Paper Balloons (use up all those extras)

july 28 gHappy Monday! ahh….summahtime!
I will be on the beach in Florida when this gets posted :-)
This week I share a quick, fun way to use those extra stenciled papers that we all have and save because they are so gorgeous.  These would be fun on gifts, covering a window or a doorway, and hanging off a tree!

I described this folded method with just 3 sheets in my very first post for Artistcellar back in February for Valentine’s Day.  Click here to check it out.

Funky art pages created using these stencils
Spirit stencil, part of Artistcellar’s sacred heart series
Os Stencil
Celestial stencil (I use this a lot)
Ink sprays – all kinds of colors
july 28 j
Step 1 – Grab those gorgeous papers waiting to be used!

july 28 h
Step 2 – I used something around the house to draw 6 perfect circles on the back of the papers.  Then cut out the circles and fold in half.

july 28 k
Step 3 – I glued the sides together to form the ball and a string in the center.

July 28 y
Step 4 – I sewed a few embellishments that have special meaning to me. The key from a diary I kept as a tween, the peace sign from my mother-in-law, and the silver parachutey-looking thingy from an earring I bought in India but lost it’s partner years ago.

Have fun making these lovely, colorful paper balls.  Ohhh…what if you strung a whole bunch together like a banner?

Summer notecards

Wow the last Friday of July already!  Hope your summer has been a sweet one!

Here’s a quick & fun project for this week…DSCN9606At a sale last weekend, I scored a pile of scrappers papers and blank cards. Immediately I thought- summer note-cards- using some of my favorite summer colors!!

I pulled out a few of my favorite Artistcellar stencils-

Fibo and Infra from the Quasi Series Set.                                                                            Tortoise,Seven Jewels,and Hemp Flower from the Japanese Geometric Series Set.

now for the photos…DSCN9591DSCN9602DSCN9603DSCN9601DSCN9598DSCN9599DSCN9600DSCN9604DSCN9606For my favorite colors I used

Golden Acrylics~ Green Gold & Teal

Luminarte Silks~Persimmon,Sunburst & Sunflower

Lumiere~Halo Pink Gold

and for texture, I used the Infra stencil and spread Art Anthology Cotton Candy & Outrageous Orange through.

Footnote here-                                                                                                                     Our gardens have been bountiful this summer, and so, we are spreading the wealth!  I have made up baskets with these notecards  for some neighbors and mail lady!

DSCN9611Thanks for joining me this week- see you in August!!

Jackie “)

A Transparent Fleur

Oh the Joy of scheduling posts!  As you read this, I will be in Asheville, NC celebrating a 31st year anniversary…and hmmm…Thursday is scheduled for the Biltmore tour…or is it the Pub Crawl?  … either or…it will be awesome to experience some 70 degree weather!

Also – I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Lisa for covering the Thursday post last week!  Really appreciate it Lis!

Now…without further ado…let’s get started on this weeks project!



I began with a 3 x 3 deep canvas painted long ago in metallics.



I stenciled with gesso…look how the gold is seeping thru….ooooo




Don’t forget the sides!



I loaded a used transparency for ink jet printers….into my ink jet printer….opened my “Word” program and typed the word “Fleur”, then printed onto the rough side of the transparency.


Next, I cut out the word “Fleur” from the transparency leaving a generous border.  Then the FUN part…(I could not share a pic as, sadly, I only have two hands)…I held the transparency with tweezers and LIGHTLY burned around the edges using the long handled lighter type thingy….going slowly so as not to let it catch fire…just enough for a nice curl…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


For the final steps, I outlined the “Fleur” transparency with a gold marker (as well as the stenciled fleur) and attached to the canvas with a brad….glued….long story.  Opened my pot o Inka Gold and highlighted the edges of the canvas ….and Voilà….my fleur is fini!

Enjoy your Thursday…au revoir!

Theresa Plas

Studio 48 Tango, LLC

Binding Tiny Booklets

Hello, people of the Internet!  Welcome to Wednesday!

I am an avid art trader, and I have recently started swapping Decos, which are tiny booklets that get sent all over the world to be filled with beautiful art.  So fun!  If you’re interested in the trading part, there are Yahoo groups and deco swaps on major art trading sites (swap-bot, Craftster, etc.).  Even if you’re not into the trading part, these tiny booklets are great for jotting down notes and quotes and are a great way to use up scraps of patterned and drawing paper.

tinybook closed

My books are truly wee, a whopping 3.5 inches square.  To make these, I trimmed my patterned paper down to 3.5 inches wide and  7 inches long.  I used mixed media paper and cardstock from my pile o’ scraps for the inside pages and trimmed those down to 3 inches wide and 6.5 inches long.


