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Hey guys! I know I have been absent from the Artistcellar space and I apologize for this. I got in a mentally difficult space for a few months and my creativity took a toll for it.

With the various different events happening in North America (I am Canadian but still feel very strongly about what is going on south of our border), I shut down.
Then, I woke up one day with this in mind "It’s time." Does it happen to you too or am I crazy (maybe both? ahah)? So I bound a dedicated journal for expressing my feelings regarding race. You might not know that I am actually a bi-racial woman of color and that I am in a bi-racial marriage as well. Too Black for White people, too White for Black people: this could be the summary of my entire life! And this fucking sucks!

Here is the first page from that journal. I created a photo step-by-step of the stamping with stencils technique you see me using in the video:

Get more from your stencils: use them as stamps!

I usually start by using my stencil 'normally'. For this example, I used one of my favorite from the Old World Maps series with an acrylic spray paint. As you can see, it covered most of my panel.

Nothing is ever lost when it comes to creative stuff with me (that is how I discovered how cool this really is.) See all the paint sitting on the stencil? Open your art journal and stick it between two pages. It is the beginning of a future cool page. 

Next, I grabbed another of my favorite stencils called "X's" from the Marked series designed by Lynn Krawczyk. This is such a versatile stencil, I simply use it everywhere and love it. I wanted something more sheer so I used my Lindy’s Sprays - it’s more like ink than paint. Plus, it shimmers!

I sprayed it on a sheet of deli paper - you can reuse it, as well. I told you, nothing is ever lost. Using several colors, it will create an unexpected print. 

Instead of turning the stencil over on my wood panel, I took my surface and pressed it against the stencil.

I applied some pressure everywhere, to be sure that my panel was fully in contact with the stencil underneath.

There you go, a colorful happy beginning for whatever makes you happy. You can create as many layers as your heart desires!

Be safe,



Hello loves!!

Just a quick project today.  I decided to decorate the cover of my plain, chipboard album that holds my 6x6 stencils.  

I covered the binding with painters tape and added a sloppy coat of gesso. 

Next I used several Gloss Sprays by Dina Wakley in various colors of blue and green.  I used Artistcellar's Brain Coral stencil to represent a hint of white clouds in the sky.  

I traced a Signature Series stencil by Tamara Laporte onto multiple scraps of gelli printed paper and adhered it to my background.  This design is called Whimsy Town and it is precious!

It's officially doodle time!  I added lots of interest with paint markers and a black pen to make the design pop from the bright background.  

Now my stencils are stored in style!


Stop by our FB group & show me what you are working on!   

Love & light, 


Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone is safe and healthy during these crazy times. Hats off to the protestors fighting for much needed change. My anxiety will not allow me to join in the demonstration, but I hear you. I see you.  I am with you.  

This project was started awhile ago, but I finally got her done!  I started with mixed media paper, spraying a few different oxide colors in blue and green thru a couple stencils.  I used 'Paris' from Artistcellar's Cathedral Series on the grass and 'Romans' from the Textures Series in the sky.

Since I've been so wound up lately with everything going on the world,  I decided to go the easy route and use some collage images from Crowabout StudioB. I needed a little whimsy in my life and her images never disappoint. 

To create a fun & easy border,  I used the outside edge from one of the Halftone Dots stencils to paint bright red half circles along the perimeter of the paper.  

Now is the Zen part of any project--adding doodles, outlines, & shading with colored pencils.  I added the quote "Her Favorite Dreams were of Flying" and called her done!

Much love to you all.  Stay safe!


Hello loves!

Hope everyone is following community guidelines and hanging in there. I apologize for this Easter piece posting so late. My anxiety has kind of gotten the best of me over these past couple of weeks and I've not been arting as much as I should.

My bunny actually turned out much different than I envisioned in my head, but that's the way it goes. I'm still pretty happy with it.

I started with a piece of Strathmore mixed- media paper and brayered several pastel colors all over.  I then used the same colors to add several stencil designs from Artistcellar (Tiles from the Blocks Series, Sea Fan from the Coral Series, & Amiens Plan from the Cathedral Plans Series).

I then drew a quick outline of a Bunny in pencil, using Google images for a reference.  

I divided my Bunny into several sections and added doodling with colored pencils. Like I said, my mind has been a little frazzled lately and I just felt like doodling simple shapes in pretty colors.  Bunny wasn't popping away from the background so I painted a light grey fluid acrylic around the perimeter. Using an Inktense pencil, I outlined the image and added some water to blur the pigment. Some simple grass with strokes of gesso and light colored pencil and Viola!  Pastel Bunny is complete.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you and your family and friends are safe and healthy.


