Using your stencils as stamps, and an art journaling page to illustrate it-by Nolwenn

Hey guys! I know I have been absent from the Artistcellar space and I apologize for this. I got in a mentally difficult space for a few months and my creativity took a toll for it.

With the various different events happening in North America (I am Canadian but still feel very strongly about what is going on south of our border), I shut down.
Then, I woke up one day with this in mind "It’s time." Does it happen to you too or am I crazy (maybe both? ahah)? So I bound a dedicated journal for expressing my feelings regarding race. You might not know that I am actually a bi-racial woman of color and that I am in a bi-racial marriage as well. Too Black for White people, too White for Black people: this could be the summary of my entire life! And this fucking sucks!

Here is the first page from that journal. I created a photo step-by-step of the stamping with stencils technique you see me using in the video:

Get more from your stencils: use them as stamps!

I usually start by using my stencil 'normally'. For this example, I used one of my favorite from the Old World Maps series with an acrylic spray paint. As you can see, it covered most of my panel.

Nothing is ever lost when it comes to creative stuff with me (that is how I discovered how cool this really is.) See all the paint sitting on the stencil? Open your art journal and stick it between two pages. It is the beginning of a future cool page. 

Next, I grabbed another of my favorite stencils called "X's" from the Marked series designed by Lynn Krawczyk. This is such a versatile stencil, I simply use it everywhere and love it. I wanted something more sheer so I used my Lindy’s Sprays - it’s more like ink than paint. Plus, it shimmers!

I sprayed it on a sheet of deli paper - you can reuse it, as well. I told you, nothing is ever lost. Using several colors, it will create an unexpected print. 

Instead of turning the stencil over on my wood panel, I took my surface and pressed it against the stencil.

I applied some pressure everywhere, to be sure that my panel was fully in contact with the stencil underneath.

There you go, a colorful happy beginning for whatever makes you happy. You can create as many layers as your heart desires!

Be safe,



Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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