Fold your papers in half (I am a slave to my Scor-Pal), give them good creases with a bone folder or the back of a spoon, and bundle them together.  I used three pages for the insides of my books, which will give you 12 pages if you count fronts and backs.  YAY MATH.


Center your inner pages over your pretty paper covers..


and then make three holes through your papers and your cover, relatively equidistant (YAY MATH!), with an awl or needle.

tinybook4Thread a nice hefty needle with either bookbinder’s thread (which is waxed linen) or embroidery floss.  Something nice and sturdy.  Don’t worry about tying a knot!  Poke your needle from the outside in through the middle hole, leaving a tail about 3-4 inches long.

tinybook5Poke your needle from inside to outside through one of the side holes.  It doesn’t matter which one!  Hold onto your tail so that you don’t pull it all the way through.  I’ve done it.


From the outside, bring your needle to the unused side hole and poke all the way to the inside of the book.

tinybook7Now bring your needle back out through the middle hole.  There will be a long thread that stretches from side hole to side hole, so make sure that your tail is on one side of that thread and your needle on the other.


Tie a tight knot.  You can leave the tails long and add beads and other yummy stuff or cut the ends short (I usually leave a half inch or so)


I know that was a lot of steps, but it is pretty quick.  I made three booklets in about 20 minutes, including trimming and folding.

Now comes the fun part!  Break out your stencils and favorite supplies and add some love to those pages!

I used pastels and the Global Compass Rose stencil by Jill K. Berry to give my page a border.


Then, with Distress inks and my new favorite stencil, Lynn Krawczyk’s Xs, I gave the page a little more love.


I love how faded that looks!

On another page, I used Dylusions spray through the Global Compass Rose stencil.


and Distress Stain through  Lynn Krawczyk’s Tracks.


Before I send these out, I’ll art up the covers (since the swaps are themed), but I’m well on my way to some cool books before anyone even adds art to them!

tinybook open

Child’s Play

There are some amazing artists that make art look like child’s play but of course it’s not.  It just is the style that they have developed using playful colors and images.  One of those phenomenal artists is Romero Britto.  While looking through a magazine some time ago I found an image that was so intriguing that I ripped out the ad and saved it for several years.  I happened upon this ad last week and was so taken by the artwork that I researched the artist Romero Britto.  His art is reminiscent of Picasso and alive with color;  if you get a chance go check out his site.  This was my inspiration piece.  Isn’t she a beauty?

I have used this to inspire me and a couple of stencils to fill in the gaps.  Here is my girl and a short tutorial showing how I made mine.


I started by trying to imitate the drawing of the woman’s image on a piece of white card stock.  I sketched it out and then painted it in with Dina Wakley’s acrylic paints.  When the paint was dry I cut out the image.

 I went back with a black Gelato crayon to section off the colors.  I used Memento ink pens to touch up some of the other colors and outline the eyes.  Then I started preparing a background on water color paper to glue the image to.

I sprayed Dyan Reaveley’s Dylusions in Vibrant Turquoise, Fresh Lime and Lemon Zest onto the paper and blotted off the excess ink.  Then I used Dyan’s stamps with Black StazOn ink to stamp numbers and alphabet letters randomly.

To give the back ground needed texture I used the Artistcellar stencil called Pomegranate and some heavy gesso.  When the gesso was dry I glued the head onto the back ground paper.

When everything had dried I applied some black Gelato to the stenciled part and removed the excess with a baby wipe.  Trying to add more interest I used Mod Podge to adhere Tim Holtz’s Tissue Wrap paper called Melange to the neck and shoulder area.

I gave her the look of a summer lace dress with Artistcellar’s map of Venice stencil and some gesso.

It is always fun to use an inspiration piece and put your own spin on it.  Stencils are a wonderful addition to any back ground to add texture and interest.

Thanks for stopping by today, I’ll be back next Tuesday with more ideas on how to use your stencils.  I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Hugs~ Renee

Are you The Pioneer, The Adventurer?

july 21 f

Happy Monday!
The Pioneer archetype is all about being independent, doing “it” her way, trying something new, exploring, and being adventurous.
Click here to learn more about archetypes.

