and metallic paste with stencils.  The message is a great one:  You are good enough!

Artistcellar220151. Using StazOn Jet Black ink, stamp numbers on blank pages in an art journal.  Apply a thin layer of gesso with a brayer to both journal pages and allow to dry.

2015_February_RZ_Technique_step12. With a baby wipe, apply and blend several different colors of StazOn Studio glaze on the gessoed pages.


3. Stamp the Donna Downey face image onto left side of art journal spread with Jet Black StazOn ink.

2015_February_RZ_Technique_step34. With a paintbrush or your finger tip, color the face with white gesso.  When the gesso is dry color the face with pastels. Finish by using a white pen to highlight the eyes.

AIRsFeb2015AJpages 0055. Push gesso through the Believe and Good Enough stencils using a palette knife to achieve a textured, raised phrase.  Stencil the Chunky Chevron design on pages with Green Iridescent Creative Medium and allow to dry completely.

2015_February_RZ_Technique_step66. Antique the edges of both pages by using the direct to paper method inking all around the edges of the journal pages with a StazOn Gothic Purple ink pad.  Blend with InkBlushers.

7. A circle design on both pages can be made by painting Silver Creative Medium onto a recycled lid and stamping it onto the pages.

8. To stamp lines on the pages for interest, use the edge of a credit card that has been dipped in Jet Black StazOn ink.

AIRsFeb2015AJpages 0209. Apply Bronze Creative Medium through the stencil called Arrow to finish; allow to dry thoroughly.

Artistcellar22015Art journals are great to play around with new techniques and products in.  Pull out your stencils and use them to add textures to your pages!  Thanks for joining me today, I’ll see you next Tuesday.  Hugs ~ Renee xx

Artist Trading Cards




A few years ago, I came across some Artist Trading Cards at the library.  What a great idea!  Little pieces of art, never to be sold, but given away, or traded with other artists.  These are the first cards I attempted.  Hope you like them.

Artistcellar Supplies: Dina Wakley Gesso,  Ranger mixed medium.  Koi watercolors and Koi water brush.  Faber-Castell Pitt pens, Uniball Signo White pen, Ranger Archival ink pad.

Additional supplies:  Glitter, Triple Thick Gloss by Americana, black Tombow pen, tissue paper, Mary Engelbright figures from a calander, wooden letter stamps, crystals, H2O watercolors, lace.

First Card:  My favorite!  Probably because it was the most difficult & I almost gave up on it. After applying gesso to all the cards, I cut out several pieces of Mary Engelbright characters and art.  For this card I tore pieces of a book and glued them down with the matte medium.  Then I sprinkled glitter on the king of hearts and drew squares and dots the a Uniball Signo White pen.  I edged it with a black Tombow and sealed it with Triple Thick Gloss.  I love the Pig!IMG_5476

Second Card:  On this card, I laid down Dina Wakley acrylic paints.  I cut out this girl’s face from a magazine and glued her on top with matte medium.  I blended her picture into the background with a Signo pen in a circular motion and then sprinkled glitter on top and then edged it with a black Tombow, followed by the Triple Thick Gloss.


Third Card:  Lots of fun.  I laid down some lime green acrylic paint.  I punched out a few flowers from a flower punch and painted them with acrylics and glued them to the card.  I added doodles with my Signo and Pitt pens.  Topped the flowers with crystals and finished with the Triple Thick.  I really like the detail and the depth of the layers that the triple thick gives the piece.


Fourth Card:  After applying watered down acrylics, I cut a fish in half out of cardstock and painted it with H2Os. I accented the fish and edge with the Tombow pen, added Signo white pen and some crystals.IMG_5480

Fifth Card:  On this card, I glued down a small strip of lace. After applying the color I glued down more of my Engelbright pieces and some words as well.  I think the Cupie Doll is so cute.IMG_5481

Sixth Card:  I applied Koi watercolor to the background and then glued on mulberry paper.  I stamped some music notes on paper and tore it into a strip and edged it with Ranger archival Ink pad.  I taped in some star rivets and hung beads.  I stamped out the words and glued them down. Lastly, I painted the top with glitter paint. IMG_5482

Seventh Card:  Using a paper napkin, I applied it to the card.  I outlined the pattern with a Signo White pen and finished it with doodles and glitter paint. IMG_5477

With just a few supplies you can create the sweetest, smallest, and most unique piece of art to be given or traded with other artists.  I hope these tiny pieces of art will inspire you to make a few of these for yourself or as gifts for friends or other artists in trade.


