Shana and the Aliens

Hello my lovely squishy arty friends! I am so excited to show you my playtime for this week!

I wanted to try something out with a couple items I got in my design team boxes, so I pulled the Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle pencils and a couple of the Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylics, I wanted to try 2 things, could I use the pencils as a cheater way to add shading while creating  a watercolor effect with the heavy body acrylics, and the answer is yes, yes I can!

It was so fun to try this out and see if it would work, I grabbed my homemade journal made with hot press watercolor paper and sketched out my alien with the HB and the 6B leads in the pack, using the HB for the rough sketch and the 6B to add darker shadow and lines.

I then used a plastic lid as a palette for my paint and mixed it with water until it was very thin, and filled her face with color activating the pencil as I went.

I love how the watery paint looks like water but I can layer it and not worry about lift or making mud, and the pencils activated and created the shadows I was looking for.

For the rest of the page I knew I wanted a Space theme but wasn't sure how to go about it, so I just decided to wing it, I made circles like a bulls-eye with the Aquarelles then filled them with the watery color, I then went and grabbed a make-up sponge and a couple stencils one from the Water Series and one from the Sacred Geometry 2 series just to add some random texture over the circles.

I then made another wash of color using black acrylic paint and painted over the background leaving glimpses of the background to create the stars and planets, then outlined them in white. I added a friend for her and I was done!

I love how this page turned out and love the eyes on my alien girl! I hope you enjoyed my process summary!

If you would like to watch the video of my process check it out below!

Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!! - Shana Banana

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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