Hello loves!  How is everyone handling the quarantine?  I'm glad NTI homework is finished because Momma has more time to play!!

I have this gorgeous Sacred stencil from the Sacred Hearts Series from Artistcellar that reminds me of the beautiful Mexican Folk Art shrines.  I'm not really religious, but I love the bright colors and skulls so I decided to create my own version in my Dina Wakley Journal.

You will have to forgive me, I wasn't the best about taking pictures during this whole process. I started out by choosing several back to back pages that I could use to create my journal shrine.  I cut off the tops of the first two pages in a triangle design, leaving the last page to print my stencil on.  I created a vignette so that my stencil would show thru when the pages lay on top one another. 

I embellished the front denim 'cover' with paint, stitching, and interesting ribbon.  No rhyme or reason, I didn't have a plan in mind.  I just knew I wanted lots of color and skulls.  The second page was glued to the denim to give it more structure and to cover up the thread.

For the stenciled page, I made sure to mark the opening from the first pages so that I knew where to center my Sacred stencil. I watercolored a soft green background and painted the inside portion of the heart (which I eventually cover up later on!)  I wanted different mediums in each part of the stencil, so I used painter's tape to 'block off' sections as I worked.

I used red glitter paste in the heart and gold crackle in the crown and rays.  I decided to add some gold leaf flakes on the rays while the crackle paste was still wet and GENTLY pressed them down so I wouldn't distort the pattern.  It looked like a hot mess & I had no idea if the flakes would even stick!

After letting the crackle paste dry overnight, I used a stiff paint brush to scrub away the excess flakes. This is a messy step but I love how it turned out!

After adding some final embellishments with stickers, stamps, and microbeads, this baby was done! I think it turned out really cool!

I wish I was a better photographer so I could showcase the sparkly glitter and the sheen from the gold leaf.  Have you attempted a technique that you weren't sure would be successful?  I would love to hear about it, so drop by the Artistcellar FB page and say Hi!

Stay safe (& 6' away!)


Hi Artistcellar friends,

Today I was inspired by several art challenges that are about finishing your sketchbook - or simply, finishing the spread.

I showed you single page art journal pages before, and sometime they don’t just ‘seem enough’ by themselves. They ask for a companion.

Here is the left hand side of a single page - I ‘wiped’ my brush out on the left, so there are already some marks on the paper that mirror the right hand page.

I looked through my stash and found some collage pieces that would go with the bird motive from the right side. I glued the collage pieces down with matte medium.

Now I’m bringing my Labyrinth Series stencils out again and using the Anasazi stencil, I add some yellow labyrinth over the collage pieces.

I use my Acrylic Ink to add some drips to the whole page.

Finding another bird, I add it to the page.

and finally, to combine the 2 pages into a spread, I add some of the pink/purple I use on the right side, to the background. And finally added some handwritten text.

And there it is … Dream a Little Dream … and Listen to the Birds spread.

Do you have pages that ask to be made into spreads?

See you next time,


Hello hello ! I don’t know about you, but for me it has proven difficult to know what day of the week is which in this crazy period... My sleep is eluding me again, and I almost got up at 2am to create this page that was truly needed.

The creative process, for me, is often more important than the finished project itself. And as we do our best not to give in in paranoia, remembering not to hold my breath is something I have to actually think about during the day.

I took a spread (double page) in my square art journal that barely had anything in it. I love using the Old World Maps stencils as backgrounds. The four stencils are pretty different from one another. I layered two different ones. I used a beige color for the first one, all over the spread. Then once dry, I used a dark brown with another stencil from the same series to create a border.

Once dry, I picked the Om stencil in the Tibet series as my focus point. It is the perfect sound to calm my antsy mind. So it is a good reminder to have in between my journal pages. Remember: it’s mostly about the process. I used Extra Heavy Gesso with it to have a beautiful thick white base.

I then used acrylic paint after replacing the stencil on top of the dried gesso-ed motif to add color. Not perfect, but it’s okay. I will get a crisp painted stenciled image eventually 😆


I love oil pastels so I used them to add shading to the Om and also some mark making. A new favorite combo: a crisp teal blue over a dark brown. Makes me really happy, the contrast between the two is wonderful! I forgot how much I loved it.

