Why Artistcellar Stencils?

Distinctive Designs

At Artistcellar, we focus on creating fewer distinctive designs rather than thousands of random ones. Our goal is to create designs that are trend setting, not trend following. Our stencil designs go through weeks or months of iteration, strengthening and tweaking. We work hard to ensure that each design is unique, inspiring, versatile and is as free as possible of little bits that might catch an edge or areas that might dangle.

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Series Approach

Life is made up of themes with deep meanings - family, home town, special days, etc... That's why Artistcellar stencils are also themed in "series" of four meaningful related designs. For example, when designing our Old World Maps series, we didn't knock out some random old looking street map. Instead we researched and designed accurate reproductions of four distinctly unique world-destination cities that were home to the Great Masters. This "series" approach also provides an opportunity to pass along savings - stencils are 10% less when purchased as a series!


Nearly all stencils are "precision laser cut" today. The material they're cut out of is more important. Artistcellar stencils are cut from select 10mil Mylar material. Often 7mill or lighter material is used as it is easier to cut and costs less. We feel this produces a "floppy" stencil that is too thin, easier to damage, and more difficult to clean. Using select 10mil material, Artistcellar stencils are flexible enough to conform to your medium of choice, thick enough to produce wonderful textures when used with molding pastes, and strong enough to stand up to almost anything you can do with them -  including giving them a good scrubbing.

Small Business, USA Made

All Artistcellar stencils are designed, manufactured, and packaged in the United States via small businesses like ours. We believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, so we do our best to partner with as many small businesses in our supply chain and distribution network as possible. In the end, we feel this is the best way we can support our community and yours, by supporting jobs right here at home.

Angel Policy

We are an "Angel company" and have been since we started our business. We've always believed that artwork can be healing and expressive, as well as a means of earning a living. Our Angel policy will always allow you to use our stencil designs in your handmade work for sale. View our full Angel Policy.