About Us

Art is not optional. That pretty much sums up the belief that drives what we do at Artistcellar. We believe deeply in creativity. But more importantly, we understand the need to create. Creativity is healing, meditative, divine and just plain fun. We can’t imagine what we’d do if we couldn’t be creative.

We also understand that creativity is more than the sum of your tools. But we believe good tools help creativity on a roll keep rolling. That’s why we started Artistcellar. We hand select all our products and put them through their paces in our own work. Then we only sell the ones we fall in love with - the ones that make our nails dirty, our desk a mess and our smiles contagious. We ensure our products inspire our muse so we can be certain they will do the same for you when let loose in your studio.

When it comes to our own Artistcellar stencils we only offer designs that are distinctive, original and that inspire - both those of our own designs and those of well known artists sharing their personal signature style. All our stencils are available to anyone, because we believe creativity is for everyone, not just an exclusive group.

Finally we strive to give back by being a responsible company to do business with. All our stencils are designed, manufactured, and packaged right here in the United States. We do our best to source environmentally friendly packing materials, locally where possible. We are an "Angel company" allowing you to use our stencil designs in your handmade work. And we treat every customer as a potential friend and inspiration, whether this be hand writing "thank you for your order" on your packing slip or refunding excess shipping costs on orders shipped worldwide or just helping you source that special something for your art retreat we might not sell - yet.

Art is not optional. You have to create. We'll lend a hand.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

St. Francis of Assisi