 Awesome Art Supplies used
Chris Cozen Tumbling Pods stencil
Dylusions Letter Jumble stencil
TCW mini tile texture stencil
Dylusions white linen ink spray
magazine pages
letter stickers
acrylic paints

July 21 a
Step 1
Painted watercolor paper gray by mixing black and white since I don’t have gray.  (But I might buy some since I’m using it more and more in my artwork.)  Then striped the tumbling pods stencil.  This stencil is cool because it’s airy and puffy.

July 21 b
Step 2
To ground the mountain, I applied the mini tile texture stencil in dark yellow and dark gray.

July 21 c
Step 3
The upper right side needed some attention so I added the letter jumble stencil with the white lined ink spray.  It’s backwards.

July 21 eStep 4
The independent, adventurous gal was created by cutting out shapes from a magazine.

july 21 g
Step 5
Added letters and shadowing.  If you look closely the sticker letters are maps.  VERY cool! I think I picked these up at Micheals.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote:

Do not where the path may lead,
Go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail.

If this quote resonates with you…YOU might just have The Pioneer archetypal energy!

Ding Ding Ding

Fridays gal Jackie here with a quick fun Upcycle!

Our house is quite a distance from our pole barn so instead of one of us hollering or walking out leaving the cooking dinner unattended- simply ding ding ding, or clang clang clang goes the dinner bell!

Here is another score from a garage sale; this great clanging dinner bell-but I’m not fond of the present appearance…so out comes the gesso


two layers in fact and a third mixed with a wee bit of color


next, stencil Artistcellars Steampunk Lace, embossing paste and Stewart Gill ~Pauashell paint for some random stenciling


a layer of Stewart Gill~ Verde Gris color overall applied with a makeup sponge



With a wet applicator, I wiped off this color from the embossed areas to expose the previous layer of color


then another overall layer of Stewart Gill ~ Afterglow color, again wiping off embossed areas to reveal bottom color


Next I painted the clanger with Stewart Gill~Laurelius  and added a clock face stamp


I continued random stamping of clock faces overall to the bell in black and sepia. a few more smudges of color here and there and a final spray coat of outdoor varnish.

DSCN9471 Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial- get out to some sales this weekend and see what you can upcycle!

Jackie “)



A few announcements and Giveaway Winner :-)

Lisa here – Theresa is sick so I am hijacking her day to make a few announcements!

I’m sorry I’m so late in posting this – the “Marked” stencil giveaway winner is BARB aka “leaflizard” for this comment on the Artistcellar blog:

 Barb on said:

Wow the canvas ” Hanging by a thread” is amazing! Hope for a chance to win the set of Lynn Krawczyk’s “Marked” stencils. thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.

Congratulations Barb! Shoot me an email at with your snail mail address and I’ll get those out to you. The winners for all the other blogs are slowly trickling in and you will be contacted if you’re a winner.


Well, we have been a Creative Factory over here! (Actually, I’m on paperwork duty, others have been creating, hehe) Our chief product tester Celia has been busy, as you can see by her hands. She started making me a teacup business card holder out of paperclay for Art Unraveled. I was going to take a picture of the finished product, but she decided this morning that it needed more and she continues to work on it. I’ll share a finished pic, when she decides it’s finished!

Last weekend we went over to my sister and nephew’s house with a bunch of spray paint and a large piece of canvas to “graffiti-up” the cloth. We want to use it as a tablecloth at Art Unraveled. We started by just spraying color on in random patterns and blobs.


Then we got our stencils out and sprayed random stencil patterns all over.


This is the “almost finished” piece. It’s as long as my car! I still need to get my fat black paint markers out and “write” and “scribble” and jazz it up. I think black will really make some things pop. I’ll finish it this weekend.


In the Artistcellar offices, Jacob got busy with screenprinting some aprons I’m going to bring to Art Unraveled. We will have two different aprons available, a small adult size (not for small adults but a smaller apron for regular adults, lol) that hangs just past the torso. And a larger size that goes down to the knees, for really messy people! Anything that doesn’t sell will come back with me and will be available at CREATE Chicago August 15th.



A few flights of stairs above, Celia is getting busy in the Artistcellar Art Studio making some prayer flags. I let her have free reign of fabric, paint and design. I’ll show her how to string them and we’ll find a place to use them in our booth.


