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I couldn't help it. I had to make another book! This time it is an accordion book with pockets. (Can you tell making books is one of my favorite things!)

Here are the supplies I used:

To start I folded the cardstock to create the structure of the book. First I folded one of the long sides up 3 inches to create the pocket. Then I accordion-folded it. This made each panel 5.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. 

Next step is to decorate the cover! I unfolded the cardstock and used an old key card to scrape 4 different paint colors on the surface. After that was dry I refolded the accordion and used the stencils to create texture on the inside of the book. To keep the pocket in place I used washi tape on each end to hold the sides together.


To further embellish the outside of the accordion I used a black paint pen to write a favorite quote in a loopy cursive style.

Now it's time to gelli print some tags for the inside of the book! I made more than I needed (which is easy and fun to do when you are gelli printing!). I chose my favorites to trim down to 2 inches wide and loop ribbon in the hole at the top fastened with a tiny staple. 

The book is now ready to be further personalized by adding journaling, pictures, ephemera, etc.! 

I hope you take some time and make a book this week!

Hello Creative One!

Have you heard of the chakras or the chakra system of the human body? Even though I have been learning about the chakras off and on for the past fifteen years, a little review is often helpful.

According to the dictionary, the chakras are “(in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body”. There are seven major chakras that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. These seven chakras correlate with our development, as well as our current health and wellness.

Artistcellar so wisely has created a 6 x 6 inch and a pocket set of the Chakra Series Stencils. I love both sets, but today I am using the Chakra Series Pocket Stencils to work on an art journal page.

I am interested in journaling about the chakras, as the creative process of making art and writing down information helps me to remember.

Today, I am working solely on correlating the chakra symbols with their representative colors. They just so happen to be similar to rainbow colors, which is appealing to my eyes.

Once I put the seven circles on my journal page and painted them in with watercolor (see image at the top of this post), I then let them dry.

Next, I used the Chakra Series Pocket Stencils as both a reference from which to draw, and as a template to trace.

I love how the Artistcellar packaging has the stencils labeled for reference, too. That’s so helpful.

So, from the bottom up, we have:



3rdChakra-Solar Plexus-Yellow



6thChakra-Third Eye-Indigo


Next, I wanted to try out the new Neon Watercolor paints I got at Target, so I filled in a light wash around the chakras like so:

Finally, I filled in the other upward angles with a variety of Dye-Na-Flow, Distress Stain, and watercolor paint.

For now, my page is complete. I look forward to continuing my exploration into art journaling the chakras!

May your chakras be well aligned, free flowing, and balanced!

Blessings to you! 

Briana of

Hello everyone!

My name is Amanda and I'm excited to have a spot as a guest blogger on Artistcellar's blog! I was lucky enough to get today - Friday the 13th as my date, so we all know what my theme is going to be!

I started with a quick sketch of a cat skull. Then started playing around with some Artistcellar stencils.

I started by using the stencils in the Sacred Hearts Series. I thought the heart with crown looked amazing over the cats head.

Since I just wanted the heart and crown, I just traced them out, and moved on the the next part. This is where I spent most of my time. I couldn't make up my mind on which parts of which stencil I wanted to use. In the end I changed out the crown here and added it else where while keeping the heart and adding the rays to other sections.

This is what I love most about stencils. You can mix and match to your hearts content! Which is just what I did.

I am personally a layers and texture kinda girl, so I quickly moved on to laying down some masking fluid and extra thick gesso with the Tiny Circles stencil. Cause omg! Nothing is better than tiny circles!

After airing out my room (cause you don't know stink till you have used masking fluid!) and letting everything dry I started playing with colors!

I used mostly water colors with a touch of acrylics and my favorite stand by Gelatos - I used the light green in the Bright collection to add some dimension to the kitty's eyes.

As I mentioned I used mostly watercolors for this art journal project. And well, watercolors and I are still learning how to play nicely with each other. So one of the tricks I picked up is using a Sharpie pen to trace out what I don't like.

You can see what I mean in the next two pictures.

In the first picture you can see the purple color right up against the cat's ear, in the second, nearly all gone! Yeah you can still see some of it, but it's not as noticeable.

When all is said and done, it was a couple of hours of fun playing with stencils and colors on a relaxing afternoon. I hope you have a spooky Friday the 13th!

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” - Kurt Vonnegut

A collection of miniatures in a variety of media will soon grace the walls of a local gallery. The trend of purchasing small works is gaining in popularity and can be found in both home and office settings. I find viewing miniatures a fantastic way to slow down and to make time to enjoy what surrounds me…to enjoy the little things in life.

“Excellent!” I thought when I heard about the exhibit. I instantly reached for my Artistcellar Pocket Stencils. I primed a 4” x 4” canvas panel with a mixture of gesso and Sunflower yellow acrylics and stenciled on metallic gold diamond shapes. I wanted a warm background on which to build the work.

