Decorate a Mailing Envelope with Chakras and Rainbows

Hello Everyone,

Isn’t it awesome when you receive actual mail? Isn’t it simply amazing that someone would take the time to write you a letter? Maybe handwritten notes seem antiquated, but I believe them to be special, meaningful, and personal treasures. To make “real mail” even more exciting, I’d like to suggest creating a decorative envelope for that lucky recipient!

Oh yes, we can go deep by sending messages of love and healing through chakra imagery and rainbows!

The Pocket Chakra Stencils are clearly labeled on the packaging, which is a tremendous help when attempting to reflect on their meaning as you work your magic.

You may even wish to write the corresponding words, like I did (pictured below).

On the opposite side of the envelope, I painted a rainbow of stripes, using up the paint on my palette.

I decided to NOT rinse my brush between colors, simply to give the colored stripes a bit of something different. (See first picture in this post.)

I also painted the flap.

In case you are wondering, your stenciling and painting do not require perfection. Putting yourself into the creative process is what counts. That’s where your love comes through.

Finally, if you still have some paint on your palette, or wet paint on the sponges you used for stenciling, grab that art journal and a paint scraper!

No need to waste any of the luscious color, right?! Dab, dab, dab, scrape, scrape, scrape. Boom! Two pages no longer “blank”.

May your day be filled with joy, color and love!

Now go send someone some mail and help make their day special!

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Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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