Mineral Paper Rocks! - Shana

I'm going to be honest, when I was told we were getting paper made from rocks to play with I was thinking "what the heck am I going to do with that?!" I was thinking it was going to be coarse and require major prep to use.

I was SOOO pleasantly surprised  when I actually received the Mineral Paper! It is awesome stuff! It is water resistant so using watercolors on it is awesome, if you don't mind the pun... It ROCKS! Lol, yea, I'm punny like that!

So I wasn't sure how to play with it and just started messing around using watercolors, then I decided to try out some Artistcellar Stencils and ended up making these beauties!

The process is so simple to make these on the Mineral Paper, only requiring a couple of my favorite stencils from the Sacred Hearts and Sacred Geometry 2 Series, a fine mist sprayer for water, watercolors (I used Twinkling H20's to add some shimmer), a brush, and patience to let it dry completely.

The 1st step is to place your stencil on the mineral paper and mist with a layer of water.

I then go in and fill the open spaces with the watercolor, the color will bleed under the stencil, that is OK! We want that!

Now is the patient part... leave the stencil in place and... wait... until it is completely dry to the touch.

Once dry, carefully remove the stencil from the mineral paper, it will stick, even with a very clean stencil.

If there are any damp areas under the stencil, either dab with a towel or wait for them to dry. I stuck this one on a card front and it is ready for a note to be added inside.

I love how simple this is to do with all the choices of wonderful stencils, I can't wait to use this process over and over! The Mineral Paper is also great from Mixed Media, I used my Koi Watercolors, colored pencils, and acrylic paint for this piece.

If you would like to watch the full process for the simple stencil and watercolor, or the Wild Hair Girl on the Mineral Paper, just look below!

Big Hugs and Mushy Stuff!

-Shana (aka Cheeto)

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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