I will also have a few stenciling tools available, some Spouncers and some empty spray bottles so you can make your own sprays! Oh, and a few silks paints too. I hope that if you are in Arizona for Art Unraveled you will stop by and say hello to us!

xo Lisa



Light Pockets with Artistcellar Stencils

Greetings, my little pool noodles!!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but haunt post-Christmas 90% off sales.  I sculpt a lot over glass ball ornaments, so I’m always on the hunt, but I also REALLY like Christmas lights.  Last year, I grabbed a few boxes of short, 20-bulb-strings of lights and have been waiting for the perfect project ever since.  I finally found it.

light pocket 9

So pretty!

My favorite wall in my studio area (I don’t have a dedicated studio but have ruthlessly taken over half of the living room) is almost completely covered in my favorite art from my favorite artists, a giant shelf of comic books, and my Etsy photo backdrop.  There is one corner that is crazy dark – because the wall is a deep crimson, it eats the light.  See, look:

light pocket 1

This is AFTER my camera did its super helpful adjustment for dark rooms.  That area around the window is like a black hole.  As I mentioned before, I really love Christmas lights and usually have at least a few strings of them jazzing the place up a little, but, after we moved (TWO YEARS AGO), I never bothered to hang any.  That’s just crazy business and has been Officially Remedied.

Dura-Lar worked wonders for the Sacred Heart Luminaries I made way back in April, so I decided to repeat the process here.  I cut it down to 6 x 8 pieces and used my Gelli Plate along with stencils from the TEXTures 2 Series and Crafter’s Workshop to give them some color.

light pocket 2

Orange, red, yellow and turquoise are my go-to colors for the moment.  If, by “for the moment,” I mean “for the last two years.”

I picked my favorite prints to be the front of my pockets and stenciled them with words from the Creative Words and Virtues Words Pocket Stencils in black:

light pocket 3

I also used a star punch to create little starry holes, but that was a completely unnecessary step since you can’t even see them when they’re lit up. OH WELL.  Live and learn.  It did have the added benefit of giving me some pretty cool confetti:

light pocket 4

I can’t wait to find that two years from now and wonder where it came from.  haha!

I took two pieces of Dura-Lar and stapled them together on three edges with the words on the front…

light pocket 5

I stuffed the lights in there and then stapled the opening closed, being super careful with the cord (of course… safety first, kids!):

light pocket 6

I used pushpins to hang them over that black hole of a window.  I hung a small painting in the middle to cover the plugs.

light pocket 8

Man the paint is messy on that trim.  Shame on me!

Here’s how it looks all lit up and gorgeous:

light pocket 10

Cameras and Christmas lights.  It’s like the Montague-Capulet feud all over again.

And here’s another picture taken of that whole wall.  Black hole no more!!

light pocket 7

Clowning around with stencils!

I love working on small canvases.  They are not intimidating and can be finished quickly.  Using stencils makes it even easier to complete a fun piece with lots of texture and interest.  Today’s project is a small 6″ by 6″ canvas made with left over acrylic paints, a fun clip art image and some stenciling to pull it all together.  Here is my finished project with a short tutorial if you are interested in seeing how it was achieved.


To begin I covered a 6″ by 6″ canvas with a thin layer of gesso and allowed it to dry.  When it was thoroughly dry, I painted some of Dina Wakley Media acrylic paints randomly on the canvas.  I was working on a different project beforehand and didn’t want to waste any of that beautiful silky paint.

When the paint was dry I used a stencil called “Numerals” (TCW200) paired with white gesso.  This gives the canvas some raised texture.

Don’t worry about any imperfections in the stenciling as these will be covered with the clip art image and rubber stamping.  Embrace the imperfections!  I added some stamping with Jet Black StazOn ink.  The stamps are by Wendy Vecchi and Crescendoh.

For a pop of color I stamped a balloon, colored it red, cut it out, attached it with glue and then added a piece of black waxed twine, punching a tiny hole in the canvas with a needle and tying it off on the back of the canvas.  I taped the twine knots down on the back to make sure they don’t pop off later.

I drew a horizon line across the bottom of the canvas to “ground” my clown with a Fude pen and then painted the entire canvas with Creative Medium in clear gel to seal it.  This would make a sweet addition to a child’s room or a get well gift for a friend.

Thanks for joining me today.  I’ll see you next Tuesday with more stenciling ideas.  In the mean time, take care~ Hugs, Renee