Journal Collage with Thermofax

book thermofax for net

Unplanned collaging in your journal is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing. By letting yourself be totally instinctive, you lubricate your brain and “prime the well” of creativity.

Many writers follow the steps in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, and write morning pages to prime their creative well. Artists often follow her process, but do artwork in a journal daily, sometimes in combination with writing. Although I must confess I don’t work in my journal every day because of time constraints, I DO do something artistic or creative daily, even if it is just a doodle while I am on the phone or in a meeting. One of my journals is just stuffed with little doodled sketches I have done over the years. I often flip through the doodle journal when I am looking for inspiration, and I have translated a lot of my doodles into bigger projects.

Twirly Heart 3x3lowrz

One of the doodle shapes that keeps coming up is a swirly twirly heart. A few years ago I sent some of my designs to fiber artist Lynn Krawczyk (yes, the very same person who has a collection of four Artistcellar stencils!), who turned them into thermofax screens. It is very cool to be able to print your own designs on paper and fabric. The screens print very evenly, and even a sloppy artist who is always hurrying (who me?!) can successfully use them. You can read more about thermofax in Lynn’s Esty shop or on her website.

If you want to see some of my other thermofax experiments, check my blog–there are several posts with thermofax work, or click here for a direct link about my thermofax fun.


On this page, using matte medium, I collaged a bunch of unrelated paper pieces—a food receipt, magazine pages, and leftover design scraps.  The word BOOK was from a magazine advertisement; I liked it because it reminded me how much I love to read.


As a central focus, I added an imperfect thermofax print. I printed it with turquoise screen printing ink, and while it was wet, sprinkled embossing powder on top of the paint, then heated it. The heart shape looked okay, but there were some accidental sprinkles on the bottom of the heart that looked smeary. Still, I liked the heart’s color and shape and decided to use it in the collage anyway.


I decided to add some subtle stencils to the page. I used sections of the Flower Piecing stencil here and there with a fine black pen and white signo pen. Next, to camouflage the smeared thermofax heart, I added black dots with a fat sharpie marker around the edge, then added some gradations of white over the smears with my Faber-Castell: Stampers Big White Brush Pen. Last, I took some black and white washi tape, cut it into thin strips, and added them around the word book and above the heart.



Little Women – Art Journal Page

Hi friends, Carmen here today and I’m continuing to practice my girl art in my art journal.  When I altered the Little Women book I took out many pages to use later and they came in very handy for this piece.  One piece in particular I wanted to highlight because I felt like this girl would be saying this.

Little Women - Art Journal Girl for ArtistCellar created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

 While I was adhering the torn pieces I came across this one and I knew I wanted to highlight it.  I love the words and the sentiment for a Sunday afternoon or anyday.

Little Women - Art Journal Girl for ArtistCellar created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

 I then spread some acrylic paint with my palette knife and added some circles with bubble wrap and a round lid.  For the girl I painted on some gesso to give myself a base for her face without the background peaking through.  I used graphite sketch pencil in 6B to create the girl with Jane Davenport’s Jane Girl stencil in Straight, then I used my Faber-Castell Gel Sticks to add color to her.   I activated the gel sticks color with water and it gave a wonderful coverage and watercolor look.

I finished highlighting her with my black Sharpie China Marker.

Little Women - Art Journal Girl for ArtistCellar created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

I’m really enjoying creating these girls and the Jane Girls stencils make it so easy to start.  I have been doing some free hand drawing that I’ll share with you soon.

Thanks so much for visiting friends!


 photo signature_zps1b49fcd9.png

Be Soulful



I love mason jars, especially the blue glass – the original not the reproduced. I often look for these at antique stores. Painting again with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils, using  the Cherry Blossom stencil,  I outlined the flower petals in various places above the jars.



I painted the flowers and jars in with the pencils and then outlined both.


This is painted on a cream colored watercolor paper that I received as a sample. As I finished with shadowing I used a water-soluable  pencil and Faber-Castell in gray. I outlined the paper with black pitt pens.


I finished with Tam’s word stencil. Be Soulful. I’m going to add this to the front of a card.

Happy Creating

Melanie Statnick