Once dried, I added the word “CREATE” from the Creative Words Pocket Stencil Series. And what a wonderful word it is…bursting with the spirit of the exhibition. The rest of the design easily fell into place. The Dragonfly stencil from the Traditional Japanese Series is the perfect complement in essence and size. I masked out two of the insects and began stenciling in a variety of colours.

I immediately think of a piece of visual art when I hear the word Create. But as we all know, there is so much more to the meaning of this word. For the wordsmiths among us I rubber stamped text to a piece of tea stained tissue paper and attached it with matte medium. The transparent appearance was just what I was after. I finished this part of the collage with a gold foil border.

The wonderful advantage of creating with Artistcellar stencils is that it is easy to mask out just what you need. The stencil designs inspire you to make your work truly your own. This is one reason I love using the Infra stencil from the Quasicrystals Series. The random dots I chose finished the piece and added the perfect amount of extra colour.

Do you take the time to appreciate the small things in life?  I hope my miniature encourages the observer to take the time to stop and enjoy the moment. Hopefully they will create and share, by image or word, the meaningful little things of their life.


Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever get inspired by things and have to make art? I'm sure the answer is "yes". I have spent almost the last week working on my new webpage and while I was working on my page I was inspired by the new look. You can't have a new page and sale without some fancy new packaging, right?!  Are you one of those matchy people? Do you like all of your things to go together? I blame my art teachers for drilling all of that stuff into my head (thanks teachers!) So I like to make ALL of the things match. I was contemplating new packaging to match my new style and my new "Cosmic Stardust" boxes were born.

I really loved the colors of my new site background so I started out with some messy splashes of an orchid/pink/lavender watercolor on my boxes.

Next I needed some sparkly in my cosmos so I added some shimmery watercolors. I love how you can see the sparkle in this photo of the wet paint.

No galaxy is complete without stars so on the stars went.

My business name is Third Eye Gypsy so you know the third eye stencil comes next. I even found a little hack if you end up stamping over the edge of your stencil. I added a little bit of masking tape to the right side of my stencil to give me some extra room to be messy.

These boxes were seriously so much fun to make! I used the sizes of boxes I had left on hand which were smaller size boxes and some longer boxes. I tried out 2 designs to see which ones I liked best.

I wanted to see if I liked the third eye outlined to make it stand out a bit so I added some silver paint pen to the outside. WOW! Is that pretty, or what?!

How do you incorporate matching things in your business?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Hello again! 

Last week, I started the Dollhouse of Many Colors Project. I left off here:

This week, I want to expand on where I left off with more color and texture. Since the dollhouse is made of SO MANY PIECES it's pretty difficult to make sure you get in to every single nook and cranny. I'm leaving it pretty grungy anyway, so that takes some of the pressure off. 

To start, I sprayed even more ink sprays and let it drip. I love using the Artistcellar Pocket stencils here, because they can get into hard to reach places. I'm using the Pocket Chakra Series Stencils and the Pocket Creative Words Series stencils here.

Sometimes the stenciling doesn't work perfect here, especially on walls. To really crisp up those designs I went in again with course molding paste and a palette knife. The Cathedral Plans Series Stencils are really cool for this technique.
These small touches will be great to build upon in the next couple of weeks.
We are SO CLOSE to working on the inside now!

For this weeks project I am taking the tags I made a few weeks ago and creating a Flag Book with them. This book structure that is excellent for bringing together several separate pieces into one book. It starts with decorating a front and back cover and also a paper that will be folded into an accordion for the spine of the book. 

I used F+W Acrylic Inks to color the covers and the Surf stencil from the the Water Series to add more texture. On the blue cardstock I drew texture with crayons and then created a larger pattern on top of the crayon with black gesso. After folding it into an accordion I glued the front and back covers on and then the tags.

I hope this inspires you to try this type of book structure and I encourage you to search the internet for more inspiration. There are so many amazing book artists out there!

Happy Creating!

Music really moves me, both emotionally, and often I can’t help myself from dancing, either. Lately, I have been experiencing some of life’s challenges. Challenges and change are a part of life, but that doesn’t make the experiences any easier to get through.

So, when life is tough, I turn to art and music.

I created the following journal page with inspiration from singer/song writer Ellis Delaney. She is so authentic and inspiring.

The Ellis Delaney song that moved me today, and for several days throughout the last several weeks is called, “Grace”. It’s on Ellis Delaney’s Evidence of Joy CD.

You may watch a video of Ellis singing this song on YouTube here.

Now for the journal page.

Step 1:

Trace your hand.

Step 2:

Choose some pocket stencils to use.