I used acrylic markers to write my message. Added teal splatters in the top and bottom corners. And that’s it. 

I hope you are carving time for your creativity as a positive outlet during this time, that hopefully won’t become a new normal in our lifetime. What are you creating?

Take care,


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More pictures :



Hello Artistcellar friends,

This journal page started - and then sat around … not wanting to become anything for a while. But then, the path became clear - I guess sometimes I just have to listen!

So, first I started with one of the stencils from the lovely Labyrinth series.

Those stencils are wonderful - labyrinth and you don’t have to construct it!

I picked the ‘soft-curved’ one - it reminds me of a brain - don’t know why, but it just does =P (This one is called Crete.

Tracing the stencil with a pen some pink ink - and not really knowing where to go from here …..

And so it sat …. waiting …. until I saw this image on the cover of a digital magazine - and bam - the spark was ignited!

Using the same Crete stencil again, I added some texture to the page - I wanted the texture to be around her head space, so I off-set the texture labyrinth into the top left corner.

I next I added a light layer of gesso over the page - mainly to tone the ink down a bit. But as ink does what it does (and wants) the pink is coming through the gesso quite strong.

I sketch the my inspiration image on the page with graphite. As the image was perfectly sized for my needs, I traced the outlines using graphite paper and then flushed the sketch out with a blue pencil.

I block in the background and the main shapes.

See how the ink is still coming through - as ink will do.

I move on to refining the painting, adding shadow and light values to give the figure more dimensions and refining the birds.

And after a few layers of paint, even the ink fades into the background.

And I find my way out of the labyrinth … listening to the birds =)

Until next time, 




I busted out the gelli plate today with my Artistcellar stencils and some random acrylic paints. Good grief it's addicting!!  I like to print on deli paper because of its translucency and it's easy to tear for collage.

I picked one of my favorite prints I created to use today.  I used the Star Flower stencil from the Artistcellar Quilt Series and pulled multiple prints on the same piece.

I used matte medium to stick the deli paper down in my new Dina Wakley Blue Journal.  The geometric design reminded me of large flowers, so I lightly sketched in petals around each 'point' of the quilt pattern.

I painted a watery navy-blueish color around the flowers, still wanting some of the patterning to show thru...but think I might've been a little heavy handed.

Once completely dry, I added rough, messy outlines in black and white, not truly adhering to the exact shape of each petal.  A blob of paint in the center and TADAH! A colorful, abstract garden. 

What are your favorite stencils to use on the gelli plate?  I would love to learn some new techniques, so stop by the Artistcellar Facebook group and share your prints with us!

Until next time,

I am very excited to share this simple but useful project with you. If you don’t know me and my art, you don’t know that I infuse everything with a dose of spirituality. 

I needed a grid plate for something I was planning and thought that this main stencil from the Sacred Geometry 2 series would be perfect (I used the Metatron’s cube stencil).

I used a 6x6in cradled wood panel as my surface and prepped it with two coats of gesso first. Each layer was carefully thought about, both regarding the stencil itself and the colors associated with it.

I used the Sea Foam stencil from the Water series with red spray paint. To me, it symbolizes flow and connection.

Working in layers like this, you really need to let everything dry before moving on to the next one. After this was dry, I used one of the Old World Map stencils, one with the smaller spaces. This symbolizes all the possible pathways towards abundance. Gold is associated with abundance, so I use a gold spray with it.

Now is a story of trial and error. I placed the Metatron’s Cube stencil and first used regular gesso. I applied it with a makeup sponge.

However, the result was not up to my expectations. It happens and it’s okay. I dried it with my heat gun before placing the stencil back over, and used extra heavy gesso instead. Much better! Why? it created a more textured effect, and it was more opaque as well. I used my Catalyst tool for it, but a palette knife would be perfect as well.

If you’re like me and you love texture, try this: apply heat with your heat gun until bubbles appear (it’s the plasticky nature of gesso that allows this effect to happen.) You can also let it air dry normally.

Green is another colour we associate with abundance. I picked several shades of ink sprays and just had fun applying them. I could have used green and gold as well.

To finish it, I used the same gold spray to pain the sides and applied some varnish on top.

Do you use crystals? Which one is your favorite? I hope you’ll be inspired by these Sacred Geometry stencils (there are two series of them in the shop) to make a crystal grid or simply a beautiful mixed media canvas for your space.

More photos :

Till next time, 


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