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Hello Everyone! Apparently there is a meta theme going on within the Artistcellar Design Team. I am noticing that the Pocket Stencil “TRUST” keeps making an appearance in our work.

Is there a word that keeps asking for your attention lately? Feel free to share it within the comments below.

Initially, my intention for this post was to express my deep love for the “Arrow” stencil, which is part of the Traditional Japanese Series.

Instead of stopping after creating a pattern, I decided to go even further and made an entire art journal spread to share with you. I used the Elegant Writer from the Artistcellar shop for my writing and drawing.

First, let’s make an overall pattern using the “Arrow” stencil.

1. Paint the background of the right side of your spread "Ripe Tomato."

2. Next, paint the background on the left side of your page spread in "Tiger Lily."

3. Use "Tiger Lily" with a cosmetic wedge and the Arrow stencil over "Ripe Tomato."

4. Next, use "Ripe Tomato" with a cosmetic wedge and the Arrow stencil over "Tiger Lily."

 5. Check out your amazing spread!

 6. Optional: Clean your stencil with a baby wipe on a miscellaneous sheet of paper or journal page.

Now it’s time to do some art journaling! In case you are like most people, you might feel afraid of messing up this page spread featuring this lovely pattern. Here’s what you can say to your inner critic. “Inner critic, thank you for your concern, but this is just a journal page. It’s paper. It’s my place to be free, try things out, and have fun! It’s even a safe place to make mistakes! So, you may go away now. Good-bye!”

I like to start by writing the date. I also made a simple pattern with lines and dashes.

I don’t often draw in my journals, but I was curious about the nature of the Elegant Writer. Knowing that it bleeds when wet with water, I decide to try to sketch my son. He is pushing an empty stroller, because he’s three, and that’s what he wanted to do!

Allowing him to go for a walk with me, while pushing this empty stroller reminded me to TRUST the process of parenting.

I finished off the page by doing some journaling and coloring in a few spots with oil pastels.


The “Arrow” stencil is really fun and easy to use for making an overall pattern in your art journal, or on a card, etc.

The “TRUST” pocket stencil is powerful.

The Elegant Writer is great for writing and sketching; it bleeds when wet with water.

Have fun playing with stencils and your art!



PS Feel free to share the word that keeps asking for you attention in the comments below!


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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