Step 3:

Use some Tim Holtz Distress Stain to create a skeleton like pattern inside your hand.


Step 4:

Use Derwent Inktense Blocks to add some color.

Step 5:

Use a small round brush and water to blend the Inktense lines.

Step 6:

Use another pocket stencil from the Quilt Series to add to your page. Apply Distress Stain through the stencil.

Step 7:

Use Virtues Words Pocket Stencils. I was looking for some Grace with these. :)

Step 8:

Use a cosmetic wedge and Dina Wakley acrylic paint to stencil your words on your page.

TIP: One of the great things about Artistcellar stencils is that you can see through them for better placement. See photo below.

Step 9:

Use Distress Stain to fill in some of the background and scribble out some of your emotions.

Steps 10 & 11:

Draw a symbol or image that makes you feel better. I drew a little rainbow with colored pencils.

Write some song lyrics that have been playing in your mind lately. I wrote the chorus for “Grace” by Ellis Delaney. The chorus goes like this:

“I have a heart that’s breaking
Just need some space to fall apart
I have been stubborn lately
running from your


If you love folk music and female singer/song writers, I highly recommend the following women currently residing in Minnesota, USA: Ellis Delaney and Lynn O’Brien. Their music is uplifting and down to earth all at the same time.

Sending Many, Many Blessings to You,

Briana of

Hello creative hearts!

When I was asked to do a guest post for Artistcellar, I was overjoyed and decided to document a project I had in the back of my mind for a while.  So today, I want to share with you my Chakras Flag!

I searched my stash for just the right piece of fabric for the base and settled on a hand-dyed piece of cotton that reminds me of the sky on a beautiful day.  It's approximately 21" x 6".  I also cut seven small pieces, approximately 2.5" square.

Using Pebeo fabric paints (Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow paints would work just as well), in colors corresponding with each chakra's energy, I painted the squares and then used white acrylic paint, a stiff-bristled brush and the Chakra Series Pocket Stencils to apply the designs.

Next, using a ruler, I drew a straight line down the center of the fabric, making sure the colored squares would cover the marks, and determined perfect placement using removable, double-sided tape to hold them in place, so not to poke visible holes with pins.  I made sure to leave about an inch of cloth at the top, so I can fold it over later and add the ribbon.  Searching my stash again, I pulled 10/0 size seed beads in colors that matched each square.

With a beading needle and Nymo beading thread, in white, I came up from the back of my work, poking through and placing three beads on the thread.  I laid them flat against my project and poked the needle down.  Coming up again, between the first and second beads, then through the second and third bead, ready to add three more beads and moving along in the same manner until the symbol is encircled with beads.

After all of the symbols were encircled with beads, I was ready to hang it, eager to see it finished!  I hand stitched a quick line across the top, creating a sleeve to slip a dried rose stem I've been saving and adding a bit of embroidery floss to hang!

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you enjoyed what I made!  Have a lovely, artful day!

“It’s what we call a dolce pazzia…a sweet madness. Once you feel it, you will never want to leave”. – "Juliet" by Anne Fortier

Travel and romance. To me the words are synonymous. I have wanted to use the photo of the woman with the dreamy expression from my collection of Victorian postcards in a project. At last I found a place she might call home.

I will soon be facilitating a collage workshop at a local library. We will use discarded book covers as a substrate.  I was given a deep blue cover to see how it would inspire my work. The map of the romantic city of Venice from the Old World Maps series was perfect for what I had in mind. I started the project by stenciling in a subdued colour palette of blues and aqua to allow the rest of the collage elements to pop. This is another reason why I love the Artistcellar collection of stencils. They can be bold and the focal point of your work. Or they can be subtle, but just as vital to your art. The inside book cover was smooth and didn’t drink up the acrylics. As I had hoped, there was very little shift in colour.

I have been experimenting lately with transfers on various types of paper. This time I transferred the photocopy of the woman and added it to a blank shipping tag covered with a layer of gesso. I was pleased with the finish and the way the colour complimented the background. I surrounded the tag with textured paper I received from the Netherlands in a paper swap. The gold foil was reclaimed from greeting cards. Cherry tree twigs blown into the yard with the last storm, wrapped in tea stained gauze, became part of the collage. It’s great that with this type of work trash can become a real treasure!

I usually have tiny jewelry tags on my table when I am working. They are a great place to try techniques or to deposit left over paint. I chose a few from this collection. After masking out parts of the Playful Pods and Quasicrystals stencils, I added glittering dots of colour to the design.

I am captivated by the woman’s wistful smile. Could she be thinking of a journey in the making? Or is she returning to her dolce pazzia…the sweet madness of a certain time and place?

We are fortunate that creating Art allows us the freedom to follow our inspiration wherever it may lead. The door is open just waiting for our ideas to burst through. Who is your muse today?


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